last minute vegetables

summer vegetables |

It was 5’oclock by the time I realized what happened.

After driving around all day, running errands in preparation for our family vacation, I forgot to remove my CSA vegetables from the car!

I was pretty sure everything would be wilted and ruined. It was only 8 million degrees outside.

But surprisingly, the veggies held up which is a good thing because they needed to be used up before we left. Just add that to the never ending to-do list.

So, I took a break from what what needed to be done to let out some much needed steam in the kitchen….

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the ultimate zucchini slice

the ultimate zucchini slice |

Sometimes, you come across a recipe that’s just a great recipe.

There’s no incredible back story.

No cooking revelation.

It’s just something so delicious, you have to share it with everyone you know.

Case in point: I was lying on a hot and sweaty yoga mat staring at the ceiling. My mind drifted to the recipe archive that lives in my head, eventually making it’s way to zucchini slice. I’ve made it a million times. It’s incredibly addicting.

And it’s going to change your attitude towards the mighty summer squash….

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spring zucchini pasta

spring zucchini pasta |

I need a cow.

The amount of meat my boys go through is absolutely insane.

The other night, my husband brought home this epic T-bone steak and I thought to myself, “Oh, good! We’ll have leftovers.” I’ll make wraps… some kind of steak salad… maybe stroganoff… (when’s the last time you had stroganoff?!).

But the three of them devoured it like a pack of wolves! I heard ravenous snarls coming from the table.

On the other hand, I wasn’t in the mood to partake in this carnivorous feast….

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