what to do with acorn squash

what to do with acorn squash | theclevercarrot.com

My aunt sent me the funniest text message the other night.

It was a picture of acorn squash captioned, “What do normal people do with these?”

I laughed.

It’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

Clearly, they’re not as popular as pumpkin or butternut squash, which obviously dominates the season. Care for a squash latte? Spiced squash candle? Over the last few weeks, our CSA has been quite generous with their squash delivery (both acorn and carnival varieties) and as a result, we have enough to start a Bocce ball team.

This prompted me to find a solution… for normal people (whatever that is)….

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busy morning breakfast cookies

busy morning breakfast cookies | theclevercarrot.com

Ah, yes… the infamous morning routine.

Just when you think you’ve figured it all out- lunches, homework, outfits, commute- your world gets thrown upside down.

One child wakes up with a mysterious rash, your other child refuses to get off the toilet, and suddenly, you’ve slept through your alarm for the first time in 6 years!

Oh, and you can’t find the other shoe.

I created these busy morning breakfast cookies to combat life’s unpredictability….

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