make-ahead smoothies

make-ahead smoothies & a wolf gourmet giveaway |

There’s nothing worse than a cheap blender.

You know, the kind that grinds, rattles, and shakes across the kitchen counter every time you go to use it?

Not to mention, you don’t have the time to fuss with a kitchen appliance that’s supposed to do it’s job. I mean, that’s why you bought the darn thing!

Just blend.

Luckily, I have a surprise for you.

make-ahead smoothies & a wolf gourmet giveaway | theclevercarrot.commake-ahead smoothies & a wolf gourmet giveaway |

The Better Blender

Compliments of Wolf Gourmet, one lucky winner is going to receive a brand new high-performance blender!

Let me tell you- it blends everything from soup to nuts (literally). You are going to love it!

Recipe Ideas:

  • puree soups
  • make delicious creamy smoothies & juices
  • chop veggies
  • whip cream
  • make butter (yes, really!)
  • grind nuts and seeds into flour
  • make nut butters (homemade Nutella, anyone?)
  • crush ice
  • make frozen cocktails
  • frozen desserts
  • salad dressings

I’ve had some time to test this blender out and it boasts several cool features. One of my favorites is the LCD control panel with timer. It tells you exactly what’s going on as it blends; time, speed and setting.

The container is also BPA free and shatter proof. I like that. It’s great for households with busy kids (and clumsy cooks).

Plus, this machine fits underneath most standard-sized kitchen cabinets which is both convenient and decorative.

You can peruse their additional features, here.

make-ahead smoothies & a wolf gourmet giveaway |

Make-Ahead Mornings

High-performance blenders are perfect for smoothies.

Here’s a great time-saving shortcut to speed up your morning routine: prep your smoothies in advance.

Here’s what I do:

Stuff a few ziploc bags with your favorite fruit, nuts, seeds and even a few leafy greens (I love baby kale). Label and freeze the bags until ready to use. When ready to make a smoothie, simply add liquid to the blender, a dollop of yogurt (if preferred) and blend away! I prep at least 2 weeks worth in advance.

I’ve included 3 tasty recipes for you to try: Cherry Berry, Coconut Mango & Pineapple Kale.

Make-ahead smoothies not only saves precious morning moments, it allows you to save fruit that’s about to go bad. Soft fruit is wonderful for smoothies (think: brown bananas, bruising pears, smushy clemtines etc.). Just chop it all up and throw it in the freezer.

That’s money back in your pocket.

make-ahead smoothies & a wolf gourmet giveaway | theclevercarrot.commake-ahead smoothies & a wolf gourmet giveaway | theclevercarrot.commake-ahead frozen smoothie cups |

The Giveaway {NOW CLOSED}

**Congratulations to our winner, Lorrie Chiarello!**

To enter: for your chance to win a new Wolf blender (retail value $599!) simply leave a comment below. Tell me what you would like to make with your new gift.

This offer is open to blog subscribers only (if you haven’t signed up yet, click here).

The winner will be announced on January 19 2016. Good Luck!

*This post is in partnership with Wolf Gourmet. Giveaway open to U.S. residents only (thanks for understanding!). All opinions are my own.

Kitchen Notes

Tips: Frozen fruit works best with smoothies. In a pinch, add a few ice cubes to the blender to make it cold.

If you struggle with cutting mangoes (like me!), check out my Instagram page for some great tips from all over the world. Thanks to everyone who joined in the conversation! You might want to watch this video from Foodie Crush, and when all else fails, try this mango pitting tool.

Make-Ahead: Prepared smoothie bags can be frozen, 3-6 months (or until freezer burn sets in).

Once blended, pour any leftover smoothies into silicone muffin cases and freeze. Transfer to a ziploc bag when frozen solid (my friend Kelly taught me this trick- it’s genius). To use, simply take out a ‘muffin’ add liquid and blend.

