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The Clever Cookbook |

Hi! It’s me.

Today’s the day friends!

I’m thrilled to announce the official arrival of The Clever Cookbook. Woo hoo!

When I quit my corporate job for culinary school, I had no idea this would be my journey. At times, I wasn’t sure where I was going or what to expect. Right now, I couldn’t be happier. My heart is full.

HUGE thank you to my family, friends, recipe testers, fellow bloggers, my editor & publisher- I couldn’t have done this without you. I think back to all of those late nights organizing my thoughts, writing recipes, and editing photos… And now, you will finally be able to hold this book in your hands!

The book is now available in stores, but you can also purchase online:

Oh, and PS! Epicurious named The Clever Cookbook one of Spring’s Best Cookbooks! YEAH!

So, let’s celebrate! Ready for this giveaway?

The Clever Cookbook & Giveaway |

Giveaway! {Now Closed 2/26/16}

Thank you all who participated!! Giveaway is now closed. I loved reading your favorite weeknight meals! Please check your inbox as winners will be contacted via email. Winners must respond to within 48 hours with full name and address to claim their prize.


Gift #1: SIGNED COPY OF THE CLEVER COOKBOOK (from yours truly)


  • Hatchery sources small-batch artisan products from makers across the country. Each month, you will receive a tasting box filled with hand-selected products. All products are sample size for you to enjoy (you can order full size versions directly from their website).


  • I’ve talked about this beauty before! I use it more than my regular oven.
  • Don’t forget to register your appliance online; they will send you an extra set of knobs (complimentary), in the color of your choice.


  • Every kitchen should have a Dutch oven. Whether used for soups, braises, or even to bake bread, it’s a culinary investment of a lifetime. And! You get to pick your favorite color.


  • One of my favorite grocery stores for sustainable fish, meat, produce and other ethically sourced products. Check out their 365 Everyday Value products for good deals on pantry basics (they have great olive oil). Happy shopping!



  • 8 Organic Essential Shaker Containers (just wait until you try the cinnamon!)
  • 1 Herb, 1 Chili, and 1 Seeds
  • Artisanal Gift Decanter
  • 1 Organic Edible Flora (Rose)
  • Serving Spoons
  • Cutting board
  • Mortar and Pestal
  • Whisk
  • Measuring spoons
  • Tea Towel
  • Grocery List Tablet


Heritage Collection Dinnerware (I used some of these pieces in my book- they’re gorgeous!)

  • 4 salad plates
  • 4 dinner plates
  • 4 bowls


    • Tisa says

      Hi Emilie! The arrival of your new cookbook is exciting – for you and all who follow your yummy blog. I’m looking forward to receiving my copy from Amazon!
      Thank you❤ One of my favorite weeknight meals is Turkey Three Bean Chili. Ground turkey breast browned in olive oil with chopped onion and 3 cloves garlic, 1-2Tbs chili powder, 1 tsp cumin, salt and pepper
      Whole tomatoes, 1 28oz can + 1 14 oz can, 1 cup water, black beans,
      red kidney beans, cannellini beans. (1 can each of the beans; drained and rinsed.) Serve with grated Tillamook cheddar and a bit
      of sour cream on top.

    • says

      Love your blog and I’m super excited about your cookbook!
      My favorite weeknight meal is roasted winter vegetable tacos ( Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale) with a little manchego cheese.

    • says

      I received your beautiful cookbook and love it! Congratulations on a job well done!!

      Breakfast is my husband’s favorite meal but with our busy schedule he usually settles for a bowl of whole grain cereal and a glass of juice. He is happy with any breakfast from waffles to eggs Benedict but I find omelettes are so versatile and easy to make. The filling is my variable and depends on what is on hand. The one he recently raved about was filled with leftover chili beans that I had served for a main dish one evening. The fun part is embellishing them. This one called for a little grated sharp cheddar and sliced scallions, then I topped it with a dollop of sour cream and sliced avocado. Heaven!

  1. says

    Congratulations! Your book looks beautiful as I’m sure it will be based on your gorgeous blog!! Of course, I would love to win it in this giveaway :-)

    One of our favorite, quick and easy weeknight meals is (my version of) Tostados. I use whole grain corn tortillas and top them with different cheeses (cheddar, pepper jack, Romano, manchego, whatever’s open in the fridge, but always with cheddar), then add on chopped scallions, chopped pepper, sometimes some chopped greens (chard or spinach are our favorites), a sprinkling of chili powder and then pop them in the oven on a baking sheet at 325-350 F and then just leave them for 10-20 minutes until the cheese is all melty and the edges of the peppers get a little crispy. Sometimes we top this with a fried egg with a runny yolk! If I have an avocado or two, I’ll either just slice them up to go on top or the side or if I have the time make a quick guacamole. And if I have some on hand, I’ll serve these with my cilantro pesto .

    Quick and easy and oh so delicious! Wishing you oodles of success on the book!!!

    • Sue M says

      Congratulations! My favorite weeknight meal is broiling some type of marinated neat and roasting vegetables. Simple and wuick

  2. says

    I love anything salmon – it’s quick & easy. I rotate sauces. This week it’s shallots, thyme, dijon mustard, red pepper flakes, & honey all mixed together. Broil 7 minutes on both sides. Dinner is served. I pair it with my grain for the week (meal prep either brown rice, quinoa, or farro on Sunday and it’s ready for the week). And then I either steam or roast a vegetable to have as a side (depending on time) And if time is really limited I throw a salad together. Voila. Dinner is served :) Congrats on your cookbook!!

  3. Lisa Brown says

    My favorite weeknight meal is vegetarian lasagna; everyone loves it and looks forward to it :)
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  4. Deb says

    Your cookbook looks amazing. My favorite meal is anything with curry. Just made a chickpea coconut curry soup last night.

  5. Ann says

    Oh, Congratulations! Can’t wait to get a copy! Favorite week night dinner is probably slow cooker lentil soup with rice — easy and delicious.

  6. Andrea says

    I can’t wait to see your book – congratulations!
    We’ve been doing a lot of baking, and there is usually some sort of rye loaf around the house these days. This is paired with a chunky vegetarian soup (usually just made up depending on what we have in the house) for a very comforting weekday meal.

  7. says

    My favorite weeknight meal (for multiple reasons) is pasta with meat sauce! Its very easy and my boyfriend loves it! I prefer to use ground turkey, getting it almost all the way cooked and then I add sauce and simmer in in the pan for 10-15 minutes while the pasta cooks and combine it for an easy and delish weeknight meal! If I’m using canned sauce I start with minced garlic and olive oil simmering in the pan to give it a more homemade taste. A great tip for this meal is to make a large batch of fresh sauce on a Sunday and package in Mason Jars to use for the following week. I freeze some and leave several jars in the fridge for quick and easy access. Its also great to use on top of chicken and quinoa for lunches for work! Love your recipes and your blog, thanks so much!

  8. Jaime says

    I just found your website last night but everything looks amazing. I’m definitely going to have to order your cookbook!
    My favorite weekend dinner is roasted red pepper & tomato soup with a grilled ham & cheese sandwich… Super simple and nice on a cold day.

  9. Kimberly C says

    Congratulations on your cookbook!! I saw a few pages and it looks beautiful!! Your photography is amazing!! My favorite weeknight meal is baked chicken, roasted vegetables and brown rice.

  10. glenne says

    congrats on your new book, can’t wait to add it to my collection. my fave go to is broccoli noodles, sautéed broccoli with A LOT of garlic, red pepper, lemon, anchovy paste, olives, tomatoes, oregano, finished with romano on any noodles ( this week on shirataki, they have 0 calories) delish

  11. Debbie D says

    Hard to pin down a favorite meal, but at the moment, it is probably Shirataki noodles, rinsed and drained, cooked in a tablespoon of butter and with a third cup of ricotta cheese and about a quarter cup of romano cheese cooked until the cheese is melted and creamy. Yummy! Sometimes I add some steamed broccoli or some sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts to it or just add some pesto instead of the cheese. Quick, (about 5 minutes total), easy, delicious and practically zero calories and lots of protein. Yum!

  12. says

    I like to make Soba Noodle salad a lot. I prep the veggies in advance and put them in a ziplock with a label for which week-day I am planning to use it. I make a simple Peanut butter dressing to go with it. My 2 1/5 year old especially loves it. Occasionally I also make a Spiced rice with 1/2 rice and 1/2 lentils and add some indian spices. this tests awesome with some cold buttermilk.
    Looking forward to getting your cookbook from my library.

  13. BjustB says

    Congratulations on your cookbook, it’s on my Amazon wish list!

    My favorite week night meal is repurposing leftovers because it’s quick and I like it when we use everything up. If we have leftover chicken or pork, quesadillas are always a hit. Sometime I heat up the meat in a skillet with homemade taco seasoning and add a touch of water or broth to moisten it before making the quesadilla. Another variation is heating the meat with barbeque sauce then adding chopped red onion and cheddar cheese for a different take. Add some homemade pico de gallo and some rice on the side, and we have a quick, easy meal.

  14. Kim Henrichs says

    My favorite weeknight meal is a nice bowl of spaghetti with marinara! Especially in the summer when I can just grab tomato and basil from the garden!

  15. Juliet says

    During the week, my favorite meal is something that I can make and have for a couple of meals. I love grain bowls, pasta bakes, or enchiladas. Also, you can’t go wrong with a good salad. Recently, we have been enjoying this:

  16. says

    Congrats my friend. My favorite weeknight meal is chicken piccata. My husband loves chicken and it is so easy to put together. :)
    Wishing you much success!

  17. Rebecca Carey says

    Congrats on your book release!! I am excited to get my hands on a copy :)

    One of my favorite week night dishes is roasted vegetables, sweet brown rice, fresh parmesan and a protein, like pork tenderloin, chicken breasts or salmon.

    For the roasted vegetables, I usually use what comes in my CSA. Last night I used cauliflower, parsnips, butternut squash, russet potatoes, and apples for a little sweetness. I cook the rice separately in a rice cooker and then toss the veggies and rice together, then top with parmesan. It is super easy, fresh, and warming on these cold winter nights.

    I hope to be a winner of one of your wonderful prizes!

  18. Chris Tighe says

    One of our favorite week night meals is to layer a roasting pan with sliced onions and peppers, put sausages on top and put under the broiler.

  19. Patice says

    Congrats on the book! Yay!
    My favorite meal is a quick veggie stir fry over brown rice. I always have a batch of rice in the fridge.

    • Jane Macomber says

      I have ordered two recipe books from Amazon and so looking forward to delivery. Congratulations as I saw the revommendation from Epicurious that is quite an honor. I love your metiterrian chicken. Thank you for all your postings and all the prizes sound wonderful.

  20. Margie says

    Weeknight dinners? I grab a jar from the fridge of something I made in “bulk” and jarred to keep in the fridge (hot stuff/clean jars/lid & let cool — doesn’t “can” to put on the shelf, but does seal the jars so they keep in the fridge). I try to keep 3-4 different items — soups, stews, pasta sauce, etc. YUM!

