alanna’s scrumptious chestnut brownies

alanna's scrumptious chestnut brownies |

There was a point in time when I was completely obsessed with gluten free baking.

I’m not sure how it all started really, but I was inspired to do so and spent a small fortune acquiring every gluten free flour known to the universe.

My cabinets were stuffed to the brim with brown rice flour, white rice flour, millet flour, almond meal and almond flour- I could build a small sand castle out of this stuff.

Speaking of sand, initially, everything I baked tasted weird and gritty.

The culprit, as I quickly learned was the rice flour. For best results, you’re supposed to blend GF flours for best texture, say rice flour with oat flour or something like that.  But honestly, I was just so confused and put off by my failures that I gave up and inevitably went on a gluten binge.

And then, Alanna wrote a cookbook….

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I’m writing a cookbook!

The Clever Carrot Cookbook |

A couple of months ago, I received an email.

It was around 4 PM, during that lull in the afternoon when one contemplates devouring a carb-laden chocolate chip muffin or a handful of almonds. I chose neither, as I became instantly distracted by an unexpected message.

No, I didn’t win a free cruise on Royal Caribbean (although, how I got on their mailing list is mind boggling) and no, the mortgage fairy has not opted to pay off my house in full- it was the editors of Page Street Publishing, and their proposal, who caught my attention….

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