pack and go lunch: tangled red cabbage salad

pack and go lunch: tangled red cabbage salad |

Food memories are strong memories.

When I was a kid, my mom used to make a delicious red cabbage salad with cucumbers.

She sliced the cabbage very thin, and dressed the tangly strands with red wine vinegar and olive oil.

The salad was left to marinate in a particular bowl, allowing the acidity from the vinaigrette to soften the vegetables….

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juicy tomato + hummus tartines

juicy tomato + hummus tartines |

I think in a former life I was a chickpea.

I really do. That little bean makes its way into so many dishes of mine, we’re like besties.

Last Saturday, I met up with my other bestie for a mother-daughter Target date. Upon her arrival, she caught me stuffing my face with this open faced sandwich. “I just have to eat something before we go…” I mumbled. I was tired. I had low blood sugar. Slightly hung-over. There was no way I was doing a power-shop at Target on an empty stomach. I would’ve come back with all kinds of junk that I normally don’t eat (and possibly a scarf).

I think she needed some fuel too….

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