on the go: mediterranean kale salads in jars

on the go: mediterranean kale salads in jars | theclevercarrot.com

We have a gazillion empty jars with missing lids and sticky paper labels still half-attached.

Because of their odd sizes (and busted-looking appearance), they’re mostly used for vinaigrettes, leftovers and random bits and pieces.

I was never inspired to stuff them with pretty green leaves.

In fact, I was never a fan of salad in jars at all.

The trend reminds me of open shelving in a kitchen; it’s pretty to look at but does it function in real life?

For real people?

But these particular jars were just the right size.

With tight fitting lids.

And brand new.

And… if you looked at them at just the right angle they glistened in the overhead lighting at Target.

I bought 8 for $.50 each and decided to give it a go….

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make-ahead smoothies

make-ahead smoothies & a wolf gourmet giveaway | theclevercarrot.com

There’s nothing worse than a cheap blender.

You know, the kind that grinds, rattles, and shakes across the kitchen counter every time you go to use it?

Not to mention, you don’t have the time to fuss with a kitchen appliance that’s supposed to do it’s job. I mean, that’s why you bought the darn thing!

Just blend.

Luckily, I have a surprise for you….

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