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Luca Wilder | theclevercarrot.com

Friends! Friends! Hello!

A quick update (and some BIG, wonderful news): I had a BABY!

His name is Luca Wilder Raffa, born on September 10th @ 12:31 PM. We are absolutely in love with our latest bundle of joy and spend the majority of our days staring at his juicy little face (and getting high on those luscious baby fumes). Pure heaven!

To be quite honest, I’m still in shock that I now have three children. THREE BEAUTIFUL BOYS (or dragons depending on who you ask), and life is wonderfully chaotic. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Intuitively, I had to take a step back from this space to fully anchor myself in the new direction our family life was headed, hence the hiatus since last spring. The news of our gift to be was quite a surprise! I went from recipes to onesies in a nanosecond.

It’s amazing how you think you’re headed in one direction and then life leads you another way…

Luca Wilder

And so, as we continue to adjust to our new day-to-day routine, I hope you’ll stick around for what’s in store.

Updates to this blog, answers to your comments, emails, and book questions… they’re all coming… eventually. I’m still navigating my way through the hazy newborn phase, and writing this on only a few hours of sleep. It’s exciting, tiring, happy, crazy- all the newborn baby feels!

Best of all, these fleeting family days are precious.

Wishing you all a very safe, happy and most delicious festive season. See you in 2019! Big Love!

x Emilie

Spinach and Gnocchi with White Beans from Power Plates + a Giveaway

Spinach and Gnocchi with White Beans from Power Plates + a Giveaway| theclevercarrot.com

I remember trekking down a muddy mountain with my cousin after a long summer hike.

We were starving, and naturally, we were chatting about where we should go for lunch after our descent. I mentioned a few local places (I totally wanted a beer and a burger with ALL the toppings), but quickly caught myself asking her: “Can you even eat anything at restaurants these days?”

My cousin is newly vegan. When eating at non-vegan restaurants, it’s been difficult for her to find something on the menu that’s not just a bunch of leaves and mealy tomatoes on a plate. To my question she replied: “There’s always French Fries.”

Of course! French Fries. Who doesn’t love thin, salty, crispy French Fries?

But seriously? For your main meal?

One of the greatest pleasures in life is enjoying a fabulous meal out, and to think that French Fries could be your only option is such a buzzkill. I’m not a vegan myself, but this conundrum got me thinking about the real issue at hand: is it that hard to offer something substantial (and creative!) for those looking to follow a plant-based lifestyle?

Of course it’s not; it’s all about awareness.

And that’s why I’m excited to share Gena’s new book with you today.

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beyond the plate + a giveaway!

Chickpea & Roasted Red Pepper Salad | theclevercarrot.com

Last summer I was asked to contribute material to a new book: Beyond the Plate.

I created a brand new recipe, submitted an old reader favorite (Italian almond ricotta cake- so good!), and answered a few Q’s and A’s about life in the kitchen.

The book features over 60 mouthwatering recipes and interesting stories from top food blogs around the world. I’m honored to be included. The foreword is by Saveur’s Editor-in-Chief, Adam Sachs who poses the relevant question: Is blogging dead?…

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when bloggers meet.

boss babe fest 2016 | theclevercarrot.com

Blogging is quite the solitary profession.

Days are usually spent creating, photographing, and writing alone (or with a cat on your lap).

When you do socialize, it’s within a virtual web of curated social media feeds and blog comments with absolutely zero physical contact.

There are no hands to shake, lunches to attend, and hugs to give when a co-worker needs it most.

Ironic, isn’t it?

But recently, I had a chance to bridge the gap between virtual and reality.

I attended the first ever Boss Babe Fest: a blogging retreat for like-minded people….

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summer school

sourdough bread |theclevercarrot.com

Apparently, my son wants to leave his laid back, play all day summer schedule in favor of sitting in a sweaty classroom with his rowdy mates.

He wants to go back to school.

Strange request coming from a 7 year old on vacation, isn’t it?

But because we know him so well it makes total sense: structure and learning is his happy place.

And when he’s happy, we’re happy.

So, I put him to work at home….

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