creamy baked sausage risotto

creamy baked sausage risotto |

Traditional risotto is a beautiful thing.

Tender specks of ivory colored grains cook gently, until their natural starches release into the pot creating a creamy, oozy risotto…

You pay top dollar for this stuff in a restaurant.

But when you think of homemade risotto, you might picture an old Italian lady stirring (and sweating) over the stove….

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italian almond ricotta cake, my way.

italian almond ricotta cake, my way. |

Well, it only took 4 attempts…

I’m the type that can’t rest until I’ve conquered a recipe that’s been nagging at my subconscious.

I’ll think about day in and day out and until I pass out.

A traditional almond ricotta cake is sweet, and lightly scented with almond and lemon. The texture is notably ‘squidgy’ due to the fact that it’s flourless, made with almond meal only.

The problem is, the majority of our house prefers a more bouncy, cake-like texture.

And so the mission began…

I tested this cake with the heightening power of whipped egg whites, without egg whites, almond paste, without almond paste, all-purpose flour, without all-purpose flour, different flavored extracts…

I’ve learned there are many different variations, and rightfully so, as this cake has roots in Italy and varies according to region (and Italian Nona).

My version certainly doesn’t claim to be traditional.

But it celebrates the integrity of its origins with a few shortcuts to make life easier….

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