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boss babe fest 2016 | theclevercarrot.com

Blogging is quite the solitary profession.

Days are usually spent creating, photographing, and writing alone (or with a cat on your lap).

When you do socialize, it’s within a virtual web of curated social media feeds and blog comments with absolutely zero physical contact.

There are no hands to shake, lunches to attend, and hugs to give when a co-worker needs it most.

Ironic, isn’t it?

But recently, I had a chance to bridge the gap between virtual and reality.

I attended the first ever Boss Babe Fest: a blogging retreat for like-minded people….

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grow as you go.

grow as you go | theclevercarrot.com

There’s a small tab in the main menu bar called ‘Chronicles.’

In this section, I talk about life outside of the kitchen including tales about family life, blogging, etc. Initially, it was updated fairly often.

But as time passed, recipes became the main focus instead.

After all, isn’t that what bloggers are supposed to do? Stay on topic?…

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letting go

letting go | theclevercarrot.com

That’s how I felt.

Scared. Reserved. Thrown to the dogs (or baby deer- whatever).

This is me, circa 1985 in a petting zoo with a bunch of animals. Completely innocent and unaware.

Blogging is very similar.

Two years ago I came onto the scene without a clue. It was like hanging out with a bunch of strangers: proceed with caution, wear makeup, watch what you say. Social media was even more scary. I wasn’t on Facebook until 2012, ok? And don’t even get me started on selfies (cross eyed). I posted links here and there but felt awkward announcing things to the world. My preferred comfort zone was behind pictures and recipes.


Last month, I had my very first interview with Food & Wine Magazine for their online column ‘Blogger’s Spotlight.’ It was my first ever anything of this sort. I was stoked but didn’t tell you. This blog, the one you are reading right now, is where we talk about food and the occasional calamity with my kids right? I did make a quick mention on social media (I’m getting better) but that was about it. For 30 days I debated whether or not to post it here.

When I found this picture at the zoo something clicked.

Blogging is no longer a place of of uncertainy. It would be foolish to think this space is reserved for recipes only, because it’s not. It’s for friends. I tell my friends stuff. Personal stuff. If we can talk about butt selfies, what the heck am I so afraid of? Consider this my informal announcement. Because for 30 days, I’ve been thinking about growth. Shedding layers. Learning to go make-up free! I just needed to let go.

If you feel so inclined here’s the link (and dodgy screenshot) to a very grown-up me. It’s a short and sweet piece on healthy snacks and a few blogs I’m perusing at the moment.

Thankfully, my fashion sense has improved!

Food & Wine | theclevercarrot.com

Do you find it hard to let go? (cue Frozen soundtrack…)