reason #6: too many updates

reason #6: too many updates |

This may not be the most riveting read, but you might find it a bit interesting…

For every post that I publish, I get a handful of new email subscribers.

And, a handful of unsubscribers.

Luckily, the service that manages my reader subscriptions will give you a reason as to why someone has unsubscribed from your blog. It gives you insight to their personal preferences. The most popular choice is #12: other or will not disclose (a.k.a the nice guy’s way out).¬†Then, there is reason #6: too many updates….

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trusting your instincts

trusting your instincts |

I often wonder about the life of a blogger outside of blogging…

When I first started The Clever Carrot, I wasn’t sure how personal it was going to be, especially when it came to my kids. With that said, I had a recipe for you today but I am not going to publish it. I’m feeling compelled to share a different kind of story, one that doesn’t involve any food at all. In doing so, I hope to inspire those who might find themselves in a similar situation. Because when it comes to your kids, they trump everything.

(Go get yourself some coffee and a snack… this is a long one).

Two days ago, Jake woke up with a really nasty bite on his upper thigh. It looked like a ‘bulls-eye’. Was it a tick?

We went to the pediatrician to have it checked out….

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in my summer kitchen

in my summer kitchen | The Clever Carrot

It’s been a while since I’ve given you a tour of my kitchen, hasn’t it?

Well, don’t get too excited- it’s a total mess. We moved into our new house a couple of days ago and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. Boxes and junk EVERYWHERE!!! The picture above features my latest finds while unpacking today, including my favorite white¬†leaf platter…

Also, in my kitchen are my gorgeous new appliances.

Remember this post? Feast your eyes on my new stove!…

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scenes from our easter celebration 2014

easter 2014 | The Clever Carrot

We partied like it was Christmas.

All it took was a little warm weather and some good food to whip our sun-deprived souls back into shape. Welcome back, spring! My aunt and uncle hosted the festivities this year, and if you know my family, we’re always up for a good party (holiday or not). We sing too. Did I ever tell you that? We’re like the modern day Von Trapp family. Incidentally, our Easter egg hunt is accompanied by the banjo… Rhythm and chaos, it’s tradition….

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