Substitutions: For each smoothie, about 1 cup of liquid plus more to taste is required. I’ve listed my favorite choices and what I think works best. But as always, substitute with whatever you’d like. The coconut milk (referred to below), is the kind that comes in the box (not the can) and can be found in the grocery store next to the nut milks.

make-ahead smoothies
Cherry Berry
  • ½ cup frozen cherries, pitted
  • ¼ cup frozen mixed berries
  • 1 cup apple cider (my favorite), boxed coconut milk, or almond milk, plus more to taste
Coconut Mango
  • ½ cup frozen mango cubes
  • ½ frozen banana
  • dollop of yogurt
  • 1 cup orange juice or boxed coconut milk, plus more to taste
Pineapple Kale
  • ½ cup frozen pineapple chunks
  • ½ banana
  • handful of baby kale or baby spinach
  • dollop of yogurt
  • 1 cup boxed coconut milk, plus more to taste
  • Shelled hemp seeds, crushed almonds, or a mix of your favorite nuts and seeds.
  • Lime wedges
Optional Ingredients: a small handful of oats, soaked or unsoaked cashews, and flax seeds can be added to any of these smoothies.
  1. For make-ahead smoothies, cut the fruit into chunks and add to a ziploc bag. Add the baby kale or baby spinach, and any optional ingredients. Label, date and freeze until ready to use.
  2. To make each smoothie, add all of the ingredients to a blender (respectively). Process until smooth and creamy. Add additional liquid if necessary.
  3. Top with your choice of garnish.
  4. Serve right away.



    • Monica says

      I would love to be able to make better quality smoothies. I have 2 active young swimmers in the family and they love their smoothies before practice. The make ahead bags are a great idea for them to just grab and make on their own!

    • Sonia says

      Would love to make nut butters, larabars, and smoothies. Perfect timing on this giveaway…I am currently looking for a new blender to do all these things!

    • Nancy Farmer says

      To balance a healthy diet of soups and smoothies, I’d use my Wolf Gourmet blender to whip up huge batches of margaritas! Good for my spirit and my street cred. Plus, vitamin C in limes.

  1. joel says

    Would love to make a peanut butter, kale, and nut milk smoothie in a top-quality blender! Would also use it for blender hollandaise sauce for special brunches.

  2. Tarah says

    Smoothies of course! But I also like to blend frozen bananas with some milk to make ‘ice cream’ for my sons! Healthy dessert for the win!

  3. BjustB says

    I love the idea of the make-ahead smoothie bags! So many things to use a blender for, but I would definitely make smoothies and would also love to try making my own peanut and other nut butters with this one.

  4. Lorrie Chiarello says

    As a recent breast cancer survivor, I have become very interested in clean eating. I would love to
    Add smoothies into my daily diet, so I think this would help!

  5. connie raffa says

    Emilie your pictures are so real i feel like I could drink the smoothie off of the computer. I would make the three smoothie recipies you have posted. Celebrate tomorrow. Connie

  6. says

    Your photos have me craving a smoothie even though it’s 20 degrees outside! Beyond smoothies, I’d really love to try making some of the things I never could in my cheap blender, like hummus and soups :)

  7. Heather says

    Oh my gosh! I would love to have one of these to make smoothies in the morning! My 2 yr old little guy loves them!! Also a huge soup & salad girl and would love to try soups & dressings! Either way, thanks for the make-ahead tips! Great time saver!

  8. Jennifer says

    We are a smoothie family!! I make a smoothie of some sort almost everyday for my son. It is the only way he will eat vegetables right now.

  9. says

    i can’t believe i haven’t thought to do the make-ahead smoothie packs before. i’m doing my best to eat breakfast everyday and this would be such an easy way to do it. i’d want to make these – especially the cherry version!

  10. Lydia Stearns says

    I would definitely make smoothies with this blender- I love smoothies but my current blender is definitely a cheap one that make it hard to want to blend things : (

  11. Cathy says

    The options are unlimited with a blender of this quality as I spend a great deal of time making meals for my family. Smoothies are at the top of the list for my son, but from appetizers to desserts is my universe. Spicy avocado pesto would be on of many to be blended.

