summer tomato salad with tangled herbs

summer tomato salad with tangled herbs |

I spent the majority of the afternoon slicing red onions.

The plan was to caramelize them, but the late summer heat crept in so fast I didn’t know what to wipe away first; the tears streaming down my face or my forehead.

And then the phone rang.

It was my dad, inviting us to the beach.

At that moment, I realized caramelized anything in 800 degree weather sounded just as exciting as filing taxes.

So, I grabbed a few juicy tomatoes and made this salad to enjoy by the waves….

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when bloggers meet.

boss babe fest 2016 |

Blogging is quite the solitary profession.

Days are usually spent creating, photographing, and writing alone (or with a cat on your lap).

When you do socialize, it’s within a virtual web of curated social media feeds and blog comments with absolutely zero physical contact.

There are no hands to shake, lunches to attend, and hugs to give when a co-worker needs it most.

Ironic, isn’t it?

But recently, I had a chance to bridge the gap between virtual and reality.

I attended the first ever Boss Babe Fest: a blogging retreat for like-minded people….

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peaches in wine, 2 ways

peaches in wine glasses, 2 ways |

At any given time, you could find the following in my grandmother’s fridge: homemade chocolate mousse, gruyere cheese, and a bowl of juicy sweet peaches soaked in wine for my grandpa.

“Got any peaches?” he would ask. “I could really go for some peaches in wine tonight!” 

He loved enjoying this dessert while relaxing in his favorite chair after dinner.

My grandmother was French. He was Italian… a food marriage made in heaven (and a huge DNA perk for our family!).

As a kid however, I was only interested in the chocolate mousse.

The peaches? Not so much.

I didn’t realize their appeal until I was an adult.

And here, we’re doing it 2 ways….

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