a non-traditional thanksgiving feast: baked fish in parchment

baked fish in parchment | theclevercarrot

Tradition and food go hand in hand.

Wouldn’t you agree? It’s what many of us look forward to around the holidays.

In our family, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without pasta and meat sauce for dinner. On Thanksgiving, there has to be turkey and all the trimmings! Who doesn’t have turkey at Thanksgiving?! You might as well dress Santa in black.

But, did you know fish was part of the first Thanksgiving feast?

Yes! Seafood! It makes sense, considering the event itself took place in the Plymouth Colony by the shoreline (I told you I was a history major in college, right?).

While our typical Thanksgiving includes a turkey as the main event, I offer you an alternative for pescatarians (or just for fun) and for the sake of doing something different. It’s fantastic for non-traditional holiday entertaining, or perhaps, to serve alongside your tried and true favorites.

My husband served baked fish in parchment one year, and it was quite memorable….

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