  12. Jessica says

    My blender gets used for many things in the kitchen but I would say I use it for soups more than anything! My old one is starting to fade so this giveaway came at a good time, fingers crossed!

  13. Brenda Haines says

    I would start by making some yummy thick blended soups, like tomato basil and butternut squash. Thanks for the chance!

  14. Carol says

    I would start with those wonderful smoothie recipes you shared. Salad dressings,hummus,salsas and soups would also be nice. Maybe a blender ice cream for dessert.

  15. Ciana says

    I just have a (small) cheep blender so I would love to make anything in a proper blender, probably a soup would be first though

  16. DarcyLea says

    I would get creative with smoothies. I worked hard this past summer freezing fresh fruits and berries in small portions to use all winter in smoothies and shakes. How fun it would be to make a fruit soup to serve as a surprising winter dessert

  17. Trish Haight says

    Smoothies are my go-to quick breakfast. I’ve stated using powdered peanut butter. All the protein with a fraction of the fat. It’s great with frozen bananas!

  18. B Bowen says

    Wonderful recipes, Emilie. Can’t wait to try them. I love smooth soups so would definitely give that kind of recipe a whirl.

  19. Gail Brogdon says

    Would love to try your coconut mango smoothie. I buy mangoes on sale and dice and freeze for use in mango salsa. Delicious on grilled teriyaki pork chops. The blender would be great for my healthy cauliflower broccoli soup.

  20. Melanie C. says

    Smoothies and soups – I’ve never seen this blender but would love to own one!
    Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  21. Ann says

    We love to make smoothies — and my son even likes green ones. We usually add fruit, plain yogurt, chia, and maybe some maple syrup. We’d love a new, stronger blender.

  22. Jackie says

    What a WONDERFUL, dream give- away!! I would use for my morning smoothies, soups for lunch and an entire wonderful variety of options to use for dinner!!! Happy Blending <3

  23. Darin Hardin says

    Smoothies every day, and would use as a juicer since it can puree very well. Why not keep the pulp! Your smoothie recipes look killer – can’t wait for your book to arrive!!

  24. Megan S. says

    The make-ahead smoothies are a great idea! If I’m the lucky winner, I’ll be blending many smoothies and trying my hand at making my own baby food for my little one. And I love that idea for blended frozen banana and milk to make “ice cream” in the comments above.

  25. Jane Macomber says

    Thank you for your tips on smoothies. We just started juicing and are looking for new recipes. I also want to make hummas. I love your website and have gotten many compliments on your recipes

  26. June Halliday says

    My grandson takes a course in construction and has to leave house daily at 5:30 am! I’m teaching him to prepare his breakfast and take-out lunch the night before the blender is beautifully helpful for making smoothies, soups, sandwich sauces and all kinds of simple healthy Delish meals…. And even preparing a full weeks worth ahead. Thanks for the tips!

  27. says

    Great time saving suggestion on freezing the ingredients Emilie, I can’t wait to try your recipes. For anyone that wants to add protein to their smoothie and doesn’t like the taste of protein powder I discovered that adding egg whites is absolutely undetectable – at least so far. My daughter really doesn’t like the taste of eggs or protein powder but egg are such a great protein for athletes that I resorted to adding them (undetected) a year ago – so far so good.

  28. Mrs K says

    I love these recipe ideas! I’m a big fan of even dumping ingredients into my (cheap-hops-across-the-counter) blender the night before, and storing the big carafe in the freezer overnight, to save time. It didn’t occur to me to make many blendable pre-measured bags! this is so much better!

    I can’t wait to try these!

  29. Traci B. says

    I would love to win this Giveaway! I would use this Wolf blender for my daily morning shake/smoothie! Currently I’m limited in the ingredients that I can comfortably add to my ‘regular’ Waring blender, as I am worried I’ll burn out the motor! This Wolf blender would certainly allow me to expand my ingredient list greatly!!!

