cook once eat twice: roasted carrots

cook once eat twice: roasted carrots |

Nine out of ten people tell me they can’t cook.

They’re either too busy, unmotivated, or think they need training from the culinary gods.

I totally get it.

As much as I love to cook and talk about food, there are days when the simple task of straining pasta is enough to push me over the edge (don’t judge, ok?).

But here’s the thing: the secret to being a great cook has nothing to do with time, motivation, or professional training.

It has everything to do with shortcuts.

Because anyone can master a shortcut.

Here you will learn one of my FAVORITE cooking hacks.

And when done correctly, you’ll save time, money (and sanity) during a busy week. It’s so effortless, you won’t even break a sweat!

And the best part?

You’ll get TWO delicious recipes for under $5!…

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heirloom bean stew with dill + coconut cream

heirloom bean stew with dill + coconut cream |

Is eating a chore?

The thought in question comes from an interesting conversation with my cousin.

She loves food; a good cheese, a nice salad, brownie corners…

But the process can be unpleasant.

(Plan it, prep it, make it, clean it)

By the time you eat it, you’re exhausted….

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