One Pot Prep, Easy Cleanup, 3 Delicious Recipes

One Pot Prep, Easy Cleanup, 3 Delicious Recipes |

The car smelled like dirt from the potatoes.

I had just picked up my CSA vegetables and was stuck in the middle of rush hour traffic. As I stared at the car in front of me, the earthy aroma propelled my brain into recipe mode…

By the way, most of my recipes are conceived in the car. I spend about 90% of my time shuttling the boys to the ends of the Earth and there’s only so much Disney radio I can take (I ♥ you Taylor Swift). On this particular afternoon, I imagined an herby potato salad, green bean salad with beets & vinaigrette, and crispy swiss chard cakes.

It sounded dreamy, yet seriously exhausting. Who am I kidding? I’m lucky if I can even get the vegetables in the darn fridge!

But I learned, with a little clever planning, that it can be done……

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trader joe’s best kept secret

trader joe's best kept secret |

No, it’s not cookie butter.

It’s something a little more unexpected.

In the past, I’ve always bought my fish from the local seafood shop in town. They had great shrimp, salmon, flounder- you name it. But the quality has gone down hill. They began selling chemically treated fish. When fish is ‘treated,’ it absorbs extra water which increases the overall weight (so you pay more). The texture is mushy and achieving a good sear is nearly impossible. I could probably bounce a shrimp off your forehead! What a waste of time and money.

A new plan was in order….

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