the ultimate crudité platter with white miso dip

the ultimate crudité platter with white miso dip |

There’s a reason why people bypass the crudité platter at parties.

Dry, crackly baby carrots… raw cauliflower… mystery dip with way too much garlic…

You know what I’m talking about?

The list goes on, but I’m sure you get the point. Fact of the matter is, the typical crudité platter seems like a chore. It’s obligatory. It’s the classic hors d’oeuvre that must make an appearance at every event.

But all it takes is a few simple swaps to transform predictable, into the ultimate party appetizer….

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7 ingredient apple tart

7 ingredient apple tart |

I’m one of those people who makes their own pie crust.

I find it therapeutic (and tasty!).

Making pie crust isn’t necessarily difficult, but I do empathize with those who’d rather rearrange their shoe closet instead. I suspect it’s the rolling and handling of the dough that’s off-putting to some (even myself depending on mood).

In any event, there is one dough I exclude from my baking repertoire: puff pastry….

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