baked by my readers, contest winners + thoughts on community

baked by my readers |

This melts my heart.

Every once in a while, I’ll receive pictures of my recipes made by you! I couldn’t be more chuffed! Connecting with people from all over the world really blows my mind. Food is a universal language.

And lately, you’ve been baking bread.

I thought I’d share some of  your beautiful photos here on the blog….

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reason #6: too many updates

reason #6: too many updates |

This may not be the most riveting read, but you might find it a bit interesting…

For every post that I publish, I get a handful of new email subscribers.

And, a handful of unsubscribers.

Luckily, the service that manages my reader subscriptions will give you a reason as to why someone has unsubscribed from your blog. It gives you insight to their personal preferences. The most popular choice is #12: other or will not disclose (a.k.a the nice guy’s way out). Then, there is reason #6: too many updates….

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