  21. Sarah says

    Chicken Caesar Salad. We always have a rotisserie chicken in the refrigerator. My husband loves to whip up a fresh Caesar dressing, and we’re good to go.

  22. Lisa Moyer says

    Hi Emilie!

    I am so excited about your cookbook! I have loved the recipes you’ve posted on your blog.

    For evening dinners after work, I gravitate towards quick and easy to prepare recipes and one that is a go to often is sautéed shrimp with a citrus marinade using a citrus spice blend and citrus rice vinegar. I typically serve the shrimp with some sliced avocado, tomato, a bit of chopped red onion and a side of quinoa.

    Wishing you much success with your cookbook!! I will definitely be spearing the word!! :)

  23. says

    congrats on your book! thrilled for you :) my weeknight dinner is always a hash of some sort: there are usually sweet potatoes around here and some sort of chicken sausage…which gets combined with brussels sprouts or leftover kale and the bits and bobs of things in the fridge. if i want to get fancy, i’ll put an egg on it. :)

  24. Julie says

    I am so happy to have found The Clever Carrot last week! I do plan to purchase your newest cookbook!
    One evening meal that I have found to be a favorite would be
    Baked Chicken with Spinach and Artichokes.
    It is ready in under an hour.
    But what I really am excited about is making some of your recipes my favorites!
    Have a blast with the release of your first cookbook release!

  25. Karen says

    Being a cookbook hoarder, I had your cookbook on preorder – can’t wait to receive it! It looks beautiful and I’m so excited to work my way through all of the recipes!

  26. Elizabeth says

    During the winter my favorite weeknight dinner has been a rustic chicken soup cooked in a pressure cooker. It takes only 30 minutes to cook.
    Put bone in, skin on chicken thighs, whatever veggies I have on hand, carrots, celery, potatoes, onions, ect…roughly chopped. Add a little broth and seasoning of choice and pressure cook for 20 minutes. At the same time I cook rice or quinoa to serve with it. Quick and easy.

    I am planning on ordering the book.

  27. Jessica says

    I really do my best to change up our meals every week! But our weekly staple is homemade soup. We absolutely love it! I like to make a double/triple batch of whatever soup I’m feeling at least one Saturday each month and then we have so much left over that I freeze the rest. So so nice on those busy week nights; just thaw and reheat on the stove! Plus getting creative with toppings is always fun! Congratulations on your cookbook, it looks beautiful!

  28. Emily says

    Lately we have been loving any soup that I can throw in the slow cooker in the morning. A warm bowl of soup is the most comforting thing on these cold and dark winter days.

  29. Karlie says

    Congrats!!! I ordered the book :) my favorite weeknight meal is pasta with pesto (whatever greens/nuts I have around) and fresh tomatoes- simple and lovely

  30. says

    Emilie, sooo excited that today’s finally here! So happy for you, congratulations and how amazing to be chosen by Epicurious! Can’t wait for my book to get here! Best Wishes Girl, you did it! Lisa

  31. Lisa says

    My most recent favorite quick meal is a curried chicken from Ruth Reichl’s most recent book. You have to marinate ahead but when I do it takes no time to cook. If I’m really late, a quick pasta with olive oil, garlic and parmesan is an easy favorite.

    By the way, the sourdough starter is still going strong. I even shared some with a coworker who killed hers. I named her Lucy and she’s getting more sour by the day, just the way I like it! Thanks again. I’m looking forward to your book.

  32. Stephanie LaBarbera says

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to order a copy! My favorite weekday meal is broiled fish (either salmon or cod) with veggies. fish cooks so quickly that it makes for the perfect weekday meal, and it doesn’t need much, just a little sat pepper, lemon and garlic. I usually cook 2 cups of quinoa or lentils on Sunday so that I have it for the week. Then I’ll steam some veggies (broccoli or spinach) and voila! Delicious and easy meal! Thanks for all the inspiration from your quick recipes!

  33. says

    Congratulations on your beautiful cookbook! So exciting! My favorite quick and easy weeknight meal is Thai dish–coconut shrimp curry! It comes together quick and tastes amazing!! My 5 boy’s favorite quick dinner is hamburgers on the grill!
    Thanks for the opportunity–what a fun giveaway!!

  34. Janet B says

    Favorite weeknight meal: put chicken breasts on a cookie sheet, olive oil, salt and pepper – add as many vegetables as you have on-hand. 375 for 45 minutes. Wa-La! Delicious and easy clean-up!
    Yes, I plan to purchase this cookbook. Can’t wait!

  35. says

    Quick dinner recipes are such a pleasure, easy to prepare and enjoy after a busy day. I’ve been making sheet pan dinners that the Mr really enjoys. Chicken thighs with root vegetables and Brussels sprouts or broccoli. Pasta is another easy way to go.

  36. Jen T says

    So excited to check out your cookbook!
    Our go to dinner is some variation on this easy sesame garlic soba noodles dish. We add tofu, lots of veggies (usually carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, sometimes kale or other greens, etc.) and loove the egg on top!

  37. Teresa says

    Congratulations on your book!!! It’s beautiful!! I would love to have a copy!!
    My favorite weekend meal is my stuffed chicken breasts with brown rice and roasted vegetables. I pound out the breasts then put a nice layer of spinach on it then mozzarella cheese roll them up put’em in the oven to roast. It’s so good!

  38. Lisa says

    Fav go to meal during the week…Salmon broiled paired with a grain and a roasted veggie. I like to mix up the seasoning or add a sauce or chutney. It’s the one entre all of my 4 children devour every time.
    Thank you for your blog. As a self taught cook I have gained so much insight from you.

  39. Marilyn Wadsworth says

    Our favorite weeknight meal has to be a chicken risotto primivara. We make it with homemade chicken broth (previously made and frozen) white wine, butter, asparagus, mushrooms (sauted in butter to caramelize) and frozen peas and lots of Parmesan reggiano. The chicken breast is seasoned and baked while the risotto is cooking. We also lightly cook the asparagus (steamed or baked) so it can be added with the rest of the vegetables at the end It is the ultimate in comfort food. Kids love it and it can stand alone as a one pot meal or be served with a green salad. We always make a generous amount because the leftovers are just as good the next day. Congratulations on your cookbook! What a wonderful, exciting time for you!

  40. Mimi says

    One of my favorite weeknight meals is homemade udon! Asian food is mostly what I enjoy and cook for meals and Japanese cuisine is so delicious! We make the chewy noodles from scratch with bread flour, salt, and water. Then you have to go through a series of stomping on the dough inside a plastic bag to give it that right chewy texture. Fun and yummy! Then you let the dough sit for a while, cut the noodles up and boil them! My family also usually makes a homemade broth using seaweed and some Japanese flavoring. Spinach and a boiled egg are added to the noodle soup too! YUM!

  41. Sarah S says

    Congrats on the book. I pre-ordered a copy, so it showed up on my Kindle last night. My favorite weeknight meal is mustard chicken that I bake in the oven that has a lemon panko topping. Easy and delicious!

  42. Jodi says

    Love your blog and preordered your cookbook. I have been so looking forward to it coming! My favorite quick weeknight meal is roasted red pepper soup with feta and a French baguette for dipping. Congratulations!

  43. Jenny Trowbridge says

    Congrats on your book! I’ve had it on hold at the library for three weeks already. :) My favorite weekday meal lately is sauteed veggies and noodles or rice. Zucchini was the fave for awhile but I just discovered bok choy and wow I should have tried it sooner. I love it just sauteed with a little coconut oil, garlic and soy sauce. Delicious!

  44. Melanie C. says

    If I were just cooking for myself, my favorite weeknight meal is a Greek salad, crusty bread and a glass of red wine. Can’t wait to get your cookbook!

  45. Christine says

    I am looking forward to receiving my cookbook! And very happy for you! My favorite dinner or side to my weekly salmon dinner is blood oranges and arugula with a shallot/lemon olive oil dressing..yum!
    Cheers to you!

  46. says

    Excited to see your new book! Congrats! My favorite weeknight meal is Cacio e Pepe with some roasted veggies on the side. It’s quick, satisfying, budget friendly, yet still feels more sophisticated than an average college student meal :)

  47. Allison says

    Congratulations! :) My favorite weeknight meal is pork tenderloin with veggies or a salad and crispy roasted potatoes. I also love salmon with brown rice and veggies!

  48. Nicole says

    Congratulations on the cookbook !! I would say my favorite easy weeknight meal for our family of 5 is sauteed chard with garlic over pasta- with a fried egg on top and lots of Parmesan. We substitute the the chard with whatever greens we have on hand. When we have chickpeas in the cupboard, roasted chickpeas are an awesome addition. Hmmm, maybe I’ll be making that tonight :) Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes and joy for cooking!

  49. Deirdre says

    Congratulations on your book-how exciting! My favorite quick weeknight meal would be either soup or marinara sauce. I make big batches of both so that I can freeze individual portions for later and make a quick, healthy meal in minutes.

  50. Lydia Stearns says

    We love making leftover taco meat into shepherds pie or meatloaf since the flavor give them an extra yumminess and helps save time!

  51. Joy says

    I am always in for giveaways. I have enjoyed your site and blog. I have not ordered the cookbook but I think I would like to have it. I have recently begun learning to make sourdough starter and bread. I find working with bread dough to be enjoyable and relaxing. As far as weeknight meals, I love chicken. Thanks for your blog and recipes. Love reading. I wish everyone would win a giveaway, but not possible. You have a lot of followers.

  52. Nancy says

    Congratulations on the release of your cookbook- an accomplishment you should be so proud of! Looking forward to my copy arriving!

    Our favorite weekday meal is healthy and clean- no preservatives, no additives, no processed foods. Love pan seared pasture-roaming chicken breasts finished in the oven with organic roasted vegetables and leafy greens.

  53. Jane Vandermolen says

    My favorite weeknight meal is fried rice made from a leftover piece of protein such as a pork chop, with scallions, peanuts, chopped bell pepper, a 2 egg omelet and chopped garlic and ginger. My kids love it!

  54. Tyneisha says

    Congratulations! This is so exciting! My favorite weeknight meal is a great steak and potatoes. Hubby works extremely hard so there’s nothing like a nice piece of juicy meat at the end of a long day. A marinade the night before makes it alot easier!

  55. Cathy says

    Congratulations on your new cookbook. I love your website and use many of your recipes. Yeah Sourdough bread recipe!I always have one ready to go:) My favorite weeknight recipe of all time is your Mediterranean baked chicken which has graced my table many busy nights.Healthy and delicious. Thanks for all you do!

