a new chapter

Dutch Oven Sourdough | theclevercarrot.com

I’ve started and stopped this post about 100 times since January.

My head was filled with so many things that any time I’d sit down to write a new post I’d get all restless and distracted. My thoughts would eventually seize up like a bad hollandaise sauce (bless the delete button…).

Yes, I know. Excuses, excuses.

The truth is, I’ve been busy working on a very special project; one that’s literally consumed all of my time, thoughts, energy- you name it. Every day, I’d wake up and dive head first into the arduous task of balancing creativity with life, kids, work, and whatever else. It wasn’t easy and I took on way more than I could handle (hence the radio silence in this space).

But now I’m delighted to report that it’s over! No more deadlines. No more pressure. All of the pages have been signed, sealed, and delivered to my editor and we are in the final stages of completing the details.

What details you ask?…

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sourdough bread: a beginner’s guide update + a gift to you!

sourdough update + a gift to you! | theclevercarrot.com

Are you a bread baker?

Do you aspire to be a bread baker?

I did.

Two years ago, my culinary resolution was just that.

I started out with yeast breads, mastering buttery brioche and various sweet doughs. I was really into it. Whoever walked through my door was greeted and welcomed with the aroma of warm, homemade bread. At one point, I boasted my baking skills to my grandfather thinking he’d be proud of my new found self sufficiency. He was from the recession.

But you know what he said?…

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sourdough noir

sourdough noir | theclevercarrot.com

Allow me to embarrass myself:

When I can’t sleep at night, I think about food.

I analyze recipes. I scrutinize them. I think about ingredients and techniques and plan out what I’m going to make in the morningFor whatever reason, I find comfort in this soothing mechanism because it tires out my mind. And I enjoy it.

This isn’t  something new- it all stared when my youngest son was born. He had severe colic and screamed his head off from 6am- 6pm for six weeks straight. It was mental torture. There was no sleeping, no showering, no putting him down. I thought about food to stay sane. It distracted me. During this time I taught myself the metric system, demystified sourdough, scribbled recipe ideas on the back of junk mail, and dreamed of an heirloom garden. Was I going mad? Probably. But in retrospect, this otherwise noisy difficult time in my life turned out to be surprisingly productive.

Three years later……

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