spring zucchini pasta

spring zucchini pasta | theclevercarrot.com

I need a cow.

The amount of meat my boys go through is absolutely insane.

The other night, my husband brought home this epic T-bone steak and I thought to myself, “Oh, good! We’ll have leftovers.” I’ll make wraps… some kind of steak salad… maybe stroganoff… (when’s the last time you had stroganoff?!).

But the three of them devoured it like a pack of wolves! I heard ravenous snarls coming from the table.

On the other hand, I wasn’t in the mood to partake in this carnivorous feast….

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15 minute meals: simple italian pasta

15 minute meals: simple italian pasta | theclevercarrot.com

Ever wonder what’s going on at the bottom of your fridge drawer?

You know, where the flimsy carrots and celery hang out?

Mine is a mess. Always. And for some reason I think it’s OK to keep jamming stuff in there until the drawer dislodges from the hinge (those things are junk anyway). Then, on the rare occasion that I’m feeling particularly inspired, I clean said drawer.

Oh look… ginger! A sweet potato! A cheese stick! Mold!

It should have its own zip code….

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baked wild mushroom risotto

baked wild mushroom risotto | theclevercarrot.com

I smelled like a fajita combo.

There I was, standing amongst 15 other parents waiting for our kids outside the classroom. Everything was fine at first. In fact, I was initially worried about my black eye from the day before (a radio fell on my face while trying to grab it out of the closet!). I was pretty sure people would be staring at my pathetic cover-up job. But then there was this smell… a distinctive fajita smell. Was it me?

Sadly, yes….

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