crust + crumble apple pie

crust + crumble apple pie |

What will my kids remember when I’m gone?

As a parent, you make incredible sacrifices for your children, especially in the beginning years. The years of no sleep. The years of budget planning. The years of homemade snacks. You do whatever it takes to provide a safe and loving home. Yet I can’t help but wonder- will the memories stick? The big things? The little things? Anything?

My biggest fear is that it will all disappear.¬†Unless it’s preserved……

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trader joe’s best kept secret

trader joe's best kept secret |

No, it’s not cookie butter.

It’s something a little more unexpected.

In the past, I’ve always bought my fish from the local seafood shop in town. They had great shrimp, salmon, flounder- you name it. But the quality has gone down hill. They began selling¬†chemically treated fish. When fish is ‘treated,’ it absorbs extra water which increases the overall weight (so you pay more). The texture is mushy and achieving a good sear is nearly impossible. I could probably bounce a shrimp off your forehead! What a waste of time and money.

A new plan was in order….

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seasonally confused

leaves |

My office window faces the backyard which is covered in leaves.

Not pretty fall leaves. The crunchy, dried up brown leaves. The ones that crush when you try to rake them. It’s cold, almost arctic (that’s what the news said) and I plan to hibernate for the next 4 months. With food magazines. And coffee. But today the sun was shining and something urged me to go outside. A little brisk air wasn’t going to kill me.

I wandered over to the garden which is a raised bed encased by a rock wall. What a mess. Weeds, leaves, mud… nothing could survive in there.

Until I started to poke around….

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