creamy baked sausage risotto

creamy baked sausage risotto |

Traditional risotto is a beautiful thing.

Tender specks of ivory colored grains cook gently, until their natural starches release into the pot creating a creamy, oozy risotto…

You pay top dollar for this stuff in a restaurant.

But when you think of homemade risotto, you might picture an old Italian lady stirring (and sweating) over the stove….

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roast chicken dinner & a trip to the farm

roast chicken dinner & a trip to the farm |

We live 10 minutes away from a chicken farm.

Whenever I tell people that, they think our house is out in the country somewhere with no internet. It’s not. Although I wouldn’t mind living in the country (I’d trade in heels for hiking boots any day), we reside in suburbia-land a stone’s throw away from Target, Starbucks, and Home Goods.

Nestled in-between is a small family owned farm.

They have some of the best organic chicken in the world….

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