peaches in wine, 2 ways

peaches in wine glasses, 2 ways |

At any given time, you could find the following in my grandmother’s fridge: homemade chocolate mousse, gruyere cheese, and a bowl of juicy sweet peaches soaked in wine for my grandpa.

“Got any peaches?” he would ask. “I could really go for some peaches in wine tonight!” 

He loved enjoying this dessert while relaxing in his favorite chair after dinner.

My grandmother was French. He was Italian… a food marriage made in heaven (and a huge DNA perk for our family!).

As a kid however, I was only interested in the chocolate mousse.

The peaches? Not so much.

I didn’t realize their appeal until I was an adult.

And here, we’re doing it 2 ways….

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make-ahead smoothies

make-ahead smoothies & a wolf gourmet giveaway |

There’s nothing worse than a cheap blender.

You know, the kind that grinds, rattles, and shakes across the kitchen counter every time you go to use it?

Not to mention, you don’t have the time to fuss with a kitchen appliance that’s supposed to do it’s job. I mean, that’s why you bought the darn thing!

Just blend.

Luckily, I have a surprise for you….

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5 minute white peach margaritas

5 minute white peach margaritas |

My office looks like a giant garage sale.

And by garage sale, I’m referring to the excess amount of blogging paraphernalia including (but not limited to) Anthropologie bowls, dishes, legos, stacks of bills, a random nesting suitcase, and other props that seem to make sense all in the name of creativity.

But it’s absurd.

You can barely walk around without tripping over something. And from an outsider’s perspective, it must look like I’m a doomed hoarder or something! I have grand plans to clean it all one day but for now, I’ll settle on the excuse that it’s just a tiny room. You know, small house problems…

However, buried beneath the endless piles, a small bottle of treasure was unearthed from the rubble. …

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