preserving the family table: rigatoni with sausage sauce

preserving the family table: rigatoni with sausage sauce |

I was watching this awful reality show the other night.

And I couldn’t pry myself away.

You see, beyond the glitz and glamor there was an important message: family tradition.

A dramatic scene unfolded in this gaudy, gold accented dining room where the quintessential Italian grandfather sat perched at the head of the table. He was speaking to his family about preserving family traditions. With arms flailing and emotions flying, I got his message loud and clear: it is up to us young people to preserve the family table. He went on and on about how everyone is too busy to cook in today’s generation, and this is how family recipes get lost in the sauce (literally).

My mind drifted to our family recipes… and then this dish…. 

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buttermilk blueberry crumb muffins

buttermilk blueberry crumb muffins |

It’s celebration time!

Fasten your seat belts people, because what you’re about to see is proof of my first successful bake in over 3 MONTHS! That’s huge. Because if you know my oven, you know that it’s completely wretched and should be donated to a museum or something. That beast is a million years old…takes over an hour to heat up… and is exactly 120 degrees off. So, let’s just say that it is not the most user friendly appliance in my kitchen especially when you forget to fasten the hook. Oh, yes the hook. You know, the thing that keeps the oven door from shooting open like a jack-in-the-box?

One is conflicted…. 

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the best snack ever: frozen blueberries

the best snack ever: frozen blueberries |

I am not trying to reinvent the wheel on this one but-

Frozen blueberries are the best snack ever!

Have you tried this before? Certainly, we’ve heard of frozen berries for smoothies, desserts, and stuff like that. But this is a game changer. My cousin snacks on them straight from the freezer. She buys a pint of fresh blueberries and freezes them herself. They are so cold and refreshing, it’s like eating miniature blueberry sorbets. On a hot summer day, it is the perfect healthy treat.

Last week we came home with over 5 quarts from berry picking…. 

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