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It’s here! It’s here!

I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of my debut book, The Clever Cookbook!

And it’s now available for PRE-ORDER!!!! (Prepare yourself for an excessive use of exclamation marks- I think I’m going to burst!!)

What’s The Book About?

Inside, you’ll learn how to create simple and delicious meals for the busy home cook. You’ll find realistic get-ahead strategies, time-saving tips, and clever shortcuts to make cooking more approachable with less stress. My philosophy is simple and straight forward.

It’s an extension of how I cook at home, tested with you in mind.

The Clever Cookbook | theclevercarrot.comThe Clever Cookbook |

The Clever Cookbook | theclevercarrot.comThe Clever Cookbook |

Tell Us More!

80+ Recipes with a Photo for Each One

When writing this book, I had a choice of doing 80 recipes w/ 80 photos OR 100 recipes w/ 60 photos. I went with the first choice, no questions asked. I’ve also included some step-by-step photos to help visualize the creative process.

All recipes were cooked, styled, and photographed by yours truly :)

Dietary Labels 

Each recipe contains a dietary label (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan) for quick and easy browsing.

Metric Conversions

This book is available overseas! (see links below). No need for an online converter. Everything you need from measurements, to oven temperatures and equipment sizes is converted and ready to go.


You’ll find a little bit of everything- delicious dinners, soups, pasta dishes, veggies, tray-bakes, and a few sweets. Whether you’re looking for a simple 30 minute meal, or a hands-off dish with minimal prep and clean up, this book is for you.

The Clever Cookbook | theclevercarrot.comThe Clever Cookbook |

The Clever Cookbook | theclevercarrot.comThe Clever Cookbook |

Why Pre-Order?

Candidly speaking, without your support continuing on this path would be extremely challenging. And although self-promotion can be awkward at times, I’m incredibly proud of this book. Food and writing is my passion. I do hope it’s something you’d like to see in your kitchen.

Also, by pre-ordering, you can take advantage of the reduced pre-order sale price (you know I love a good deal!).

So, grab a copy for you and a friend! It’s the holidays! (print out the cover page directly from this post and stuff it in a cute little gift bag…) Plus, isn’t it fun to get a bonus gift after all the holiday madness has calmed down?

* Note: You will receive your book once it’s officially published, on/ around February 16th 2016. 

How to Pre-Order!

Click on any of the links below:


Barnes and Noble


The Book Depository (free worldwide shipping!)

Spice Society |

Special Gift for You!

To show my support and appreciation, I’m offering a special gift with pre-order purchase.

I’ve teamed up with Lisa from Spice Society to send you a set of my favorite spices. All spices are organic, non-GMO, and of the highest quality. They’re incredible! I used them throughout the book (so can you!).

To qualify, forward a copy of your receipt with your mailing address to:

*Note: This offer is available to the first 50 people who pre-order (U.S. residents only). Limit 1 per purchase. Thank you for understanding!

Spice Society |

The Clever Cookbook |





    • Emilie says

      Yay! I’m so excited you will be holding this book in your hands in Holland! So very cool… I will definitely come visit one day and you will make me your butter chicken- I told you my husband’s family is from the Netherlands, right? He loves stroopwafels (did I spell that correctly?) xoxo

    • Emilie says

      Danielle! You are the best! I just saw your receipt ;) And my face hurts from smiling… But it’s good to feel your love and support all the way over here in freezing NY! xoxo

    • Emilie says

      Woo hoo! I know you know how this feels!!!!! I’m getting absolutely nothing accomplished today. I’m just wandering around staring at laundry that needs to be folded! xoxo

  1. Nisha says

    Ordered my copy! Enjoy your blog very much and I am delighted you have a cook-book written up. Well Done and a toast to you! Much Love, Nisha Manek

    • Emilie says

      Thank you! I didn’t even hesitate with the amount of photos. Who doesn’t love more pictures of food!!! Although more work for me, it was totally worth it in the end. I can’t wait for you to see! xoxo

    • Emilie says

      Kelly, I loved reading the note you sent me. You are so incredibly kind. You have been a wonderful, supportive friend along this journey and I do hope we can finally meet one day. Much love xoxo

  2. says

    Congratulations Emilie! You know I’m a fan of your blog, but to hold a book of your work in my hands will be a completely different experience. Page after page, I’m sooo looking forward to digging in and cooking under your tutelage! So excited too that each recipe is accompanied by your photography – so clever, Emilie! Thank you for this! Feb. can’t come soon enough! clink clink my dear! xx

    • Emilie says

      Traci! Thank you so much for this comment and the recent email you sent (I’m a little behind with my responses!) Your support is wonderful. You are a great friend. I’m excited for you to receive the book as well- you can see the quinoa salad you tested! ;)

  3. Donna says

    I think I am as excited as you are! I love your blog. Your recipes are so creative. I keep telling myself that I will not order another cookbook, but I can’t resist adding yours to my small but growing collection. Congratulations!

  4. says

    Just figured out that you put an option with free worldwide shipping! I am so happy and thankful! :)
    Can’t wait to receive mine (it will take months… OMG!)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Steve says

    I have been introduced to your food world when I was looking for a sour dough recipe that actually worked, I am now on my 3rd batch of bread and it’s only getting better! Thank you very much. I pre-ordered your cook book and looking forward for February 16th to roll around.
    Last night my wife and I cleaned up your artichoke heart chicken bake with the apple piscuttio salad. Your site, recipes, blogs and overall style is refreshing and wonderful to share in.

    Thank you.

  6. Melo says

    Hi Emilie,

    I’ve only discovered your blog a couple of days ago, thanks to the post on Faring Well, and I can’t tell you how much I love it. A hint, though: I’m on page 60 out of 73, in, yes, just a couple of days (I promise I do have a life). I love your no-nonsense, just-go-for-amazing-taste approach, your tips on budget and time-saving tricks are priceless and much appreciated in my way-too-busy life, and even beyond food, I really like reading about your family for the sheer peace those posts carry with them. Yes, those include the sometimes hectic experiences you have with your boys ;) I’ve never experienced something quite like it, normally I’m really not into reading about people’s lives if I don’t know them, but you make it uninvasive, respectful, and with a purpose that allows the reader to learn something valuable from it. Very inspiring and quite rare indeed. And a proof cooking is about definitely more than just food.
    Tonight’s gonna be a mix of your chicken cutlets and spiced eggplant/chickpea salad, I’m sure it’s gonna be a hit! And maybe I’m FINALLY gonna be able to prove to my boyfriend that I can cook healthy meals while including meat, eggs and all ;)
    I’m definitely gonna order your book!

    Thanks for the good work, all the best,

    Melodie from Belgium

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