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Apparently, my son wants to leave his laid back, play all day summer schedule in favor of sitting in a sweaty classroom with his rowdy mates.

He wants to go back to school.

Strange request coming from a 7 year old on vacation, isn’t it?

But because we know him so well it makes total sense: structure and learning is his happy place.

And when he’s happy, we’re happy.

So, I put him to work at home.

cracking eggs |

He’s now in charge of making breakfast in the morning.

When he’s finished, he has to write a story and draw a picture about it (I throw in some math for good measure too). I’m grooming a future cookbook author, clearly…

He stays busy, focused, motivated and, the house is actually quiet for more than 10 seconds.

Shower me in confetti, people!

With that said, however, I would never attempt this during the school year as mornings are chaotic and insane, and those lifestyle magazines depicting happy, mess-free children making chia seed oatmeal on Monday mornings before work have it all wrong.

Actually, I don’t even think they have kids…

But it’s fair to say we’re all enjoying summer’s slower pace.

cracking eggs |

About breakfast: we have a special way of making eggs in our house.

After the eggs are cracked and whisked, we pour the mixture into a small non-stick pan coated in melted butter. The heat is adjusted to low, and the pan is covered.

In about 5 minutes or so, the eggs are perfectly cooked throughout like a pancake- they’re not scrambled at all. Then the eggs are cut into strips.

Homemade sourdough completes the story, toasted, smothered in butter and strawberry jam (you can find my recipe here).

eggs |theclevercarrot.commixing eggs |

summer school |theclevercarrot.commaking toast | theclevercarrot.comeggs and sourdough toast |

As I scroll through the pictures and fix the typos in this post, I realize what you’re looking at is not the most ‘blog worthy’ breakfast that’s ever graced the screen.

But does it have to be?

It’s easy to forget how much we learn, and how satisfied our minds and bodies can be just by doing…

Even if it’s at home.



    • Emilie says

      You’re welcome :) This is where some of our best memories are made, whether we realize it at the time or not. Thank you, Annie! x

  1. says

    I was seriously just sitting here wondering if my plum jam was blog worthy enough…isn’t that a funny term? 90% of what I post is so that I can have all of my recipes in one place. And sometimes, like this post, it captures your life at a certain time. Which I love…a glimmer into how other people are making things happen. I’m sure you guys will look back on this and remember this summer warmly. I’m fascinated with this way to cook eggs. I can’t wait to try!! xoxo

    • Emilie says

      First of all, plum jam sounds delicious! I’d love to read all about that! Plus, I really like plums ;) But yes, I think the term ‘blog worthy’ is something we all ponder at one point or another. It’s fun and inspiring to create new recipes, but at the same time, the everyday creations can be beautiful too, just different. I’ve been making eggs this way for the last 5 years and up until now, I didn’t have a single picture! How’s that for ironic? x

  2. says

    I love how you’re nurturing your son’s need to work/play/create… for structure. What fun for him, getting to explore this space with you and his satisfaction in knowing he’s contributing to his family. I loved reading this so much. You know I’m a fan of your bread.. I’ve gotten away from baking, just for the sheer pleasure. This is something I’m working on getting back to… a new sourdough starter will be in the works come early Fall. xo (I’m melting over that jam and sourdough shot (!!))

    • Emilie says

      Hello! Thank you Traci! Both my kids are very different. My little guy can play in a pile of mud for hours, quietly, while my oldest needs ‘stuff’ to do at all times. It’s a very interesting mix of personalities. But like you said, he’s both contributing and learning which satisfies his little soul. It makes all of us happy in some way. And PS, speaking of happy- you know we’re never short on bread in this house ;)

  3. says

    Oh Emilie, I just read through your last post and now this one too – I am so in support of you! We do not operate it boxes, so to put ourselves inside one (especially in a creative space) seems so backwards! I am glowing with excitement for your chronicles section here on the blog, and encourage beautiful posts like this one that are real and doable on a daily basis. We all love creating that unique, special recipe to enjoy here and there, but if there wasn’t a little practicality sprinkled in between now and then to reflect what is doable everyday it just wouldn’t feel right. Right? Anywho, big summer hugs to you and your cute little for his “school-like” sweet mornings, you’re a stellar momma. xx

    • Emilie says

      Thank you my sweet friend! I think there comes a time when it’s okay to step out, you know? Actually,I know you know ;) A little sprinkle of practicality is always a good thing- I love that! Hugs to YOU! xoxo

  4. says

    Of course it’s blog worthy :) though I wonder how the tubs of Play Doh fit in with the recipe. A special ingredient?

    These are mornings to remember. Cherish them because they grow up before you know it.

    • Emilie says

      Oh yes, the plah-doh! Our kitchen table is in a constant state of unfinished art projects. The kids play for 5 minutes then bolt to the next thing. So, instead of cleaning it all up 100 times a day, I just leave it. Plah-doh has earned itself a permanent spot (that little green worm too). x

  5. says

    I love that you’re incorporating your son into this space and putting him to work! My parents kept me busy during the summers and I’m eternally grateful for it now. I’m sure your son will look back on these summers one day and reflect on what a wonderful mom he has :)

    • Emilie says

      Hello Sarah! Thank you! It’s funny, my kids are always around when I shoot my posts- they’re just at the other end of the table slightly out of frame! It’s nice to have them make an appearance now, especially since they’re off for the summer. You often don’t realize how smart our parents are until you get older, right? ;)

  6. Gail says

    I just recently came to your blog site (through The Fountain Avenue site) I am a widow who lives alone and my contact with other people is limited. So I especially love reading blogs people have written. It’s like a personal letter written just to you and I get a peek inside your life. I have never made eggs like this but as I am reading my e-mails before breakfast I am thinking that breakfast looks awfully good. I am going to have to try making my eggs like that. Like one of your other readers I was also wondering about the Play Dough in the picture. Oh the joy of having young children still at home. Enjoy these years. They go by too quickly

  7. says

    Your son reminds me of mine at that age. He needed structure and learning on a constant basis (summers were always the hardest for him) and at 14 years old, he still does. The mind is a beautiful thing, and when nurtured properly amazing things happen! I love how you are supporting your son and his needs! So often as parents we can get caught up in over stimulating our kids with camps and non-stop activities, when sometimes all it takes is some alone time with mom cooking a simple meal. I love this post so much Emilie! Thank you for sharing your story! xoxo

  8. says

    Oh the challenges of summer! This just shows that kids need purpose too! Loved reading this post, Emilie…you are an amazing mama and building such wonderful food memories for your children, and they are learning important life skills as well. Looks like your son may well follow in your footsteps! xoxo, Min

  9. says

    I love this post for all the reasons mentioned already above. So I won’t double up but just add I fully share your approach to family and food. True + rich beautiful simplicity. Btw my son loves that kind of breakfast and was drooling all over my screan when I showed him your shots ;)

  10. says

    Oh I love this post so much, Emilie! I totally hear you on seeing kids make their own special breakfasts on a school morning… definitely we are not on the same planet! Summertime is for extra time together in the kitchen and it’s so special. This breakfast is just perfect the way it is. :)

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