baked wild mushroom risotto

baked wild mushroom risotto |

I smelled like a fajita combo.

There I was, standing amongst 15 other parents waiting for our kids outside the classroom. Everything was fine at first. In fact, I was initially worried about my black eye from the day before (a radio fell on my face while trying to grab it out of the closet!). I was pretty sure people would be staring at my pathetic cover-up job. But then there was this smell… a distinctive fajita smell. Was it me?

Sadly, yes….

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butternut squash stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese + balsamic glaze

butternut squash stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese + balsamic glaze |

I ate a poisonous mushroom once.

My free-spirited self wandered out into the backyard and just went for it. I was three. I don’t actually remember this but my mom does. According to her, I ate a lot of unauthorized things. I would even snack off other peoples’ picnic blankets at the beach. Restaurants were a nightmare. Oh, and you know those red snot berries that grow on pine trees? (I’m not a botanist- I apologize for the poor reference…). I wanted them SO badly for my witch’s brew in my imaginary cauldron with mud and sticks. You see? I was always into food. Life at three years old was one big communal table.

It still is….

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