provençal white bean salad

provençal white bean salad |

There was a knock at the door.

It was my Dad.

Now that school is out for the year, he oftens stops by in the late afternoon to help out with the kids (woo hoo!) or to bring me lunch.

But this particular time he came bearing a gift…

As I opened the door, I was presented with the most gorgeous surprise!…

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on my list to make…


You inspire me.

For the last 185 days, I’ve spent countless hours dreaming up recipes for the cookbook.

And I’ve had an incredible time doing so; cooking, creating and writing about food. It’s my thing. And with no disrespect to my own muse, I’m ready to eat someone else’s food! Your food! You already know that I squirrel away hundreds of recipes- whether torn out from magazines or scribbled down on the back of junk mail- I’ve got them all stuffed into a 3-ring binder. The day has finally come to tackle that beast.

Here are 5 scrumptious recipes that I can’t wait to make….

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