  56. Susan says

    Hello Emilie,
    I pre-ordered your cookbook and it will be delivered today! Looking forward to reading it and trying new recipes. My favorite weeknight dinner is seared salmon (rubbed with my own Moroccan spice mix) with couscous (cooked with spices and raisins) and whatever vegetable is in season. The meal is fast and healthy! Leftover salmon makes a great topping for a salad another night!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Debbie says

    One of my favorite weeknight meals is based on leftovers. I saute leftover vegetables such as broccoli, peas, carrots, spinach or other greens, onions, etc. For protein I add leftover chicken, pork, or Italian sausage. Sometimes I add white beans. I make a light sauce with some garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, garlic, and a bit of pasta water. I serve this over the pasta with some parmesan cheese. I add seasonings, as needed. I do plan on buying your cookbook…I enjoy your recipes! Thanks for a chance to win!

  58. Sheri says

    Hi Emily, I am purchasing your book for myself and my mother. (it will make a wonderful mothers day gift, finally I am thinking ahead) My go to weeknight meal is chicken tacos w/ cilantro slaw. 3 breasts in the crockpot, cover with a jar of green sauce. (my fav is Herdez) cook on low all day, shred, serve on warm corn tortillas with cilantro slaw. Tasty and quick. Thanks for your blog and recipes.

  59. Lee ojascastro says

    Totally psyched about you new cook book! Congrats!
    My fave weeknight easy meal is a quick tomato sauce, with some torn baby spinach. Heat in frying pan until just bubbling. Then crack two eggs into the sauce and cook until the whites are firm, but yolks are still runny. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese, and serve with crusty Italian bread, and a glass of wine!

  60. says

    Congratulations Emilie!! I can not wait to see your cookbook! Of course, I will wait and see if I win it before I buy it ;)

    Our favorite weeknight dinner is smoked pulled pork nachos. We pre-make the smoked pulled pork so for dinner all we have to do is layer the chips, pork, black beans and cheese before putting it in the oven. after the cheese is melted we top with fresh salsa, plain non fat greek yogurt and chili lime seasoning.

  61. Alicia J. says

    Chicken and rice pilaf is my fall back meal when I’m in a crunch. I’m new to your site (as of like yesterday) so I’d love to get a copy of your new cookbook. I’m going to check around your site and see what kind of fantastic things you have. Thank you.

  62. says

    Yay YAYAYA!! The big day has finally arrived! You must be floating, Emilie! Life is so that way sometimes… you feel tugged, so you honor that tug, take a leap uncertain but trusting and then you thrive! Your an inspiration my dear! Thank you for this, your book, sharing your joy with all of us! Thank you!!!

    Fave weeknight meal? Oh my.. there’s so many, but probably tacos. I can pull them together fast, and use so many different things to spruce them up. From tofu, to beans to sweet potatoes, Tacos are my go-to! And of course your tacos in your book have caught my attention! Thank you for this generous opportunity Emilie! Congratulations!! YAY!! YOU!!

  63. Shauna says

    Hello!! My favorite is / i start with olive oil in a small frying pan, burner set on low. Then you add the finely chopped garlic, I just let it fuse. In the mean time I am boiling angel hair pasta. Right before pasta is done I add red pepper flakes into the oil and garlic. When pasta is done I add it to the oil, garlic, red pepper flakes, toss well. And then I make a little simple salad. My kids and grand kids love it. Thank you so much for letting me be apart and share. Have a great day!! :)

  64. Heather G. says

    Favorite weeknight meal right now? Fried egg and kimchi rice bowls! Fresh steamed sushi or jasmine rice topped with a hot, runny, fried egg, and cold, spicy kimchi. Top it all off with a splash of tamari. YUM!

  65. says

    A Big big huge Congratulations my dearest friend!!! You truly deserve every praise, every happiness. Your heart is in that book. Love love it and going through that book almost gives me a calm. All your recipes are so well thought with gorgeous photography. Your book will be going with my baby boy to his college for sure.
    I am over the moon happy for you and Wishing you nothing but the best darlin.
    My weeknight meals some days are pretty elaborate and pretty simple some days too, so many to chose from. I love love marinating chicken or fish and freezing in ziplocs. I take one out the morning and bake in oven with some rice salad and greens. Btw, your salmon from the book is a hit with the boys.
    Hugs my dear. xo

  66. Teresa M says

    Fish tacos. Sprinkle the fish with spices of your choice, saute in a little olive oil. Wrap in flour tortillas with cheese, sour cream, salsa and cabbage. Quick, easy, and GOOD!

  67. Amber says

    Congratulations on your cookbook success! I cannot wait to order mine.

    One of my favorite weeknight meals is a cajun chicken alfredo pasta. When I have fresh veggies, I take an afternoon to slice, dice and freeze, and then they are easy to pull out in batches for saute to save on some time. This pasta dish uses sliced peppers and onions, garlic and chicken strips. I make the alfredo sauce while the pasta is cooking, saute the veggies first, then the chicken, season and combine, and it’s an easy delicious meal.

  68. Laura says

    Congrats!!!! The book looks amazing! I ordered one for myself and a few copies for the other amazing cooks in my life. My favorite week night meal is either chicken piccata (I love capers) or roasted chicken with veggies and rice pilaf. Can’t wait to start adding new favorites from your book! Congrats again!

  69. says

    My favorite is my comfort food. Baked potato with fresh broccoli, cheese and lots of black pepper. My latest discovery is cooking the potatoes in a crock pot. Super fast to come home at days end and have a meal ready in double quick time.

    Love your sourdough bread recipe. Always have small loaves in the freezer to round out a soup meal.

    Looking good forward to reading your cookbook.

    Congratulations a wonderful accomplishment.

  70. Laurie Reyes says

    My favorite meals are the ones that we make up as we go using the leftovers from the night before! They are always the best and usually the easiest!

  71. Claire says

    My favorite weeknight dish is actually your chicken picatta! I just add mushrooms and a splash of cream. It’s the perfect weeknight dish, simple and full of flavor!!

    I did order your coobook(preordered in january I was so excited) and also checked out the preview on Amazon, LOOKS INCREDIBLE

    Very excited about the giveway, looks like a dream win (a cook’s version of a dream homemakeover:), I have my fingers crossed!!!

  72. Trish says

    My quickest and best go -to is Royal Red shrimp, skewered and drizzled with a little olive oil and a few drops of sriracha, grilled for about 4 minutes. Put over yellow or brown rice, add a salad and Viola! Light, healthy, yummy and done in the time it takes to cook the rice!

  73. Leslie says

    My favorite & easy “go-to” dinner is Shakshuka. I’ve done many versions of it, both tomato based & greens based. All are great!

  74. Alice says

    Congratulation on your book! It looks so lovely, I’ll have to make space on my bookshelf :).

    I am vegetarian and I always try to bring a variety in week nights meals. I have been on a middle-eastern kick lately and, on top of tabouleh, hummus, and parley bean salads, I love doing Mark Bittman’s baked falafel recipe. I throw the baked falafel in a pitta with a quick tahini sauce (tahini + water + yogurt and spices such as cumin or paprika) or on top of a winter bowl of roasted veggies. It goes with everything!

  75. Emily V says

    Congratulations on your cookbook! I worked with your mother, so happy she told me about your blog. I plan to buy your cookbook for myself and daughters. My favorite weekday go to meal is to use leftovers, preparing a piece of meat that will do a few meals, adding potatoes, rice, grains or pasta and vegetables.

  76. bonnie cummings says

    Hi there! I have just started reading your blog, after finding Mediterranean chicken recipe on Pinterest. It was awesome and now I am hooked. Our next plan is to work our way through all your yummy looking salads :)

    Our favorite weeknight meal is whichever one all three kids will eat, which changes often! Their favorite is currently spaghetti tacos, inspired by iCarly – surprisingly good! They are best with homemade extra-veggie spaghetti sauce and tiny meatballs added.

    This is an awesome giveaway, so many great things! I am saving to buy the cookbook as the kids always like the food better when they can look through a cookbook and pick what looks yummy ! thanks for running this :)

  77. Rita says

    So excited for you Emilie!!. You book should be arriving at my home today and I cant want to get cooking!!

    Our family favorite weeknight meal is Tuscan Chicken with Penne.. Lots of chicken, cheese, tomatoes and my fave spinach! Its super simple to make and we use left over grilled chicken to make this. Depending on the day its a stove top one pot meal or if we know we will be out all day you can toss it in the crock-pot and set it on low.. Either way it turns out so yummy!

    Again, many congrats to you and LOTS of success on your book!

  78. Jan Schifter says

    My husband loves meat and his favorites are steak or ground turkey meals. Our favorite weeknight meal is a yummy turkey burger with sauteed spinach and baked fries. If I had my way, I would eat pizza every night but that would just keep me on the heavy side and I am trying to watch calories. Best of luck with the book, I will go to my Amazon Prime and look for it so I can have it here in just a few days.

  79. Lindsay says

    We do quesedillas once a week. I love that I can prep everything before hand then just throw it in the pan when I’m ready

  80. Jan Vallar-Gillette says

    I have become such a fan of your blog since discovering it by accident. Thanks for your kindness in helping get started with sourdough. I asked for the book as a birthday gift.
    One of our favorite go-to meals is a stir fry with in season vegetables from the garden or the grocer, combined with lean chicken or porky and brown rice!

  81. Sadie says

    I cant wait to see the new book! There are so many great recipes online but nothing compares to holding a beautiful cookbook in your hands! My favorite weeknight meal has to be chicken marsala with brown rice. I start the rice as soon as I get home and by the time the rice is ready the chicken is good to go!

  82. Victoria Ashmore says

    One of my favorite go-to meals on a weeknight is pasta with Italian sausage and broccoli. While the pasta water is heating up, I brown up some flavorful mild Italian sausage…the trick is to crumble it and keep frying until the meat starts to crisp up. Sooooo good. Then I spoon some sausage over the cooked pasta. I generally use whole wheat or whole grain penne. Add some cooked broccoli florets (steam a bag of frozen florets in the microwave), a drizzle of garlic flavored olive oil and sprinkle liberally with Parmesan cheese. Beyond easy and delicious. And for added flavor, if you’re inclined to, sprinkle with some red pepper flakes.

  83. Marcia Luloff says

    I am new to your blog, and I am loving it! Your cookbook looks fantastic, I would love to win a copy!! Very exciting for you I’m sure! I love anything Italian, so lasagna or spaghetti is always a favorite. Thanks for having a new place for me to find delicious recipes!!

  84. Patti says

    Congrats Emilie, you deserve all the praise! Amazon shipped my Clever Carrot cookbook last night. The girls and I are each awaiting the delivery. My favorite weeknight meal is Chicken cutlets, from your blog,served with arugula and chopped tomatoes with shaved Parmesan on top. The Rosemary infuses the oil and the flavor is amazing!

  85. Laura L. says

    One of my favorite meals is just a simple pasta with veggies and pesto for the sauce. Add some garlic bread & a salad and I usually have enough leftover to take for lunch the next day. I pre-ordered your book and was happy to get an email saying it was on the way. Thanks!

