how to french-cut green beans like a pro

how to french-cut green beans like a pro |

Ever wonder how to French-cut green beans?

French-cut is just a fancy term for julienne or thinly sliced. Because of their slender shape, they cook faster than whole beans and offer a unique visual presentation. So what’s the secret? The magazines make it look so stylish and simple…

But it’s not.

The problem is they’re not all the same size. Some green beans are straight, some curvy, and then you get the odd bent one (or two). I’ve never been able to achieve good results by hand. The end result is a big pile of uneven, funky looking beans.

I loose sleep over stuff like this.

how to french-cut green beans like a pro |

Eventually, I got my hands on an actual green bean cutter. Clearly not a popular item; it was on a bottom shelf about 1 inch off the floor covered in dust. I bought it anyway (only $3!). It would be the perfect solution to my problem. The package said so. Simply pull the beans through the blades and you will receive gorgeous, thinly sliced strands. It works!


You have to do it one-by-one and after about 10 of them, the novelty wears off. Because you have 50 more to go. You get distracted. You discover your child flushing play-doh (mock poo) down the toilet. You realize that this obsession of yours is a complete WASTE OF TIME and no one in their right mind wants to slice green beans by hand.

I lose even more sleep.

And then, the ah-ha moment we’ve all been waiting for…

how to french-cut green beans like a pro | theclevercarrot.comhow to french-cut green beans like a pro |


Didn’t I just use this method to slice a whole mass of veg. for lentil soup?

The secret is the slicer blade. To begin, cut the green beans to fit the mouth of your feed tube. Stack the beans horizontally (not sticking straight up) and gently press them through. In less than 5 seconds your job is done. French-cut success!

I like mine sauteed with butter and shallots.

how to french-cut green beans like a pro |

Try this method and you’ll see that it works. No more struggle. No more canned or frozen beans. No more drooling over glossy magazines. It’s an incredible timesaver that transforms ordinary to extraordinary. This is how to French-cut green beans like a pro! Green bean casserole anyone?

Now go on with your bad self.