caramelized cauliflower with pan toasted fennel

caramelized cauliflower with pan toasted fennel |

You might want to cover your ears.

I just ate an entire head of roasted cauliflower! Is that gross? Probably. I’d think so if you told me that. And surprisingly, I didn’t get a stomach ache (I know what you’re thinking and no, none of that either). Let’s face it: cauliflower is a homely looking vegetable and has a questionable reputation. The raw crudité platter totally ruined it for me.

But when roasted, all bets are off….

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a vegetarian feast!

a vegetarian feast |

The following is a dramatized rant and should be classified as such, not a complaint.


Just when I thought I’d conquered the last zucchini, they sent me more. And potatoes. I could build a small retaining wall out of potatoes. I was forced to relocate my seasonal squash- butternut, acorn, delicata- to the front doorstep. They serve as autumnal decorations alongside my dying mums (thank you rain) because I am officially out of space. As I mentioned, this is not a complaint. It’s more a playful appreciation to my farm share for their generous weekly abundance of food. I’ve put together a petite menu showcasing my creative battle; 5 vegetarian recipes. To my local farmers- thank you. You’ve outdone yourself this year.

This feast is dedicated to you….

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