pack and go lunch: tangled red cabbage salad

pack and go lunch: tangled red cabbage salad |

Food memories are strong memories.

When I was a kid, my mom used to make a delicious red cabbage salad with cucumbers.

She sliced the cabbage very thin, and dressed the tangly strands with red wine vinegar and olive oil.

The salad was left to marinate in a particular bowl, allowing the acidity from the vinaigrette to soften the vegetables….

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chinese chicken cabbage salad

chinese chicken cabbage salad |

I’ll give you $100 bucks if you can name 3 cabbage recipes off the top of your head… Go.

And it can’t be coleslaw.

Can’t do it? Me neither. Cabbage stumps me every time. I’m not a cabbage hater, but I literally can’t think of anything to make besides coleslaw. Why is that? What’s worse is that when you finally commit to something, you never actually use the whole thing because cabbage is GIANT which means leftovers for days, AND if you haven’t gotten the memo, cabbage is immortal. It. Never. Goes. Bad.

Game on….

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