  30. Emily says

    After saying goodnight to our rattling old hand-me-down blender, we thought our favorite (though lumpy) smoothies were a thing of the past….
    I’d love to add that healthy option back to our breakfast roster. But with a blender so powerful, one must experiment with more! Salad dressings for my fiancé’s aquaponics farm-grown lettuce, to start. Frozen banana chocolate ice cream. The creamiest soups one could dream of! Homemade gluten-free flours, and nut butters! And, someday, goat butter from our very own goats. What a great giveaway!

  31. Amanda G says

    I have just recently come across your blog and am in awe of all the delicious and simple recipes you’ve created. It is nice and greatly appreciated not to feel overwhelmed by complex ingredients and steps. I haven’t heard of Wolf Gourmet until today but it looks AMAZING! So many possibilities!!! We recently got ourselves a Costco membership and avoided the produce because I didn’t think we could eat it all before it went bad. Freezing them for smoothies is a great idea! I would also make some hearty soups (dying to try Carrot Ginger) and some nut butters!
    Amanda G

  32. Maryn Faski says

    My son is undergoing chemotherapy and this blender would come in handy making his morning protein shake. I could even sneak some green veggies in without his noticing! I have been struggling with my old cheap one for years but can’t afford to spend a lot on a blender right now.

  33. Brittney Welch says

    As a student in the nutrition field to become a registered dietitian and then continuing my education with culinary nutrition, I would love to make a ton of new recipes to share with others that I cannot possibly make with a regular blender. I have recently started a blog about modifying recipes to become more nutritious and ways to incorporate food in fun creative ways for yourself and children. As a mother of two, I understand the importance of getting small children to eat a well-balanced meal. Sometimes, a nutritious packed smoothie is just the way to go.
    I would like to reach out to every type of person with my recipes including those with Dysphagia. I believe a great blender like the Wolf blender would help make the right consistency for this diet and therefore improve the time spent needed to puree and the taste. With all this being said, the Wolf Blender is such a versatile kitchen gadget that would be used in every aspect of my life and I would love nothing more than to be able to share exciting new recipes with the world.

  34. Nancy says

    Would love the Wolf blender to make healthy organic baby food for my 5 month old grandson who gets to eat “real” food soon!

  35. Annette says

    I like your idea of putting all the smoothie ingredients together in bags – such a time saver. I currently use two blenders. I love to make soup, but my high powered one doesn’t let you blend hot items, so when I need to puree I use the not-so-powerful blender. This lovely Wolf blender would replace both of them, letting me make my soups that I enjoy so much.

  36. Trish says

    Clever Carrot, you certainly ARE clever! And timely!!!! On Saturday I made a salad dressing for a recipe a student shared with me for a Greek salad. Garlic, fresh basil, and rosemary were among some of the ingredients, and I don’t have a blender. :( I don’t need to tell you how much easier the dressing preparation would be with a blender. Pick me! Pick me! to receive the new Wolf Blender!!!!!! I’ll put it to wonderful use. :)

  37. Kate says

    I just made my first smoothie this week and am hooked on them. There are so many variations and I can’t wait to try everything!

  38. Allison says

    I would love to make better soups, smoothies, and hummus. I do not have a blender now and feel so stuck when a recipe calls for a high-performance blender. This would be on my wish list!

    • heather jacoby says

      My daughter became a vegetarian this summer. She has gathered many recipes that require a blender. This would be perfect for her!!

  39. says

    Your pictures are stunning and what a fabulous idea of making the ziplocs ahead. I just started doing it and it’s such a time saver. Love it and I can’t agree more, nothing worse than a cheap blender.

  40. says

    I almost broke my blender trying to blend dates! It just didn’t have the power to do it and it overheated! I would DEFINITELY make some wonderful date paste if I got this blender! For date butter or date cookies or even date jam! Yum!