  86. Terri says

    My favorite go to meal is cut up chicken breast fried in coconut oil in a cast iron pan. I cook the chicken with fresh ground pepper and a garlic salt grinder that I buy at Aldi and add whatever veggies I have in my fridge. Broccoli is awesome,peppers,onions etc. Serve it w/quinoa, noodles,rice or couscous. My kids love it and I always make a lot so I have leftovers for my lunch the next day.i have not ordered the cookbook yet, I do plan on getting one. February seemed so far away…

  87. Kathleen says

    Congratulations! My favorite meal, especially now that it is so cold, is that old stand-by for this 83 year old “Seenager”, mac and cheese and stewed tomatoes. I have been enjoying this meal for many years.
    Does your cookbook contain some gluten free recipes? I have many family members with celiac disease.

  88. heather jacoby says

    Epicurious is an amazing honor! My family and I love Baked Tortellini with Smoked Mozzarella. It is super easy and yummy!

  89. Petra says

    Yay so exciting, congratulations!

    One of my favorite meals to make is salmon and veggies on top of fried plantains. I just cook the salmon, onions, and garlic in a skillet and season them depending on my mood. Then I fry some green plantains that are sliced for about 3 minutes, then I mash them and fry them again. I serve the fish and onions on top of the plantains with some chopped spinach, arugula or kale and add some salt and pepper on top! It’s so yummy! :)

  90. Jenny Simpson says

    Congrats on your book release!! Can’t wait to check it out.

    My favorite / go to week night meal is a nourish bowl. I always have a ton of roasted veggies and grains prepared. I change the sauce on top and pan fry some tofu or tempeh and call it a day. its always filling AND who doesn’t like eating out of a big bowl?

    I usually follow that up with dessert. Recently I made black bean fudge so i’ve been keeping that in the freezer for a late night snack =]

  91. says

    Soooo many congratulations to you, sweet friend! I’m so very happy for you and your new book and just can’t WAIT to get my hands on it.

    And talk about giveaways!! Holy moly, that’s a good one. Favorite weeknight meal is definitely soup lately, ideally, one with beans or lentils. This week, as I write, I’m making a white bean soup w/ crispy pancetta, which is making me smile just thinking about it.

    CONGRATS again, lovely!

  92. says

    CONGRATULATIONS, Emilie! I can’t wait for your book to arrive to the school, super exciting for all of us here!
    To answer your question, this winter I’m especially obsessed with dumplings. Making them is a great family activity for the long winter weekends. I freeze the dumplings, and then on the week nights, it’s only a matter of boiling a pot of water and enjoying hot comforting dinner 10 minutes later.
    Congrats again!!

  93. Colleen says

    Favorite weeknight meal for the family is Lentil and Sausage soup. It’s a healthy one pot meal that simmers away until every gets home. Served with Bobs Red Mill cornbread is perfect! Haven’t ordered your book yet, but follow on Instagram and read your blog daily!

  94. says

    Congratulations on the book! How exciting is that! I’ll have to order one from Amazon:) Perfect timing!

    My children love Bolognese! We like to use a thin spaghetti but what make this dish even better is to add Burrata to the Bolognese sauce which gives it a creamier, richer flavor.

  95. Ashley Latta says

    My favorite weeknight meal is a quick stir-fry with whatever protein and veggies are on hand. I pre-ordered your book from Amazon and can’t wait for it to arrive!!

  96. Cathy Ventura says

    Congrats on the book, can’t wait to see it! :)

    Easy weekday dinners will have to be Trader Joe’s sausages! They are super easy and might I mention pretty healthy. I can pop these in a 400 degree oven for 12 minutes and poof I’m done! Now here’s the fun mix: I’ll make an easy green salad with homemade dressing (EVOO, lemon, salt/pepper), roasted broccoli since the oven is already on! (some EVOO, salt/pepper for about 10 minutes). After I take out the broccoli, some lemon juice over it and ready to eat! I can also toss the sausages into a quick gluten free pasta and ready to go!

  97. Taylor says

    My constant, never fails, weeknight dinner has to be spaghetti. I could never get bored with spaghetti.

    Congrats on your book!

  98. Maddy Wolfe says

    YAY, CONGRATS!! My favorite weeknight meal is definitely some type of “everything bowl”. Usually quinoa is a staple, and then I add a protein, lots of veggies, and a yummy tahini dressing. I’m a tahini ADDICT and put it on everything.

    I ordered a copy of your cookbook for my parents as a surprise, because they want to get more into healthy and whole meals, and my mom reads your blog too and loves it! Congrats again :)

  99. Bridgit says

    I ordered my book yesterday! My favorite go to recipe is black bean and butternut squash enchiladas. I love to top them with a red enchilada sauce with a touch of BBQ sauce mixed in. That is the southern girl in me! Also top them with roasted corn and cilantro.

  100. Kadi Lamberson says

    Our favorite weeknight meal is homemade pizza. We made everything from scratch and my husband’s pizza dough recipe is amazing. I love it because we can change it so much depending on what we have on hand. During the summer we top ours with tons of veggies and herbs from the garden and during the winter we use our canned sauce from our garden tomatoes. So delicious and the kids love it!

  101. Elizabeth says

    Awesome giveaway! I definitely plan to order your cookbook!!

    Our favorite weeknight dinner right now would be sandwiches with all natural turkey and cheese on homemade pretzel bread with either soup or salad on the side!

  102. Wrutu says

    Congratulations on the book! I am a new follower of your insta feed and love it! Your brioche (baking madness) is contagious :)

    My quick weeknight meal typically on a chilly winter night is an one pot meal Kichadi made with split yellow pigeon peas and rice tempered with cumin seeds in ghee and served with dollop of cool soothing yogurt & crisp roasted poppadom! Yumm :)

  103. Mario says

    I love quick and healthy(ish) recipes. My weeknight go to would be a rolled/stuffed chicken cutlet. Sometimes that can be a cordon bleu, or another variation (I like goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes!). Rolled chicken cutlets are simple, and less boring than pan fried cutlet. And on the plus side, when adding higher end ingredients, I automatically feel more chef like! Congrats on the cook book – I recently made your portobello mushroom recipe with roasted butternut squash.

  104. Sara Jane says

    I ordered your book for Kindle! Congrats on the release!

    My favorite weeknight meal is one I invented that my husband adores that is so simple & tasty – called Herring Tomato Stew with Rice. Steps : Saute onions and garlic in pot in small amount of butter, after onions are starting to brown (if you don’t have time it’s fine to add next ingredients earlier), add 1 or 2 cans of smoked herring (with oil drained), can or fresh chopped/diced tomatoes, one can of tomato paste, salt and pepper and just let it stew until warm. You can mix it up and add other ingredients like mushrooms – just adjust to your taste. Best part is that you can leave it stewing if you start it but have to eat later, just make sure to stir so it doesn’t stick too much to the bottom. Meanwhile make rice in a rice cooker. So simple!

  105. Sarah L says

    Congrats on the book! I can’t wait to check it out.

    My favorite weeknight meal is Tilapia. I have a number of quick and delicious recipes that I rotate between. Artichoke crusted, baked lemon garlic, and dijon crusted are a few of my favorites. I usually make a fresh veggie or salad along with a grain. So easy and yummy! Even my two year old loves it!

    Thanks for the chance to win

  106. Mallory says

    Congrats! Very exciting day! I have asked for the book for my birthday :)
    My favorite weeknight meal is comfort foods that I can spread out over more than one night :) I have learned to embrace leftovers! Current favorites include wild rice soup and butternut squash soup! I try to eat a big salad for lunch and cozy soups or stews for dinner.

  107. says

    I am a college student that has just recently started to explore my footing in the kitchen. I call myself a flexi-tarian because I jump between vegan, vegetarian, and cheese burger princess! I committed to doing research (reading blogs and cookbooks) and I’ve slowly learned and strengthened my confidence and cooking abilities. That being said, my favorite weeknight go-to meal is a peppercorn rubbed pork tenderloin and roasted vegetables. I love the tenderloin with roasted broccoli, brussels sprouts, and carrots. Roasting helps me manage my time without having to closely watch my recipe, but it is guaranteed to be smokey and delicious regardless. I love your blog, and your cookbook looks fantastic. I haven’t ordered it yet, but it’s definitely on my list!

  108. ali says

    congrats on the book! what a great giveaway! my favorite weeknight meal is roasting whatever vegetables I have and putting a fried egg on top. Simple and delicious!

  109. Vicki Ferebee says

    Can’t wait to get this beautiful book! Favorite week night quickie is simple baked chicken with Panko, frozen black eyed peas cooked with garlic and served with some chow chow and brown rice! Can you tell I’m southern?

  110. says

    What a terrific Giveaway! And fitting it is for such a terrific book. I know success will be yours.
    As for a fave and go to weeknight dinner, it’d have to be some sort of quick pasta. Senza dubito.

  111. says

    My favorite weeknight meal is hands down a skirt steak stir-fry! It’s super easy, quick, and happens all in one pan. I cook the soy-sauce marinated strips of steak in a cast iron pan and throw in veggies like broccoli, mushrooms, string beans, red pepper and jalapeño. I always serve with rice and seseme. So satisfying and takes less than 25 mins! I am going to order your book!! I look forward to hearing your story because I too dream of leaving my corporate job for a cooking dream! Best of luck and congratulations!!

  112. Ashley Mauceri says

    Congrats on the book!! My favorite weeknight meal is a kale salad with white beans and pistachios! My partner makes a mean balsamic vinaigrette. Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. Joan says

    Thanks for the chance and congratulations on the book. It sounds wonderful. One of my favorite weeknight meals is homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese.

  114. says

    I am so, so happy for you. I’ve been a fan for while and couldn’t be more excited about the book. According to Book Depository, it was already sent and will be here in about 10 days! YEY! :)
    And you know what I love for weeknights? Hummus. I am kind of addicted to it. It all about hummus and bread. Hummus and carrots. Hummus and crackers. Hummus and pasta. Hummus and hummus. Weird…
    Last question: I am not an US resident. But could I participate and ask you to send the gift to an US resident friend (if I win haha)? I do hope so. :)
    Love, Renata.

  115. Alexandra Robertson says

    Congrats!! I have this on my must buy list. My favorite weeknight meal is roasted asparagus or broccoli and salmon. I could eat salmon every day, but my husband hates it lol so I end up cooking two different meals a lot plus food for my picky little boy. I don’t mind though because I love being in the kitchen.

  116. Colleen says

    My favorite weeknight meal is pulled chicken in the crockpot. It is super easy and delicious. And I’ll serve a simple coleslaw and roasted sweet potato alongside. Very little effort and very little cleanup.

  117. Sharyl Wolter says

    My favorite week night meal is Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes. Comes together in about 30 minutes and hits the spot!

  118. Schuyler says

    Congrats on the cookbook; what a great accomplishment!

    My favorite weeknight meal is chicken with provencal sauce. It’s so easy to make; when the chicken’s done, you just add the broth/herbs/lemon/garlic for a few minutes to reduce to top off the chicken. herbs de Provence became my favorite herb when I started making this dish.

