15 minute meals: simple italian pasta

15 minute meals: simple italian pasta | theclevercarrot.com

Ever wonder what’s going on at the bottom of your fridge drawer?

You know, where the flimsy carrots and celery hang out?

Mine is a mess. Always. And for some reason I think it’s OK to keep jamming stuff in there until the drawer dislodges from the hinge (those things are junk anyway). Then, on the rare occasion that I’m feeling particularly inspired, I clean said drawer.

Oh look… ginger! A sweet potato! A cheese stick! Mold!

It should have its own zip code….

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feeding a moody appetite | italian sausage bake

italian sausage bake | theclevercarrot.com

Meal planning is a funny thing.

The idea is to create a list, perhaps on a Sunday, and plan out your meals for the rest of the week. It could be based on ingredients you already have or whatever’s on sale at your local market. Monday might be roasted chicken, Tuesday pasta night, Wednesday vegetable stir-fry and so on…

Sounds reasonable, right?

It’s a plan. You head out to the store on a mission.

And then it backfires….

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15 minute meals: lemon ricotta ravioli with wilted greens

15 minute meals: lemon ricotta ravioli with wilted greens | theclevercarrot.com

I’m in big trouble.

Over the weekend, I hid up in the mountains 310 miles north of our house with the boys. My husband has taken a sledge hammer to our living room. We’re stuck in the 1950’s. With stucco. The perils of demolition expels a dust storm like no other and the obvious was to flee the wreckage. Luckily, my family was headed to Lake Placid for the weekend so we tagged along with them.

But displacement was the least of my problems….

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