  41. Carmen says

    My children love smoothies. I plan to teach my teenage daughter your make-ahead smoothie idea-she’ll love it! Thanks!

  42. Barbara says

    OMG what a great giveaway to start off the New Year. I’ve always wanted a high powered blender for all my kitchen needs. I love to make soups, nut butters, smoothies, frozen desserts…my list could go on and on. Being able to have this machine and cut down on prep time would be a dream come true. Thank you for this offer.

  43. says

    I have what I consider a well-known brand blender. It has run for many years but really grinds noisily these days when I make my morning smoothie. I’m impressed the Wolf is shatter-proof, because after using mine for several years, I hit the top of the glass container on the edge of my countertop and chipped a big piece off. I could still use it, but it was rather dangerous. So shatter-proof is a big benefit.

  44. Lauren Rhoades says

    Would love to win and use for EVERYTHING, but especially to help me and my family be more healthy as well as providing snacks for my Bible study group and anyone who will try my concoctions. Thanks for this blessing of an opportunity! :)

  45. Katy says

    Oh, the veggie smoothies I will make! I dream of velvety green smoothies, but my immersion blender just isn’t doing the trick right now :( I’ve also always wanted to try my hand at nut milks as well.

  46. Zoe Malkin says

    As a recently certified yoga teacher, I’m working to incorporate fewer dairy products and more vegan recipes. As part of my already healthy habits, I feel that having a blender would increase food options for meals that match my intentions. Not to mention my silly little blender can only do so much! Try as I might, I can’t stuff enough veggies in there! A new blender would mean more well-rounded and whole smoothies, juices and meals for a happier, greener, maybe even more orange, me! Thanks for reading @clevercarrot

  47. Sarah Leitner says

    This looks like an amazing blender to make breadcrumbs with my leftover sourdough bread, smoothies with frozen fruit, nut butters or just about all my favorite healthy foods!

  48. says

    I finished treatment recently and decided to revamp my eating to whole, nutrient dense foods. I have been using my little blender to make green smoothies every morning. I would use an upgraded blender to make nut flours and butters, salad dressings, smoothies. It seems I need to use one every day now that I cook at home.

  49. Wendy says

    Frozen excess in cupcake molds is just genius. It will save me drinking more smoothie than I have room for in future. I don’t know why I never thought of this for myself. :-) Genius

  50. Rita says

    What wouldn’t you want to make!! I’d go for Soups, Dairy Free Ice Cream, Greek Coffee Frappe’s and not to mention the occasional Pina Colada, Yum!

  51. says

    Wow! More lovely shots for the new year. Congratulations on the really stellar work. You are off to a tremendous start for 2016.

    OK. I just got done writing that I ought to eat in a more healthy fashion, but the honest to God truth is I’d make some sort of a cream liquor smoothie!

  52. Lydia Ruddy says

    I think I need to try your cherry berry smoothie. It would be a great breakfast in spring. I work long hours 6 days a week at a garden center that time of year and breakfast in the go makes mornings so much easier!

  53. Erin Ellis says

    Ooooooh! I would LOVE this for my morning fruit and veggie smoothies! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  54. Susan says

    I would love to make my smothie lunch every day with kale, apples, cucumbers, strawberries and add some chia seeds and whey protein powder. I can have my fruit and veggies all in one. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  55. Dana S says

    I’m on a pretty restrictive diet per my gi Doctor so I’d make everything in this! soups smoothies nut butter! no contamination!

  56. Patti says

    I would love to make so many things… my mind is abuzz… I definitely want to try these smoothie recipes and LOVE the idea of make-ahead. Never tried freezing my kale or spinach before. Make-ahead meal prep is key to my daily survival in a busy life, however, so I can’t wait to try this idea.

  57. Judy Trudell says

    It’s a shame Canadian residents are not eligible for the draw but I will comment anyway. I follow your blog and LOVE it. I would love a great blender for not only smoothies but also for blending soups, dips and sauces. I have pre-ordered your cook book and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Keep up the great work!

