orzo picnic salad

orzo picnic salad | theclevercarrot.com

Over the weekend, we went to 3 birthday parties.

Not cool adult parties with vintage wine and civilized cheese platters… kid parties.

When I was a kid, birthday parties consisted of a small group of children, usually at our house, with parent supervised games and a Carvel cake. Nowadays, you have to sign waivers just to let your kid play in one of those crazy bouncy houses.

Let’s talk about party food too-

The amount of doughy pizza I consumed this weekend was just ridiculous. In a good way. All that warm sauce and bubbly cheese… Then, of course, there was plenty of dessert to cleanse the palate; ice cream cake, regular cake (adorned with red #5 frosting) and cookie platters.

You know those soft-baked chocolate chip cookies they sell at Costco?


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chocolate chip granola bars + a trip for two!

chocolate chip granola + a trip for 2!|theclevercarrot.com

There’s one 3 letter word that gets me all riled up: GMO

(I’m sweating already).

It stands for Genetically Modified Organisim, but you probably already know that. In college, I wrote a 30 page thesis on the subject detailing the detriments of messing around with our food DNA, not to mention the chemicals that go along with it. Care for some tomatoes? They’re made with trout genes. This was passionately typed on one of those clunky dinosaur computers with dial up. Yes, dial up. Can you hear it?

Anyway, mention GMO and my temperature spikes….

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wholegrain strawberry breakfast cake

wholegrain strawberry breakfast cake | theclevercarrot.com

We planted grass seeds in the backyard.

And every morning, I turn on the sprinkler to water the soil. Then I turn it off. And then on again, once or twice in the afternoon. In 3 weeks, we should have fluffy green grass.


On the way back inside, I usually walk past my garden to check out what’s going on. I’ve done nothing to it so far; the soil is dry, there are yellow dandelion weeds everywhere and I’ve just learned that my cat, his Majesty, uses this outdoor space for his own personal litter box. I glare at him from a distance.

On the flip side, I’ve made some interesting discoveries during our first year living in this house- …

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