creamy baked sausage risotto

creamy baked sausage risotto |

Traditional risotto is a beautiful thing.

Tender specks of ivory colored grains cook gently, until their natural starches release into the pot creating a creamy, oozy risotto…

You pay top dollar for this stuff in a restaurant.

But when you think of homemade risotto, you might picture an old Italian lady stirring (and sweating) over the stove….

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feeding a moody appetite | italian sausage bake

italian sausage bake |

Meal planning is a funny thing.

The idea is to create a list, perhaps on a Sunday, and plan out your meals for the rest of the week. It could be based on ingredients you already have or whatever’s on sale at your local market. Monday might be roasted chicken, Tuesday pasta night, Wednesday vegetable stir-fry and so on…

Sounds reasonable, right?

It’s a plan. You head out to the store on a mission.

And then it backfires….

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preserving the family table: rigatoni with sausage sauce

preserving the family table: rigatoni with sausage sauce |

I was watching this awful reality show the other night.

And I couldn’t pry myself away.

You see, beyond the glitz and glamor there was an important message: family tradition.

A dramatic scene unfolded in this gaudy, gold accented dining room where the quintessential Italian grandfather sat perched at the head of the table. He was speaking to his family about preserving family traditions. With arms flailing and emotions flying, I got his message loud and clear: it is up to us young people to preserve the family table. He went on and on about how everyone is too busy to cook in today’s generation, and this is how family recipes get lost in the sauce (literally).

My mind drifted to our family recipes… and then this dish….

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