  58. Chris says

    Just once I would love to make avocado chocolate mousse without having to scrape down the sides of my blender 15 times before I’m finished. A little slice of heaven . It seems like every healthy dessert recipe I want to try and make involves blending thick sticky ingredients and I simply cannot do that in the cheap blender that I have now.

  59. Mary wilker says

    My 4, 2 and 1 year olds love smoothies, but I think it’s getting to the point that we’re tired of chewing the late sip because of all of the seeds! I also love to make food for my little one!

  60. Bev Monson says

    I would make hazelnut paste because with my blender OR with my food processor, I can not make it nice and smooth. I add it to chocolate for nice truffle centers, or to centers of little chocolate cupcakes, or to cocoa smoothies!

  61. Rochelle says

    I would use a nice wolf blender to make sauces, puree for soups and to incoproate more vegetables into our diet. Sneak some kale and spinach into smoothies without anyone the wiser ;).

  62. Kristin says

    I would love to make almond butter and other nut butters in general! Customizing those and adding in extra things sound like a fun and delicious experiment. I also would make more smoothies and try out some blended cocktail recipes.
    My mouth is watering thinking of almond butter and smoothies now! :)

  63. vivian says

    I really need a good mixer to make my nut butters!
    Thank you for your sourdough tutorial, I have my dough fermenting now and can hardly wait to bake it up tomorrow.

  64. Cindy A. says

    Your frozen smoothie bag idea is pure genius! I currently have a Ninja blender (aka: the hand mutilator) and I hate it. I would definitely toss that contraption and use the fabulous Wolf blender to make my morning smoothies.

  65. Kathleen says

    Love your blog, I follow you on Instagram! Your photography and recipes are amazing!y doctor has recommended I start juicing for my health, but I need a blender! Oh the smoothies I could make and the healthy salad dressings too.

  66. says

    Oh my heavenly goodness yes. A cheap blender is the worst. Which is why I donated mine a few years back and have been just sticking to my immersion blender and food processor until a high-speed one can come into my life. This one looks amazing (!!!) and I love love your smoothie bags – I’m slowly getting better at prep work and you are a huge inspiration. Seriously cannot wait to get my hands on your new book and prep my little heart out! xoxo

  67. Kristen K says

    The options of what I could and would make with this appliance are endless, but I would be most excited about making fresh smoothies and fresh homemade almond milk! Love your idea for the make-ahead smoothie packs to save time and money too! :)

  68. Laura L. Wentz says

    Wow, those smoothies would be great! I’d also like to be able to puree bigger batches of soups. And butter? Really. That would be cool.

  69. Karen G says

    Smoothies, purées and soups, oh my! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to sneak a high end blender into the house without my husband noticing. :) Winning one would be absolutely awesome. Fingers crossed!

  70. says

    So many things but what would I make first? If Jack had anything to say about it we would make chocolate hazelnut spread. He requested it as soon as he spied a bag of hazelnuts I just bought! Love the tip of using silicone muffin cups, I use mine mainly for large ice cubes with or without fruit for cocktails. They do work well for smoothies too!

  71. Annie says

    I would love to have a new blender! I have been experimenting with vegan nut based “cheeses” and my blender cannot get the soaked nuts past mulch! I long for a green smoothie that doesn’t require chewing! Or a cauliflower soup that doesn’t halt the blades every few seconds. What a beautiful dream.

  72. Barbara says

    I’m an avid cook from scratch. I love making salsa, soups, pesto and smoothies, to name a few. This would be the most used appliance in my kitchen if I were to win it.

  73. Denimo says

    Well… I would definitely start out by ‘blenderizing’ these make ahead smoothies. What a great idea! Thanks so much!!

  74. Rachel Greeve says

    Hi Emilie! I would like to make smoothies for people at the new Fruiterie market I am opening up in the spring here in Montreal.