    A few years back when Dominick’s closed here in Chicago, I bought a bunch of their rotisserie chicken breasts and used those–meaning I didn’t even have to cook the chicken breast. I’m not usually at the grocery store at the right time to pick up pre-cooked chicken breast, but if I am I might pick up one or two and then just spend a few minutes making the sauce. Super quick and delicious, especially with some roasted potatoes or brown rice!

  119. Laura S. says

    My local B&N didn’t have a copy, so I ordered one to pick up! Can’t wait for the call that it’s available! My favorite weeknight dinner is roasted shrimp. Throw it on a cookie sheet with olive oil, salt and pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic, and a squeeze of lemon. Throw on either green beans or asparagus, and you’ve got dinner in 15 minutes! So flavorful!

  120. Aimee says

    A favorite weeknight meal in our house is tacos. I normally have salsa, avocados, cheese, sour cream and tortillas on hand. I either use eggs and soyrizo as the filling or make some other meat. Quick and everyone is happy!!

  121. Jenn says

    My favorite weeknight dinner is a simple meifun rice noodle dish with bok choy, red and yellow peppers, green onion, zuccini, broccoli, shrimp all lightly sautéed then add a sweet and tangy thai sauce. Top it off with some cilantro. Quick and easy plus we get to use our chopsticks!

  122. Kate says

    The new book looks great! My favorite weekday meal is minestrone soup with no-kneed bread. I generally make a large pot of soup, throwing in what ever I have in the fridge – carrots, kale, onion, celery, zucchini….then beans that I have on hand, Italian sausage and tomatoes. It’s different every time but always hearty and delicious!

  123. Kim says

    My favorite weeknight meal is taco seasoned chicken breast with steamed broccoli and white corn. I’m planning on ordering book through Amazon. I love cookbooks and learning new recipes. Thank you for taking the time to write and share your recipes with us. I appreciate it! – Kim

  124. Sharon says

    I love roasted veggies – broccoli, potatoes, brussels sprouts, or asparagus ….with broiled salmon and fresh sliced tomatoes or avocados.

    Your book is gorgeous! Congratulations!

  125. christina p says

    Congrats on the book! Can’t wait to read it!
    Our favorite quick meal is a stir fry. We use whatever veggies are available- it helps to have them precut (for snack attacks & quick meals). When I have the energy, I spend time slicing my veggies.

  126. Jennifer Grella says

    Congratulations! We love the book and can’t wait to make all the recipes. My favorite weeknight meal is pasta with meat sauce. Always good comfort food. I just ordered 3 more books to give to my family!

  127. Deb E says

    So exciting to see your new cookbook available now! It’s on my Amazon wish list. I love my veggies and spices, and love to add them to a lentil stew to make sure I get some protein too. Never get tired of my lovely lentils. The high fiber fills me up and it all cooks up quickly and easily. Congrats!

  128. Julia says

    Can’t wait to see the cookbook in real-life. Favorite weeknight meal (or at least quickest): empty-the-fridge burrito—usually protein, cheese, leftover salad/veggies and sauce wrapped in tortilla.

  129. Debbie Carr says

    Congratulations! Yes I’m going to purchase. Favorite easy weeknight meal it taco salad – black beans, chopped lettuce, avocado, tomato, cheese, salsa and ground beef. Easy and healthy.

  130. Becky Hearsey says

    Congratulations! I am new to your blog, but love it! One of our favorite weeknight meals is Asian Pasta…a mix of spaghetti, roasted chicken (or shrimp), and lots of veggies with an asian sauce. A favorite in the summertime as we usually serve it cold. It is my daughter’s favorite!

  131. Lydia Ruddy says

    I will be ordering my copy once my next check comes in! I can’t wait!

    One of our favorite weeknight meals is tacos. Usually soft tacos with chicken or elk. We also like anything similar to breakfast (bacon and eggs, biscuits, pancakes, Dutch babies, you name it).

  132. Mandy says

    Woooo hoooo!! I can’t wait to get my hands in your book! My favorite weeknight meal is soup. I use whatever I have in the fridge!

  133. Sarah Leitner says

    Congratulations on your new cookbook super exciting! My favorite dinner is fresh sourdough bread and a hearty stew!

  134. Mary See says

    I love eggs for a quick weeknight meal. I saute veggies (onions, mushrooms, tomato, bell pepper, whatever is left in the frig) until cooked and slightly brown. Put on a plate and top with feta or flavored vinegar. Then fry eggs over easy or poached. Put eggs on top of the veggies, the yolks coat the veggies…just awesome! Quick and many variations, good for breakfast also. Definitely will buy the cookbook, looks beautiful.

  135. Marisa Greason says

    I was thrilled to get an email today from Barnes & Noble telling me that your book was on its way. Can’t wait to receive it. One of my favorite winter weeknight meals is “Vaguely Tuscan Stew”. Take 1/2 lb. of turkey sausage, remove it from its casing and sauté over medium high heat.Saute until well browned, drain fat. Add 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped and cook 1 minute.Deglaze with wine or lemon juice and chicken broth.Season with salt and pepper and add some fresh rosemary. Add 1 can of drained white beans, 1 bag of ready to eat spinach and small can of diced tomatoes. Let simmer long enough to wilt spinach, add more broth if needed. Adjust seasoning, taste and serve with crusty bread. Enjoy!

  136. Susan P. says

    Congratulations on your cookbook! For a quick weeknight meal, I like to do different versions of stir fry. I usually use chicken or shrimp with whatever fresh vegetables I have on hand. I’ll add canned mushrooms, water chestnuts and/or frozen peas. It’s good over rice, quinoa or noodles.

  137. Cyndi says

    My favorite weeknight meal is Cod prepared and cooked in parchment paper. Is it SO easy, mess-free, and clean-up is a breeze! Lay out a piece of parchment paper and place the fish in the middle. Put a generous amount of salt and pepper on the fish. Pour a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice on top of fish. Add a couple sprigs of herbs. (I’m particularly fond of Thyme.) Wet edges of parchment with water and fold paper over until sealed. Place on a baking sheet and cook for 12 minutes at 400 degrees. Comes out perfect every time! Simply remove the fish from the parchment and throw paper away. Clean up…done! I like to serve it atop of polenta with a side of roasted Parmesan broccoli.

    P.S. This cookbook looks too good not to buy!!!

  138. Barbara says

    Our favorite week night meal is the panzella salad with chicken. I marinate the chicken in lime juice, minced garlic and canola oil. Tomatoe, chopped celery, capers, olives and big chunks of toasted bread. Yum! I have every intention of buying your book.

  139. Patti says

    I just received the cookbook in the mail today! Sooo excited! Can’t wait to decide what to make tomorrow night!

    My favorite weeknight dinner is something I just throw together and call Veggie Mashup. I place several different cooked or steamed vegetables (sweet potatoes, onions, peppers, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, etc. ) in a bowl, add some grilled chicken and whatever herbs I’m in the mood for, then
    top with a little cheese. Melt the cheese, and enjoy!

  140. says

    Congrats!! How truly momentous, Emilie! My favorite weeknight meals usually involve chicken with baked veggies and potatoes. I love to do a sheet pan with veggies like fennel and asparagus and carrots mixed with potatoes and baked in olive oil and salt and pepper and a little rosemary then with honey drizzled the last ten minutes all over.

  141. sally john says

    Congrats.. what a great achievement!

    One thing what my kids look forward to and my hubby too loves is any fried rice dish, so it can be basmati rice pilaf with spicy scrambled eggs , or green peas brown rice friend rice with stir fry chicken.Ends with a yogurt or Froyo

  142. says

    Congratulations Dear Emilie on the gorgeous cookbook! Such a proud achievement, and a glorious moment for you and your loved ones! I am so honored to be able to get my hands on your wonderful cookbook, and make delicious recipes out of it! I have already made 3 recipes over the weekend, and we have been cherishing and relishing all of the food! Loved your tips a LOT in the book, and I hope to put it in practice for my weeknight cooking :).

    My most favorite weeknight meal would be tacos or lavash pizza – that I can get ready in 15 minutes! For the Lavash pizza, I simply put my pre-made tomato sauce, toppings, cheese in 5 minutes, and put it in the oven at 375 for 10-15 minutes until cheese starts bubbling, and its ready to eat! I prep sautéed greens on the side while the pizza is in the oven for added nutrition lol. I loved your Mexican quinoa salad a lot, and had it twice already for lunch! Wishing you only the best Emilie, and to many more cookbooks from you ! Much love.

  143. Deanna says

    Congratulations again on such an amazing endeavor! My copy should be arriving the end of this week from Amazon, and I can’t wait to read it. My favorite weeknight dinner to prepare is some kind of a bowl of pre cooked ingredients. Simply because that’s the easiest route. The go-to are quinoa or cauli rice, grilled chicken, baby greens, and roasted vegetables. The favorite dinner based on taste is a Niçoise salad. Hands down. With homemade Italian dressing! Mmm! Again, many congratulations and much success! Thank you for facilitating this fun giveaway!

  144. Laura says

    Congratulations on the cookbook! Yes I definitely plan on ordering it. Love lentil veggie soup for a quick weeknight meal!

  145. Talia says

    Congrats on your book! I cannot wait to purchase a copy. My favorite weekday dinner is a lemon pepper chicken (cooked in pan with olive oil and pepper), roasted rainbow carrots (seasoned with cumin, rosemary, thyme, oregano and pepper) and sautéed zucchini and mushrooms!

  146. Carol says

    I love my home made beef barley soup and a loaf of fresh from the oven bread. I make a huge pot to enjoy during the week and freeze several containers for sick days when nothing else will do but a bowl of steaming hot soup.

  147. Anne says

    Congratulations!!! My favorite quick meal is pan seared salmon over a green salad with whatever veggies we have on hand. A few pomegranate seeds and some pepitas and we’re all set.

  148. Traci B. says

    Congratulation on your cookbook! I am super excited about getting mine from Amazon! My favorite weeknight meal is either some roasted shrimp or a piece of another type of seafood (usually cod or another whitefish), roasted with some veggies. Quick and easy!

  149. Patricia Caradonna says

    Great book! My favorite weeknight meal is salad with lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, egg, olives and celery. I don’t have the extra loot to purchase at this time.

  150. says

    Congrats Emilie! Love the book and have read it cover to cover. I’m working on a grocery list right now trying to decide what to make first. Right now our favorite weeknight meals are soups or quiche, perfect for our crazy swim schedule twice a week.

  151. Violet says

    I love tacos! We always have them to eat up all the leftovers but I think they’re better than all our other go to dinners! I would love the cookbook it looks amazing :)

  152. Lisa says

    I hope to get a copy of your awesome book! How exciting! As far as my favorite weeknight meal, I do love Chipotle shrimp tacos but I’m also a big fan of Asian pork tenderloin. Both come together so quickly and are easy to clean up after.

