roast chicken dinner & a trip to the farm

roast chicken dinner & a trip to the farm |

We live 10 minutes away from a chicken farm.

Whenever I tell people that, they think our house is out in the country somewhere with no internet. It’s not. Although I wouldn’t mind living in the country (I’d trade in heels for hiking boots any day), we reside in suburbia-land a stone’s throw away from Target, Starbucks, and Home Goods.

Nestled in-between is a small family owned farm.

They have some of the best organic chicken in the world….

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spring zucchini pasta

spring zucchini pasta |

I need a cow.

The amount of meat my boys go through is absolutely insane.

The other night, my husband brought home this epic T-bone steak and I thought to myself, “Oh, good! We’ll have leftovers.” I’ll make wraps… some kind of steak salad… maybe stroganoff… (when’s the last time you had stroganoff?!).

But the three of them devoured it like a pack of wolves! I heard ravenous snarls coming from the table.

On the other hand, I wasn’t in the mood to partake in this carnivorous feast….

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