roasted christmas cauliflower salad

roasted christmas cauliflower salad |

When people ask, “What’s you favorite ingredient to cook with?”

I squirm.

One minute, I’ll be into fresh bay leaves or mangoes, and then suddenly our relationship is completely over (it’s not you, it’s me!). Then, I’ll dabble around in the next thing. Like a child who outgrows a toy, I tend to play favorites and only revisit when the mood strikes.

As of late, there’s been a constant in my cooking repertoire that I’m excited to tell you about: sumac….

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maple roasted harvest vegetables

maple roasted harvest vegetables |

It’s one of the most delicious ways to enjoy your vegetables.

Here, I’m using rainbow carrots- a mix of purple, yellow, light and dark orange- and a full pound of brussels sprouts. Parsnips also join the party, lending their subtle gingery flavor.

For the glaze (so good!), the combo includes tangy country mustard, maple syrup and apricot jam to balance the flavors. It gets all sticky and caramelized when baked….

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cooking in the barn & scrumptious buttered beets

cooking in the barn & scrumptious buttered beets |

I taught my first ever cooking demo a few weeks ago.

It took place at Golden Earthworm Organic Farm here on Long Island. The farm, which also happens to be my CSA, hosts an annual harvest festival for its members offering local food, music, and a few cooking demonstrations. It’s a beautiful day out.

Though the colorful autumn trees framed a sunny blue sky, the temperature dipped to an unexpected chill. It was freezing. Like 2 degrees, freezing! And because of the weather, I assumed no one would show up. I pictured myself talking to an empty room (“is this thing on?”). But as cold as it was, that didn’t stop the crowd.

My kitchen was set up in a gorgeous rustic barn complete with bails of hay for the audience to sit on.

They packed in like sardines.

I was squirming….

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