  153. Molly says

    Hi Emilie! Your blog brings me so much inspiration. I am not the best cook, but your posts encourage me to keep trying! My favorite weeknight meal is pan seared salmon with roasted brussels sprouts.

  154. Mary W says

    In the winter we enjoy baked pasta and hot Italian sausage with lots of cheeses. In the warmer months, a great big salad with all the fixins is a treat. I combine a basic salad with a salad bar so the whole family can customize their own bowls.

  155. Lori says

    So looking forward to receiving your cookbook and love your blog. Our favorite go to meal is stuffed poblano peppers using already bought rotisserie chicken. Mix with salsa, sour cream and shredded cheese and stuff the peppers. Bake them topped with some of the shredded cheese. Approximately 45 minutes from beginning until your digging in with a little extra salsa and sour cream. Delicious and quick! Congratulations on your new book!

  156. Swetha says

    My favorite weeknight meal is some rice along with daal (lentils) and maybe some stir fry beans.
    Cook the lentils until soft and season it with salt a tadka of ghee (clarified butter), mustard and dry red chillies. Absolute delish!

  157. Lauren Fitter says

    Your book looks gorgeous! My favorite weeknight meal to make it vegan farro risotto with mushrooms and asparagus. Start by sautéing 2 shallots and 1 clove garlic with 2 Tbsp. olive oil, add 1 cup farro, then add 4 cups of vegetable broth 1/2 cup at a time until the farro is cooked. While that’s simmering, sautée 1 1 cup mushrooms and asparagus with 2 Tbsp. olive oil and 1-2 cloves garlic. When the risotto is cooked, add a generous splash of white wine, salt, pepper, and 1-2 Tbsp. nutritional yeast for flavor. Incorporate the veggies, and voila! I am vegan, but my husband is an omnivore, so I often roast a chicken breast for him to go along with this meal. It’s super satisfying and we both love it despite having very different food preferences!

  158. Lora says

    So excited for your cookbook and the giveaway! My favorite weeknight meal is stuffed spaghetti squash. It’s great with enchilada or pizza style ingredients.

  159. Annette says

    My favorite weeknight meal is soup. I like making Ellie Krieger’s Tuscan Vegetable Soup (free online), but with some additions. I add an extra can of beans and love to use canned tomatoes that have green chilies or other ingredients in them (I find the plain tomatoes leave it wanting for flavor). I serve with cheese (mozzarella or parmesan) and avocado on top and a crusty bread on the side. I double the batch and eat for days on it; it also freezes well.

    Congratulations on your book and I do plan on buying it.

  160. says

    Hi Emilie!

    When I saw your cookbook was coming out I was thrilled! I first found your blog after searching for a delusions Brussels sprout meal. I used to travel a lot for my previous job and never had time to do much food prep or cooking. When I realized my lifestyle was just getting too unhealthy your blog helped me get back on track. The Brussels sprouts and quinoa brightened my long stressful days. You introduced me to so many new ingredients I never thought to cook with, making the experience so exciting. I just moved to Florida and I am working for a company where I have more time at home to cook meals. I plan on purchasing your cookbook once I get all settled in:) congratulations on all your accomplishments!

  161. says

    My favorite, super easy weeknight meal is roasted sweet potatoes (cut into 1/2″ pieces to cook quicker and toss with coconut oil and salt) and sauteed kale with garlic, ginger and chickpeas (either organic canned or some that I’ve already cooked and keep in the fridge). The cookbook sounds awesome!

  162. says

    My favorite weeknight meal is roasted chicken with onions and lemons. Just a few humble ingredients and minimal effort ensures a beautifully delicious meal that I always feel proud of making. Congratulations again on the cookbook. I’ve always dreamed of publishing a book since I was little. Not until the last several years did I realize the book I really want to publish is a cookbook. :) I am sincerely happy and so excited for you! An accomplishment you should be so proud of.

  163. Laura F. says

    Your cookbook looks amazing. Congratulations!
    My favorite weeknight meal is black beans and rice with steamed broccoli drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar,and capers.

  164. Vincent says

    Favorite weeknight meal is pasta. I’ll make sauce on the weekend – enough for at least 4 meals and freeze in one meal quantities. I can than thaw the sauce while the pasta is cooking and also make a quick salad. I wash my greens when I get home from the supermarket so the salad is no extra work.

  165. Madeline says

    My favorite weekend meal is simple food, made with ingredients grown off my partners land, cooked with love and enjoyed with loved ones. Nothing too fancy but complete and satisfying.
    Most often, I soak mung beans and have them sprouting countertop. During the winter, I cook them up into a Moog daal with garlic ginger turmeric cumin coriander fennel hing basil salt pepper ghee & serve with
    Basmati rice (washed, soaked then cooked with a bay leaf)
    Roasted seasonal vegetables (lightly oiled depending on season),
    fresh corriander
    Fermented carrot, garlic or a bit of homebrewed kombucha (ie. Isan rooibos cardamom rose or rosemary chamomile ginkgo)
    and sometimes a sweet treat! (chickpea blondies, nutmeg cashew coconut macaroons, sweet potato biscuits, chocolate almond cookies, spelt cake).
    During the spring and summer and fall months when Mother Nature is abundantly gifting us with fresh food, the options are more openended -yum greens and beans with the most amazing escarole and tomatoes!
    Bless your food, sweet beans ♡

  166. Madeline says

    Greens! How could I forget. And maybe some avocado too. But yes, kale usually, also spinach, chard, beet greens… Homegrown cardoons handy in the freezer ;)

  167. Brandy says

    I usually do an indian inspired chickpea swarma. It’s easy, super tasty and still tastes great as leftovers. I only recently found your blog and I’m excited to try the cookbook!

  168. Carmen says

    Love your blog and can’t wait to read your cookbook! My favorite weeknight meal to cook for kids is baked ziti-saucy and bubbly. My favorite weeknight meal to cook for myself is just about any vegetable roasted in olive oil and salt.

  169. Rita St Onge says

    I just want to say firstly that I have had difficulty making sourdough bread until I found your lovely website. Thank you so much! My favourite meal of the week is Dijon mustard chicken with mushrooms and red onions. I serve it to my family on top of sprouted rice. There are never left overs it’s so yummy!! I plan on asking my husband for your cook book for my birthday next month. I cannot wait to get it!!


  170. Emily says

    My favorite weekday meal is an old favorite of mine: chicken divan. I always requested it for my birthday dinner and was worried that my husband wouldn’t like it, but thankfully he requests it just as much as I do! I just found your blog through Instagram and will definitely be ordering your cookbook! It looks awesome and I can’t wait to try some of your recipes! This is also an awesome giveaway and I am so happy to hear about you liking the countertop oven as I might be hosting a family dinner and only have one oven!

  171. Maureen says

    Just saw a reference to your cookbook on Instagram and had to look it up! Looks wonderful and is in my shopping cart!
    I love to cook so hard to decide on a favorite meal…….in the winter it’s soups and stews; summer time calls for fresh tomatoes, herbs and pasta.
    Good luck with your new book!

  172. Shreya says

    Congratulations on the book. It will be to fun to win a signed copy of your book but if not I am gonna get a copy for myself. I am looking forward to the book. There are few favorites for a quick and simple weeknight meal for us.
    One of them is Pasta aglio oilo with colored bell pepper, carrots, onion and chicken sausage. I always keep some chicken sausage always on hand to make it quickly. I also chop my veggies ahead in time and store them in boxes in refrigerator.
    Another weeknight night go dinner is a soup made with pulses (yellow split peas/ yellow split mung beans), tomatoes, onion, carrots, garlic, ginger, cumin, crushed red chilli peppers, a pinch of turmeric in a pressure cooker (an absolute timesaver ). Once cooked, I blend and strain it for smooth creamy soup, which I usually serve with grilled cheese. You can add any seasonal veggies to enhance the flavor and nutrition of the soup.
    A tip would be make frozen cubes of chopped herbs like cilantro, basil, dill and others which is nice to have on hand to add flavor to dishes.
    Congrats once again on the book!!

  173. Catherine says

    My favorite at home meal is either roasted salmon with Brussel sprouts and quinoa, or a roasted root veggie and kale salad!

  174. Carolyn M. says

    Honestly, my favorite weeknight meal has to be a veggie curry with chickpeas, kale, onions and mushrooms. Since I’m busy a lot of the time one way I make this a not-so-difficult meal is that I prep all of the veggies the night before and throw them in a huge bowl and store in the fridge. Also, I lay out all of my dry spices and the pan I want to use by the stove. Then when I’m ready to cook everything is ready to go. While that’s simmering away I make some quick coconut rice and call it a day. Oh and of course I plan on ordering your cookbook.

  175. cathy claus says

    I just stumbled on your IG feed —- i am hoping to order your cookbook from amazon soon. browsing thru your IG pics === i’ve already marked which recipes i’m making soon! congrats on your cookbook and keep the recipes coming!

  176. Chelsie Kalian says

    Tacos! Tacos! Simple chicken tacos seasoned with a simple spicy rub. Served with queso fresco, corn, and guacamole!!

  177. says

    We love making tacos on Tuesday! We add the raw ground turkey to an uncooked tortilla and cook it right on the griddle (2 minutes each side). Add taco sauce (tomato sauce + spices), cheese and lettuce! Yum!

  178. Eva says

    Congrats! My favorite weeknight meal is actually a simple avocado toast with salad on the side! Breakfast for dinner (;

  179. says

    Tostadas, always with beans and shredded cheese and sautéed onions , sometimes with beef, avocado, or whatever else is in the fridge!

    You have a great blog. Thanks for the giveaway!

  180. Jackie says

    My favorite weeknight meals are served in bowls- in particular we have enjoyed a slow cooker chicken chili a few times recently. No ingredients need to be cooked before adding them all to the slow cooker, so I just chop a few extra items during the previous night’s dinner prep, and throw everything in the slow cooker in the morning. There is nothing better than a weekday where dinner is already done when I get home and there is hardly any cleanup! Plus, leftovers for lunches.

  181. Ashley says

    Love your blog! Can’t wait for my cookbook to come! My favorite weeknight meal is Creamy Skillet Tortellini with Sweet Potato and Spinach! It’s a one pan meal!

  182. Kimberly K says

    Congratulations on the cookbook! That is indeed a labor of love :-)

    My favorite weeknight meat is usually pasta. I make a huge pot of spaghetti sauce and freeze it, so there is almost always sauce ready to go. I also try to keep chili and lentil soup in the freezer for weeknights as well too.

  183. says

    Congratulations on such an incredible achievement! I can’t wait to purchase the cookbook. My favorite weekday meal by a landslide is Taco Tuesday. My husband and I have been on a garbanzo bean kick, and love stuffing home cooked corn tortillas with everything from fresh cilantro to radishes, black beans, bell peppers and tomatoes!

