the ultimate crudité platter with white miso dip

the ultimate crudité platter with white miso dip |

There’s a reason why people bypass the crudité platter at parties.

Dry, crackly baby carrots… raw cauliflower… mystery dip with way too much garlic…

You know what I’m talking about?

The list goes on, but I’m sure you get the point. Fact of the matter is, the typical crudité platter seems like a chore. It’s obligatory. It’s the classic hors d’oeuvre that must make an appearance at every event.

But all it takes is a few simple swaps to transform predictable, into the ultimate party appetizer.


  • Instead of baby carrots, or even regular orange carrots, look for rainbow colored ones. It’s a feast for the eyes! They’re in season late fall to early winter. I found mine at Trader Joe’s (shocking, I know).
  • Swap out broccoli for crunchy, sugar snap peas. They’re sweet and nutty when eaten raw. I like to open up a few of the pods and sprinkle the peas around the plate.
  • See those pretty pink slices? Those are watermelon radishes. They’re wonderfully crunchy and less peppery than regular radishes.
  • Speaking of radishes, keep their leafy green tops attached. They’re perfectly edible. If they look all hungover and wilted, just pluck them off. No big deal.
  • Yes, there’s raw cauliflower on that plate. And no, I’m not a hypocrite. The only way to get me to eat raw cauliflower is with creamy white miso dip. This stuff is legit.

To make the dip, I blend miso paste with yogurt, honey, rice wine vinegar and garlic (but only 1/4 clove). And it’s like no other crudité dip you’ve ever tasted.

Sweet, salty, and very addicting.

the ultimate crudité platter with white miso dip |

To keep it interesting, cut the vegetables into different shapes and sizes. I love thin slices of watermelon radish, tiny peas, and bulky cauliflower all on one plate. Arrange everything nicely with your creamy white miso dip in the center.

You’re all set.

Kitchen Notes:

  • The dip can be made 1 day in advance. Keep covered and chilled until ready to use. Makes 1 scant cup. I’ve tried prepping the vegetables ahead of time, and although they looked okay, they’re more vibrant and fresh when sliced fresh. 
  • If you can’t find watermelon radishes, use thinly sliced regular radishes, leaving some whole with their leafy tops attached.
  • White miso paste is easily available in most grocery stores.
  • This recipe can be scaled up or down. I don’t use exact measurements for the vegetables (go with what you need). 

the ultimate crudité platter with creamy white miso dip
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 6-8
For the Dip
  • 3 tbsp. white miso paste
  • ⅓ cup Greek yogurt
  • ¼ garlic clove, grated
  • 1-2 tbsp. honey
  • 2 tbsp. rice wine vinegar
  • ½ tsp. toasted sesame oil (optional)
  • carrot sticks, assorted colors
  • sugar snap peas
  • 1 large watermelon radish, sliced thin
  • cauliflower florets
  • red radishes, left whole with their leafy green tops
  1. Add all of the dip ingredients to a bowl, starting out with 1 tablespoon of the honey. Whisk throughly to combine. Taste, and add the remaining tablespoon of honey if you'd like it sweeter. The flavor should be salty, tangy, and slightly sweet.
  2. Arrange the vegetables onto a serving platter. Open up a few of the sugar snap pods and sprinkle the peas around the plate.
  3. Serve with the dip on the side.



    • Emilie says

      Hello Nicola! It’s so tasty! We hosted halloween at our house this year, and I served a version of this- everyone loved it.

  1. says

    I love crudité… It’s easy to make, fresh and healthy! I usually serve mine with yogurt mint dip, as I do not like the mayo-garlic thing (I am all healthy here so putting a lot of mayo on it doesn’t seem clever to me…). Definitely will try this miso one next time!!! :-)

    • Emilie says

      Mmm… yogurt mint dip! That sounds incredibly refreshing to serve with crudités. I’ll have to remember that one. Our mint is still growing strong in the garden, despite the fact that it’s November! So far, it’s been a mild fall-winter season (knock on wood, of course…) xo

