baked by my readers, contest winners + thoughts on community

baked by my readers |

This melts my heart.

Every once in a while, I’ll receive pictures of my recipes made by you! I couldn’t be more chuffed! Connecting with people from all over the world really blows my mind. Food is a universal language.

And lately, you’ve been baking bread.

I thought I’d share some of  your beautiful photos here on the blog….

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weekend things

weekend things |

Don’t get too excited.

It’s just seltzer.

I don’t normally dress up my bubbly water, but whatever it takes for me to drink water in the first place is what we’re going for here.

I’m like a cactus.

This is Cranberry Clementine seltzer garnished with blood orange and mint.

I’ve discovered a new collection of flavors; Ginger Apple, Blackberry Bergamot & Ruby Red Grapefruit. I think there was Coconut Crème too… all unsweetened.

Interesting, right?

It actually makes me want to hydrate.

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sourdough bread: a beginner’s guide update + a gift to you!

sourdough update + a gift to you! |

Are you a bread baker?

Do you aspire to be a bread baker?

I did.

Two years ago, my culinary resolution was just that.

I started out with yeast breads, mastering buttery brioche and various sweet doughs. I was really into it. Whoever walked through my door was greeted and welcomed with the aroma of warm, homemade bread. At one point, I boasted my baking skills to my grandfather thinking he’d be proud of my new found self sufficiency. He was from the recession.

But you know what he said?…

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