no-knead tomato basil focaccia bread

no-knead tomato basil focaccia bread |

Are you one of those people who will bookmark a recipe, but never make it?

I have an entire 3 ring binder dedicated to this unfulfilled habit. It dates back 10 years, categorized with colorful tabs and laminated pages. Yes, laminated pages. Plenty of thought and effort went into this creation and I barely even use the darn thing (hi, my name is Emilie and I’m a recipe hoarder). It’s like a show piece.

Anyway, focaccia has been on my to-do list for a while now. After spying some focaccia recipes online and leafing though my stash of crinkly magazine cut-outs, I was summoned.

Time to make focaccia….

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a cat, her dough, and a pile of greens.

sauteed rainbow chard |


My feline friend has a new habit: he likes to GNAW on our TV cables with his razor sharp fangs, until I BOLT out of bed to release his Majesty into the early morning wilderness (a.k.a my hood). I think he has a new lady friend…

It sounds like an obnoxious human chewing with their mouth open.

And once I’m up, I’m up….

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in my summer kitchen…

in my summer kitchen |

When I was a kid, I was always curious to see what my friends had in their kitchen.

Sugar cereal? Candy? Entenmann’s? Show me the loot!

You have to understand, my mom sent me to school with homemade carrot-raisin slaw packed in 1970’s (brown) Tupperware. I was that kid.

Today, I invite you to explore my kitchen….

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