    • Emilie says

      I have a feeling you will like this dip. It’s got quite the addictive salty-sweet-umami quality to it, which compliments the vegetables very nicely! If you swap out the yogurt for oil, you can use it as a flavorful dressing for salads, or with grilled fish. xo

    • Emilie says

      Hi! If you look closely, there is a thin ring of green around the pick slices, just like a watermelon. That’s how it got its name. And they’re incredibly tasty too (although they taste nothing like the fruit!) xx

    • Emilie says

      Thank you Laura! I find that a few simple and easy changes to the ordinary crudité platter really makes a difference, both visually and to boost flavor. Eat with our eyes… xo

  2. says

    I think you were reading my mind. I was on Pinterest looking for ideas for unique crudite platters to serve for the holidays. Love the idea of the colorful radishes! I was thinking the same thing! I can’t wait to try the dip! It sounds perfect. Thanks Emilie and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Emilie says

      Hi Donna! Too funny! I know you will come up with something absolutely fabulous. If you can’t find the watermelon radishes, you might be able to score a bunch of red, purple & pink radishes- slice them thin, in half, or leave the small ones whole to keep it interesting. Have fun and play around! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! xoxo

  3. says

    Miso saves the day!! That umami it brings out is incredibly flavorful. Your dip sounds fabulous! I LOL at ‘mystery’ dip for sure… been there and ended up eating the veggies without it… but a good dip makes it so much more exciting! And those watermelon radishes, next to beets have got to be… well, I almost said the most beautiful vegetable. But they’re all so gorgeous, I could never just choose one. It would be like picking a favorite child, right? Your crudite platter is so vibrant and a must with all the rich foods on the menu this time of year. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving my dear.. I am grateful for you, Emilie. Thank you for this recipe and inspiring post! xx

    • Emilie says

      I’m totally addicted to miso. I have been for quite some time now! It’s such a magical ingredient, if you ask me. Thank you for your sweet words, Traci! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of yummy food and relaxing times! I am grateful for friends like you too :) xoxo

  4. says

    Just pinned this to my Thanksgiving board as the perfect afternoon lunch/snack before the big meal. Those watermelon radishes are beautiful! I’m going to have to look for them.

    • Emilie says

      Thank you Pam! That’s a fantastic idea! I think I mentioned this above, I actually served this at Halloween for my family & friends. It was a hit! And a great way to ‘balance’ out all those sweets. xo

  5. says

    I love the sound of this miso dip!! I can just imagine how good it tastes with all of those vegetables. I’ll definitely be making this. As for those watermelon radishes, I’m so jealous you have access to those. I’ve only seen them once here in Brisbane. I might have to get some seeds and grow them I think. They are just so pretty!!

    • Emilie says

      Hi Jennifer! The watermelon radishes are intriguing, aren’t they? They only pop up here in NY this time of year- late fall- early winter. They’re awesome. I do hope you can find some in Brisbane again. But if you grow them yourself, let me know! I’d love to try that as well.

  6. says

    You totally channeled all of my usual feelings about these platters at parties – and have seriously won me over with your version here (that sauce!). I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week Emilie! I know there is bound to be heaps of delicious food <3 hugs!

    • Emilie says

      Right? I can’t stand those platters. It’s the crackly carrots that get me every time. veggies don’t have to be boring!

      Happy Thanksgiving to you, my sweet friend. Stay out of that snow ;)

  7. says

    I don’t eat crudite platters for all the reasons you listed. Now, this crudite platter I could definitely get behind. It looks fantastic, and I bet that miso dip would taste good on cardboard.

    • Emilie says

      Right?! Someone had to come out and say it ;) You can totally pull together something unique without the stress. There are so many beautiful vegetables and even fruit to play around with (the dip goes really well with pineapple). And you’re right, by the way. The dip would taste great on cardboard… or a gym mat. xoxo

    • Emilie says

      You are the sweetest, Rakhee! Thank you! Do you have watermelon radish by you? I hope so! I have a feeling you’d like it… xoxo

      PS- I’ve had your butter chicken on my mind lately… I think I’m going to try that soon.

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