spring zucchini pasta

spring zucchini pasta | theclevercarrot.com

I need a cow.

The amount of meat my boys go through is absolutely insane.

The other night, my husband brought home this epic T-bone steak and I thought to myself, “Oh, good! We’ll have leftovers.” I’ll make wraps… some kind of steak salad… maybe stroganoff… (when’s the last time you had stroganoff?!).

But the three of them devoured it like a pack of wolves! I heard ravenous snarls coming from the table.

On the other hand, I wasn’t in the mood to partake in this carnivorous feast….

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mini penne with spicy pesto and asparagus

mini penne with spicy pesto + asparagus | theclevercarrot.com

Pasta shapes are quite the controversial topic in our family.

We’ve been known to get into full fledged arguments over what kind of pasta goes with what kind of sauce. Medium shells are a hands-down favorite, ziti is not. In fact, I had a cousin walk out on a meat sauce dinner because we were having penne instead of spaghetti (she has a floor to ceiling armoire dedicated to pasta and canned tomatoes, ok? Not even joking). Then of course, there is the brand of pasta…

Like I said, it is very controversial….

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