15 minute meals: lemon ricotta ravioli with wilted greens

15 minute meals: lemon ricotta ravioli with wilted greens | theclevercarrot.com

I’m in big trouble.

Over the weekend, I hid up in the mountains 310 miles north of our house with the boys. My husband has taken a sledge hammer to our living room. We’re stuck in the 1950′s. With stucco. The perils of demolition expels a dust storm like no other and the obvious was to flee the wreckage. Luckily, my family was headed to Lake Placid for the weekend so we tagged along with them.

But displacement was the least of my problems….

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creamy potato leek soup

creamy potato leek soup | theclevercarrot.com

If you followed your childhood dreams, would it lead to ultimate happiness?

When I was a kid, I wasn’t into cartoons. I watched Jacques Pépin with my grandmother, who was an incredible cook. She was French- he was French- it all made sense. Food fascinated me and playtime revolved around exploring my curiosity. I made up recipes, hosted imaginary cooking shows, and mastered that Easy Bake Oven like nobody’s business.

Then school happened….

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a vegetarian feast!

a vegetarian feast | theclevercarrot.com

The following is a dramatized rant and should be classified as such, not a complaint.


Just when I thought I’d conquered the last zucchini, they sent me more. And potatoes. I could build a small retaining wall out of potatoes. I was forced to relocate my seasonal squash- butternut, acorn, delicata- to the front doorstep. They serve as autumnal decorations alongside my dying mums (thank you rain) because I am officially out of space. As I mentioned, this is not a complaint. It’s more a playful appreciation to my farm share for their generous weekly abundance of food. I’ve put together a petite menu showcasing my creative battle; 5 vegetarian recipes. To my local farmers- thank you. You’ve outdone yourself this year.

This feast is dedicated to you….

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