  75. JuMeka says

    With my gift, I would make BUTTER. First and foremost, I would make butter(s) with my Wolf blender, then, dressings, cocktails with the crushed ice, desserts, and of course smoothies. Nuts to flour you say, oh my. I can’t wait.

  76. Jamie says

    I want to make butters, yellow butter, & nut butters. I also want to make the cherry berry smoothie and to try some really great looking recipes I found awhile back for matcha smoothies!

  77. Britney says

    I would loveeeee to make smoothies for breakfasts in the morning and add in some dark green veggies too. Making time for a healthy breakfast is sometimes difficult so it would really make me happy to start my day off right. The first fruits I would toss in the blender would be some papaya and pineapple to kick start my digestive system for the day!

    Also being able to make a yummy & healthy smoothie just any time at all would be wonderful : )

  78. Patti says

    Your smoothies are so colorful and inviting. I would use the blender to try your recipes and it would also make my soups super smooth. I’d love the ease of it.

  79. Susan Christy says

    I don’t know how many blenders I’ve burned up trying to make milkshakes for my nieces and nephews. Would love a great blender to make frozen margaritas!

  80. Sarah N. says

    These smoothies look delicious! I need to prepare more smoothies that are high in protein to start the day off right. The blender is gorgeous and looks very powerful, too. I’d love to try making silky-smooth soups in it!

  81. says

    After a year without my own kitchen, my husband and I are finally moving to our own place, and I will have a kitchen again. I have been thinking about kitchen appliances and a blender is high on my list because smoothie in a bowl with toppings is my absolute favorite breakfast. This would be a nice housewarming gift and I’d love to make cara cara, beetroot and spinach smoothie with it!

  82. Carmen Pricone says

    Great post Emile! These smoothes look amazing. My daughter who has successfully maintained a healthy vegan diet for over a year now, would love this blender as much as I would. This appliance would get a lot of use not only during summer but also thoughout winter with soups and sauces. Right now, I could use it to help speed up the process of sauce making. Tomato season is here in Australia, and I am already planning to make passata. X

  83. says

    I am jumping up and down with excitement! I’m ready to blend up a delicious soup and salad dressing for starters. The sky is the limit! Go Wolf Gourmet!

  84. Emma says

    I’m now blender-less, having gone through two blenders (one “silent”, the other not so, but both which didn’t seem to stand up to long-term use). I would have a long list, perhaps the first being some quick protein smoothies, and then settling in to homemade almond nut butter, to put on oatmeal and in future smoothies. Thanks! – E.

  85. Josh says

    a nurse who tries to balance out swim training, work and studies and takes nice short little heaven retreats from time to time in his little kitchen. it’ll be fun to have a blender and finally attempt making my own peanut butter. (I was just assuming everything means nuts too?) otherwise, spreads, smoothies and leftover vegetables (yes I’m that horrible person that tries to make experimental soup with any leftovers I find in the kitchen instead of the fresh stuff. all you cooking gurus please don’t hate I promise I will do better) are great too! cheers :D!

  86. Eva says

    Good idea to prep smoothie single servings ahead of time. I could definitely use a blender for baking gluten free, a lot of the doughs are too wet for my food processor.

  87. chelsey says

    my husbans is a nurse and, as such, works long hours. he loves it when i wake up early with him and prepare him a smoothie to take on the road. i would definitely use this for smoothies! and for myself- i would use it to make pesto. YUM.

  88. Mario says

    I’d love to make morning smoothies to start! With such busy mornings, I can see myself making ahead smoothies to pack in nutrients for the day.

  89. Annie says

    This looks amazing. I would love to try and make my own nut butters – peanut, almond, you name it! I also want to get more into making smoothies in the mornings to take breakfast on the go. Thanks for the wonderful give away!

  90. Megan S. says

    Hi there, just thought I’d let you know that I’ve been using my make-ahead smoothies and it’s awesome! Thanks so much for the idea!

    • Emilie says

      Hello Megan! This just made my day! I’m so happy to hear that the make-ahead method has been working out for you. Cool, right? xo

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