  184. Chloe says

    My favorite weekday meal is pasta with vegetables and meatballs. Lots of leftovers – but I do need fresh ideas. Will be ordering your book promptly, it sounds amazing ♥

  185. says

    I am so excited for you Emily. What an amazing accomplishment! Our favorite dinner meal at home? It always changes, at the moment it is one I learned from while visiting my family in England last summer. It so simple and flavorful. Just a thick slice of your favorite artisanal bread, toasted. Then topped with a layer of fresh soft goat cheese, add on warm sautéed lemon infused chard or spinach (or fresh/ raw – just do not forget the splash of fresh lemon juice) and all finally crowned with a sliced hard boiled egg. So healthy, simple and delicious. Will post recipe on my blog very soon.

  186. Susan Haines says

    My favorite weekday meal is your grilled pork tenderloin. The marinade is wonderful, and the cooking instructions make this an easy delicious meal. I love to serve it with roasted marble potatoes … drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with just with salt and pepper. Then I serve it with a tossed salad or any fresh available veggies … Corn on the cob, fresh green bean, ,or fresh asparagus. I love your blog … it’s one of my favorites. I thought that the Foodiecrush blog/interview with you was wonderful, and thank you for recommending the Manger blog … I spent a long time today reading it.
    Congratulations on the publication of your book. I look forward to reading all of your future blogs and wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.

  187. says

    Congrats on your book! What an amazing accomplishment! You must feel like you’ve crossed the finish line in a very long but rewarding race!

    My favorite weeknight meal is pasta with a lentil, mushroom and walnut Bolognese! It’s quick, healthy and flavorful! Even my 5 year old loves it, which makes mama happy!

    Wishing you much success with your book!

  188. says

    Congrats lady! Can’t wait to see your book! Already ordered it on Amazon! One of our favorite weeknight meals is oven baked salmon with olive oil, salt and pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice on top of a bed of veggies (usually asparagus or broccollini).

  189. says

    Hi Emelie! I love following your blog and am excited to purchase your book! My favorite weeknight meal is a slow cooker chicken tikka masala because I love to come home and have dinner ready, with incredible Indian flavor :)

  190. says

    So exciting Emilie!!! And I can’t help but to feel inspired. Just flipping through the pages of your cookbook gave me that extra nudge that I truly needed. It’s such a beautiful body of work….and you have great reason to be proud. Thank you for sharing that greatness with me and my family. Truly…<3

    Now, one of my all time favorite go to meals during the work week, especially Friday nights is Veggie Nachos. Because by Friday, I'm typically trying to clean out the fridge and nachos/tacos are perfect…for that type of thing. Sort of…anything goes….rice, beans, grains, veggies…you name it! :)

  191. Anne says

    Congratulations on the release of your cookbook! And thanks for the chance to win some great prizes, too (not the least of which is the cookbook!).
    My current favorite weeknight meal is fried rice. It’s a great way to use up leftovers without feeling like we’re eating leftovers. In fact, I often make extra rice just so I’ll have some in the fridge to use for fried rice.

  192. Sharon says

    Wonderful blog, and looking forward to getting the cookbook! My favorite go to meal during the week is coconut creamed spinach. Its easy and oh so good almost like a stew. All you need to do is heat a little oil, add chopped onions, and cut up tomatoes and heat til 3-5 minutes, then add a half chopped jalapeno, fresh spinach, cumin, coconut mild (unsweetened) and water and salt. Then simmer about 30 minutes and voila. A real yummy winner!

  193. says

    Congratulations on your book! I can’t wait to check it out. One of our favorite week night meals is Pasta Carbonara. Bacon, garlic, pasta, eggs and parmesan cheese. You can’t go wrong. Everyone in my family loves it.

  194. Caroline says

    Yay! So excited for your cookbook! I plan on getting mine through Amazon. The easiest way to purchase. I love my crockpot for weeknight meals–especially a chicken pot pie in the crockpot. My other go to is garlic/lemon shrimp with angel hair pasta (not in the crockpot, obviously), both shrimp and angel hair pasta cook super fast, so even if we don’t get home until 6 pm we can eat by 6;30. And surprise- m y 3 yr old loves shrimp.

  195. Tami says

    I just happened upon your blog this morning as I was reading the wonderful review of your wonderful Cauliflower Bolognese recipe from Vanilla and Bean which I just recently began following. I can’t wait to read more of your blog posts now that I have subscribed!
    A easy go to simple meal I like to cook is Creamed Salmon on Toast. One can use leftover salmon or canned salmon which we readily have on hand. You simply make a white sauce adding lemon and basil to it along with the salmon. Toast your bread and ladle the creamed salmon on top with some Italian parsley. I will either fix a simple vegetable or a green salad as well. It is simple, comforting food. This is my parents dish, they often made as it was very cheap to create while I was growing up. It probably came from the Depression era.
    I can’t wait to explore your blog posts!

  196. Katie LaPointe says

    Congrats on your book!!!! I am placing my order this weekend! My favorite recipe to make lately-probably because my daughter will eat it is-roasted vegetables with red baby potatoes with balsamic and rosemary olive oil.

  197. Celesta says

    Congratulations on your book and thank you for the generous giveaway. My current favorite meal to make at home is Seitan Picata from the Candle 79 cookbook. It’s lemony, and full of briny capers and, with rice to soak up the sauce, just delicious.

  198. Jordan says

    My favorite weeknight meal is salmon and couscous cooked together in the oven. So easy! It’s a Martha Stewart recipe. And my copy of the cookbook arrives tomorrow. Yay!

  199. Terrie Dawson says

    Thank you for hosting a giveaway. I love your instagram feed! It’s very inspiring. My favorite weeknight meal, that my kids also love, is sticky lemon chicken. It has lemon, honey, soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic, and red pepper flakes. I just bake it and serve with crusty bread and green beans.

  200. Kristina N. says

    WOOHOOO! Congratulations – this is such a wonderful accomplishment! I plan on ordering your book from Amazon…will actually be doing it this afternoon when I get home! We like to keep it simple during the weeknights. I usually make a giant batch of roasted vegetables (whatever is in season) and cook up a big batch of grains (whatever I have in the pantry ha) and just add those to greens throughout the week! We’re also huge fans of stirfry because you can basically put anything together quickly :)

  201. says

    One of my favorite weeknight meals is stuffed sweet potato. I don’t really have any time saving tricks, except to have filling ingredients already prepared/on hand in the refrigerator, but this meal is super fast to put together once the potatoes are cooked through. I do love that once I pop them in the oven, I don’t really have to worry about them and am free to continue on with whatever projects I’m working on. I usually stuff them with sautéed portobellos, sliced avocado, cashews sour cream and fresh arugula. Of course that can vary depending on what I have on hand, but it’s simple, filling and packed full of nutrients.

    I’m contemplating how I can order your lovely book without my husband noticing another new recipe book on the shelf. ;)


  202. Lynn says

    Congratulations on your great accomplishment! Your cookbook is beautiful and so practical, and the recipes look fabulous! One of my favorite easy weeknight meals is lentil tacos–lentils mixed with taco seasoning, in soft or hard taco shells, and topped with shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, and fresh avocados!

  203. says

    Wow, those are all amazing things. The tasting box is such a cool idea!

    I haven’t ordered your book, but I want to. I just need to get it on the budget with the hubs. As for weeknight meals, I love Japanese curry! It’s easy to make and yields plenty of leftovers. And I think it tastes even better the next day.

  204. Danyelle H says

    My favorite easy week night meal is chicken tacos made in the crockpot, so easy and delicious! Can’t wait to order your book!

  205. Daniel Parker says

    Hands down favorite meal is a chicken or steak based Asian dish. Typically that results in fried cauliflower rice w/ grass fed butter and sesame oil. Can’t forget to add eggs for protein and deliciousness. General Tso’s chicken is a go to for sure. Cubed chicken dredged in coconut/almond flour, fried in ghee, and topped with pineapple riddled sauce with some spice. Too easy and too good.

  206. Nickie says

    If I have time, HOMEMADE PIZZA…if not, BLT&A SANDWICHES! Cannot wait for your cookbook! A truly inspiring website!

  207. Annie says

    What an awesome giveaway! My favorite weeknight meals is Taco Tuesday. :) My husband and I started this tradition in college at a local bar and have continued it into our adult lives – although a little bit healthier! We pretty much throw anything and everything that sounds good into our tacos. It changes every week but they’re never any less delicious!

  208. Lindsey says

    Any kind of baked fish with sitr-fried vegetables is usually my go-to. It is a quick, simple, and satisfying meal that is convenient during those busy days.

  209. debbie says

    What an exciting time! For you – and us lucky readers!!
    One of my favorite weeknight dinners is one pot pasta. Cook the pasta in good quality broth. Throw some tomatoes, mushrooms, red pepper flakes, whatever you like in there. Don’t drain. Then add some basil or pesto and a hardy handful of parmesan and call it dinner!

  210. Nicole says

    My favorite week meal is roasted carrots, and pasta with pesto and cheese. Super simple. Super quick. And more importantly loved by my two year old son. He’ll finish his, then sneak over and steal my carrots. I can’t wait until he’s big enought to cook with me and help out in the garden.

  211. Sonia says

    My favorite weeknight meal is tacos. Everyone loves to eat them because of the choice in toppings. I always make dried black beans in a slow cooker with garlic and seasonings. I also make pulled pork in a second slow cooker. Recently, I cut up small pieces of cauliflower and corn seasoned with hot pepper as a topping, baked in an oven for 20 minutes. Delish! Other unconventional toppings I like are green peppers, celery, yogurt and feta cheese. The work of chopping all these toppings does double duty – we have fresh ready to use ingredients for the rest of the week. For example the cauliflower and corn mix was great with eggs for breakfast!

  212. Stacey DT says

    Lately, it has been all about what is quick and painless, yet still yummy and healthy, of course:) We tend to turn towards lots of roasted veggies or a veg filled soup if we have a stock prepared. I typically am so afraid not to follow recipes (ha), but with soup I just keep dumping in seasonings and tasting until it’s just right for our liking and I always feel like a super chef afterwards! Haha:) Also, your cookbook is already on my Amazon wish list for my next birthday! It’s absolutely targeted for what we need right now! All of these items are actually amazing and perfectly helpful at this time. Thank you for being so generous and congratulations!

  213. Mary says

    Salmon with a marinade, a baked potato and a big mixed salad. Everything’s ready by the time the potato is out of the oven.

  214. Steve says

    Received your cook book on the 16th and most of the pages are already ear-marked and posted-noted. Great book, recipes, pictures and your personal intros. Your site and cook book are becoming a very talked about subject within our cooking and healthy living circles. Thank you.

    Favorite weekend meal has to be your sour dough recipe. Over the winter I built a Pompeii brick oven in the backyard. (no kit every stone and brick hand laid) anyway I have spent the last 3 months testing and experimenting on different dough for the crust. Your sour dough recipe has become the del-facto pizza base for our “Friday Night Pizza” menu. The pizza follows the original Italian an traditional NYC thin crust, baked between 750-900 degrees. The family and neighborhood favorites are the Marg, Peppi’s, Aloha, Blanco, T-Rex and BBQ Chicks. still working on a Veggie only style.

