a farm tour + butternut squash risotto.

a farm tour + butternut squash risotto. | theclevercarrot.coma farm tour + butternut squash risotto. | theclevercarrot.coma farm tour + butternut squash risotto. | theclevercarrot.com

So, as it turns out: I’m not super woman after all.

It’s been a month since my last blog update, and the lack of posts have been nagging at my subconscious.

But I’m not the type to post random stuff for the sake of it. I work from inspiration so that I can pass it on to you. However, sometimes, ‘other things’ take over and it can be tricky to find a balance. I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of life stuff, work, wrangling kids, and sadly still grieving the passing of someone very close to my heart.

In addition, I’ve been working on an exciting new project (more details soon!) that has pretty much consumed my thoughts and creativity.

But for now, I’ve come up for air.


How are you all doing?!…

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creamy baked sausage risotto

creamy baked sausage risotto | theclevercarrot.com

Traditional risotto is a beautiful thing.

Tender specks of ivory colored grains cook gently, until their natural starches release into the pot creating a creamy, oozy risotto…

You pay top dollar for this stuff in a restaurant.

But when you think of homemade risotto, you might picture an old Italian lady stirring (and sweating) over the stove….

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baked wild mushroom risotto

baked wild mushroom risotto | theclevercarrot.com

I smelled like a fajita combo.

There I was, standing amongst 15 other parents waiting for our kids outside the classroom. Everything was fine at first. In fact, I was initially worried about my black eye from the day before (a radio fell on my face while trying to grab it out of the closet!). I was pretty sure people would be staring at my pathetic cover-up job. But then there was this smell… a distinctive fajita smell. Was it me?

Sadly, yes….

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