    Many Thanks.


      • Emilie says

        Hi Steve! I have the countertop Wolf oven, and it only goes up to 450 F. Because of its size, I can’t fit a pizza stone inside!

  215. says

    Congratulations on your book. I just stumbled upon your website this morning while looking for advise on my first loaf of sourdough bread. Thank you for the advice.

    Our family is running like crazy right now with one son in college, another in high school and two of us teaching full time in opposite directions. We love quick and delicious suppers and, with all of the rain out here in Oregon, we like to whip up something to keep the damp chill off. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches made with home made bread served with a mug of Creamy Tomato Soup just hits the spot. I can make the soup ahead on the weekend and have all of the sandwich makings ready and waiting in case someone gets stuck in traffic or has emergency symphony rehearsal.

    I look forward to getting a copy of your cookbook. I like to find nice recipe ideas to pass along to the Wellness teachers and Culinary teachers at my school – they like to pass along the healthy eating tips to our students.

  216. Kate says

    My favorite week night meal is chicken salad. Allows me to of stray vegetables from my vegetable bin without them going south :-)
    Just found your blog and I love it! Plan on trying a few new recipes this week :-)
    Great giveaway!

  217. Ariel says

    Congrats on having your book published.

    My favorite weeknight meal is soup or chili because I am very, very tired when I come home from work. I need something where I can toss it into one big pot and just relax.

  218. Emily Smith says

    My favorite weeknight meal is grilled chicken salad. I grill some chicken breasts on the BBQ then slice them up and put them on a salad with BBQ ranch dressing. So yummy!

  219. says

    Your book looks soo amazing and I’m definitely going to have to get my hands on it soon! My favorite weeknight dinner is probably pasta. They’re so easy to make and you can add your favorite ingredients and pair it with your favorite sauce. You’d have your dinner ready in about 30 minutes.

  220. Carol Rechtien says

    I am asking for your cookbook as a Mother’s Day gift from my three beautiful daughters! I just finished cutting vegetables for their lunches this week that I keep together in a plastic container in little baggies, so they are easy for them to grab in the morning. I also pre-apportion their hummus in small tupperware for the week. I baked them some nutritious banana muffins (I always add flax seeds to the recipe). I keep often used baking ingredients (baking powder and soda, salt, cinnamon, vanilla) together with a set of spoons in a plastic shoe box for quick access in my cabinet.Can’t wait for the cookbook!

  221. Sarah N. says

    So exciting, congratulations! What an awesome giveaway! My favorite weeknight meal is a homemade veggie burger (infinitely customizable!) with homemade pretzel roll (I’ll make them and freeze them– so easy!).

  222. BartC says

    For a quick meal:
    NY strip on a supper hot grill
    Tossed greens with simple dressing
    Yam or rice.

    If I have a nice red, then a glass.

    Holds me till morning.


  223. colleen says

    Congratulations Emiles on your exciting success. To be able to achieve your lifetime dream and to feel abundant is what we all strive to accomplish and you’ve done it obviously with alot of love,hard work and tenacity! I wish you nothing but joy. I have ordered ur book and am excited to see the surprises inside. My fav recipe is roasted veggie kabobs marinated in a olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, cilantro, parsley, salt and pepper mixture tossed over pasta…yummy hot or cold .

  224. Marcia Butterfield says

    Hi Ellie and congratulations!

    I’m brand new to your blog and plan to buy your new cookbook. I collect cookbooks and love what I’ve read so far about you.
    I love fresh vegetable stir-fry with chicken or shrimp over brown basmati rice. Another favorite dish is a piece of fresh cod, lightly seasoned and a squeeze of lemon and placed in a lightly oiled dish (9×14). Cover with two small thinly sliced zucchini, top with about a cup of marinara sauce and sprinkle with grated mozzarella/cheddar cheese/parmesan. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. It’s from a quick and healthy cookbook I bought years ago. I sometime add mushrooms and spinach. It’s delicious and simple and I make it often.

  225. Natalia M says

    My favorite weeknight meal is a salad with seasonal roasted root veggies and greens, grains such as quinoa or millet, beans or lentils, and a simple tahini sesame dressing. Delicious, nutritious, and heartwarming!

  226. Sarah P says

    Hi Emilie!

    My favorite weeknight meal is basil pesto tossed with a little penne (I use Barilla protein plus) and tri color cherry or heirloom tomatoes. Topped with pine nuts and lots of parm it’s the perfect summer meal. No oven required. P.S. your book looks beautiful! Can’t wait to get my hands on one :)

  227. Jenice says

    Congrats on cookbook! Eager to try the recipes. Weeknight favorites are something quick but usually involve chicken.

  228. Nikki says

    My favorite weeknight meal is rosemary walnut chicken over steamed balsamic glazed kale. When I’m in a pinch though it’s crockpot barbacoa tacos with a spinich, carrot, and pepper slaw with chipotle ranch.

  229. Rachel Joy says

    I just found your blog through foodie crush who I follow on Instagram! The subtitle of your cookbook instantly caught my attention, considering I regularly have dinner in the table after 9pm, sometimes 10pm!! My poor husband! Good thing my toddler gets well fed before he goes to bed much earlier.
    My favorite weeknight meal is Black Bean Bowls with Poached Eggs from the Sprouted Kitchen blog. We’ve been making this at least monthly for a few years now. Only have to peel and chop a sweet potato, the rest is easy work, it’s delicious and nutritious!

  230. Lisa says

    My favorite weeknight meal is salmon fillets. There are so many ways to prepare them (grill, bake, pan roast) and so many quick and easy sauces or even plain. Most of the week we have some type of bean or tofu dish or soup and they are good too but the night we have salmon is the easiest and quickest meal I make and usually tastes so gourmet!

  231. Sue Ellen says

    Just found your blog! Congrats on the launch of your cookbook; it looks great! I am a plant based eater and was glad to see so many recipes and tips that are congruent with my lifestyle. My easy week day meal is a bean soup that is made in my Instant Pot pressure cooker. It is easily changed by the types of beans, veggies and spices that you use and the best part is that I am not ties to the kitchen (or house) while it is cooking!

  232. Sarah Schilling says

    Best wishes for the success of your book! The basis for my favorite meal of the week is a tortilla wrap or pita, slathered in creamy hummus with fresh roasted balsamic tomatoes and sautéed zucchini and garlic. As long as those ingredients are there I am happy and can mix it up with more veg, tofu, chicken or sprouts. Yummmmmm!

  233. Kayley says

    In thinking about this, I realized that all of my favorite weeknight meals include cheese. Mainly, mac & cheese and cheese quesadillas. I don’t eat them often because they’re not very healthy, but they’re my faves!

  234. Heather says

    My favorite weeknight meal….quesadillas! They can be custom made for everyone and everyone is happy! Just found your blog and I am loving it!

  235. says

    HI Emilie! This is our first time to your blog and we have to tell you- we LOVE your recipes! Congratulate on your new book! It a beautiful book- you must be so proud and we’re so excited for you! And thank you for your generous giveaway- sweet! It’s hard to say one meal is our favorite,but if we have to narrow it down, it would have to be the grilled tenderloin with mashed potatoes, gravy and sauteed peas! Have a great weekend!
    xo Anna and Liz

  236. says

    Congratulations, Emilie!

    My favorite weeknight recipe is a Thai curry, usually made with ‘a little of this, a little of that’. I always have coconut milk and Thai basil from my garden frozen in cubes of oil on hand, and whatever vegetables are around get thrown in as well. 30 minutes and we have a well-balanced meal!

  237. Talitha says

    One of my favorite weeknight meals to cook is a baked whole chicken with tomatoes, green bell pepper, onions, potatoes and garlic with fresh lime juice and some season salt and fresh cracked pepper. Then served with steamed rice and lentils and (sour) Persian style yogurt.

  238. Charlene says

    Congratulations! :) The book looks wonderful! For weekday meals, I like to cook up a huge batch of soup on Sunday so I don’t have to worry about too much meal prep during the week.

  239. says

    We love a cream cheese black bean soup for dinner with tortilla chips and salad. My husband is always thrilled when this shows up on the table! Such a beautiful cookbook!

  240. says

    Congratulations, Emilie! This is incredibly exciting! I aspire to be the caliber blogger and chef that you are. Culinary school is my dream and I am finding lots of reasons to finally do it! My new favorite go to weeknight meal is what I have called “Quinoa Stuffing”. Sweat down a chopped shallot in some olive oil with s&p. Add a cup of water and rinsed quinoa. Simmer it down until it is fluffy, tripled in size and the water is absorbed. Add herbs (thyme, parsley) and season again to taste. Mix in chopped dried cranberries and crumbled feta cheese. YUM! Can be served over greens and I always serve homemade bread with our evening meals. Cheers to the success of your beautiful book!

  241. Jennie says

    Absolutely LOVE your blog! Wow favorite weeknight meal – that is a good question. Probably steak cooked in the cast iron pan with a side of spiralized veggies of some sort. Quick & easy! Congrats on the book – can’t wait to pick mine up :)

  242. says

    Congratulations on the book Emilie!! I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to get my hands on it, it looks amazing and I’ve heard so many great things about it already. This giveaway is SO awesome! Oh how I wish I lived in the US. :) Big congrats again to you. <3 xo

  243. Anne Kenney says

    Left overs chicken tortilla soup: we always have left overs when we have tacos, I seem to over cook for taco night, so I blend the salsa with some tomatoes from the garden (I blend and freeze them when we have too many in the summer and they last all winter instead of buying canned) add the left over black beans, chicken, corn and some cilantro and a bunch of herbs/spices. Some times it needs some chicken stock, but not always. It is one of those things that is different overtime but still always yummy.

  244. Emily says

    My favorite weeknight meal is roast chicken with sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. Simple and everyone in the family loves it. Your recipes are beautiful!

  245. Meridith says

    So excited to discover your blog, instagram, and cook book! I get lost for hours on gorgeous food blogs and have been devouring yours. My favorite weeknight meals almost always involve my pressure cooker because it all comes together so quickly. This time of year it has to be a Moroccan tagine, so warm and spicy!

  246. Elisabeth D says

    Yay, congrats! I found you today through Faring Well and am glad I did! And I just finished my favorite weeknight meal…a big plate of roasted veggies :)

  247. Vickie says

    A big congratulations to you…very much deserved!
    What a fantastic giveaway..and so love the Moroccan (ish) dinnerware..gorg!
    I have a number of favorite week day dinner meals.
    No matter what each week, two musts are my roasted whole chicken with root veggies or a micro greens salad..and baked wild salmon.
    Thanks so much

  248. Breana says

    I love a good fried rice using leftover cooked rice and veggies with a fried egg on top! Also, my potato carrot soup with loads of nutritional yeast – on rotation this week in fact!

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