pasta e fagioli + a wolf gourmet giveaway

pasta e fagioli |

So let me guess…

Your current set of pots and pans is a hot mess.

There are missing lids, random pieces that don’t match, and a variety of hand-me-downs courtesy of your parents.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a brand new, top of the line collection?

Valued at $1,000?

From Wolf Gourmet?!

pasta e fagioli | theclevercarrot.compasta e fagioli |

Here’s the scoop:

I’m giving away a gorgeous 10 piece cookware set to one lucky winner!

It’s stainless steel! Oven proof! Easy to clean!

You can just feel the quality when you unwrap the pieces from the box. The set is heavy and durable. Each piece is made from 7-ply stainless steel construction with an aluminum core which means they are less resistant to burning and sticking. They can also go in the oven, up to 500 F. (more details here).

I used my new 3 quart saucepan to prepare this pasta e fagioli soup. It’s warm, rich, and perfect healthy comfort food. The recipe is posted on Wolf Gourmet’s blog today.


Don’t forget come back here and enter the giveaway.

You don’t want to miss this.

To enter, leave a comment below describing what you would make in your new cookware set.

Contest open to US residents, blog subscribers and/or cookbook owners only.


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  1. says

    Hi would make lots of fabulous food in those pans but as im not an US resident, im not entering the competition lol!!
    Fabulous pasta and fagioli though!!!
    Lia xxx

  2. Sharon says

    Gosh, they would be perfect for ALL of my cooking! I’d start with a seafood gumbo and some potato salad.

  3. Lis says

    Oh these look beautiful – as does this soup! I would be excited to caramelize onions in those bad boys. I haven’t had a great stainless pan for a while and that’s definitely one thing I miss, non-stick just doesn’t get the same effect. That and getting beautiful crispy skin on chicken thighs, mmm.

  4. Sheri says

    I have wanted a set of pans that are oven proof for a very long time. The one skillet stove-top to oven meals “Ah Finally”

    Thanks for the consideration:)

  5. kristin meyding says

    My twin college age sons will be moving from dorms to a house with roommates for the Fall semester. I plan to spend this summer teaching them to make some simple and healthy meals. It would be amazing to use this new cookware for this (and to be able to pass on my old cookware to them!!)

  6. Lisa says

    I would use them for everything -soups, stews, veggies, etc.! It would be so fun to cook with such beautiful equipment!

  7. Pamela Rainville says

    I would make French onion soup. It is my nemesis! I keep trying to make one I like and haven’t been happy yet. At least this way I’m guaranteed to love the cookware!

  8. Cerise says

    Beautiful! I would make some butternut squash Mac and cheese ! Thanks for chance to win this giveaway. It would totally make my life easier.

  9. Camille Ponchaut says

    Hi, thanks for this great giveaway! The question is what couldn’t I do with all this amazing cookware, it’s just a world of possibility to enjoy with family and friends :)

  10. Madeleine says

    Last week, I visited a relatively new restaurant in DC – The Dabney – and our meal was deliciously simple but the flavors were just phenomenal. It really inspired me to start thinking about where my food comes from and how I can start cooking more in my home. These gorgeous pots and pans would definitely aid in that effort! It would be great to actually have good quality materials in the kitchen!

  11. Cathy says

    If I was given the opportunity to enjoy Wolf gourmet cookware I would continue to explore and experiment with new recipes. There is nothing more rewarding then preparing a new dish that pleases the guests at your table. I am one who believes in testing out new recipes on company and my motto remains ” If it doesn’t turn out we can always order a pizza”. The ingredients and the equipment are the most important parts to achieving success in the kitchen.

  12. Sheri Zalis says

    I would absolutely love the new cookware set! Mine is old and not user friendly LOL….I love cooking & your recipes make me want to be in the kitchen everyday!!!

  13. Autumn says

    I would make this pasta e fagioli first off!!!!! Looks amazing! I’ve never made it before yet it’s one of my fav Italian soups! Then otherwise I’d made #allthethings with this set :) YUM

  14. Jill G says

    My all time favorite recipe is a Chicken Scarpariello! Im sure that beautiful cookware would help a great deal!! I would also obviously cook up a storm with all your amazing recipes!!

  15. David says

    I am a big fan of home fries, so I would use it to make those. I would start by making some bacon and then using that grease to cook the potatoes. Then I would add the chopped bacon and a litany of spices.

  16. Erin Ellis says

    Oh my goodness! This is a dream come true set for me. First I would make a big Italian meal for the whole family. Followed by a hearty German feast! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  17. Frances says

    I would first make a good veggie packed stir fry for my housemates and me! And then I’d expand beyond what I normally make and try tons of new recipes :)

  18. Tyneisha says

    Oh my goodness where do I begin..what wouldn’t I make?? I’ve been dreaming of owning a gorgeous stainless steel set like this for a VERY long time. I can see it now….the most hearty stews, the most perfectly cooked pasta, the most tender meats…a set like this would transform the way I cook! Thank you SO much for the opportunity!

    Oh and yes, you guessed correctly- my current “set”, if it can be called that, is a mix-matched mess!

  19. Marsha A. says

    I have wanted pans that go from the stove top to the oven for so long! Thanks for a chance to win. I would make an asparagus, mushroom and cheese fritata.

  20. Jessica says

    I have started looking at one-skillet recipes and my current cookware isn’t oven safe so I always transfer it into another pan. Some quality cookware would be amazing!

  21. says

    I would make a variety dishes incorporating vegetables from my organic garden such as slow simmered yellow squash and kale, mushroom and white bean stir fry.

  22. meryl waters says

    Big pots chicken broth, skillets sauteed chicken and medium sauce pans rice and other grains – the possibilities are endless!

  23. Maryn Faski says

    I would make EVERYTHING with this set! I am in dire need of a new set of cookware, but money is tight these days for things that aren’t necessities. I think new cookware might help me to get of my cooking rut and inspire me to branch out in new directions!

  24. Christen says

    I have been a true Wolfe fan for 15 years. When I redesigned my new gourmet kitchen my heart was set on Wolfe. At the time Wolfe wasn’t quite yet in our area. With all the time I spend in the kitchen my dream came true. Wolfe 6 top burner with griddle, warming drawer, double ovens I was over the moon!

    Now with the Wolfe cookware it would just add to my beautiful space putting to use yet another great product!!! I just love Wolfe – the red knobs have also been truly a favorite!

    PS I just showed friends from CT my kitchen. They used Wolfe products as well!!!


  25. Alice Clough says

    For breakfast I would make a kale, tomato goat cheese omelet, followed by my carrot ginger soup for lunch and then for dinner my lamb stew with a side of mashed potatoes!!!! Thank you for this fun giveaway!!!!


  26. Jan Vallar-Gillette says

    Where do I begin? Having just had a discussion about weeding out old pots just yesterday……
    This pasta fagioli soup would be a start and I am a BIG fan of a good egg frittata with lots of veggies!

  27. Susie Jungemann says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful set of Wolfe cooking pans! I am moving into a little house that has lots of cupboard space but no pots and pans! I love to cook, so I’ve been trying to ‘make do’ with whatever has been around. I believe it’s time to up grade, since some of my old stuff is rusted! Not good, I hear. I’ve been reading Marcella Hazens cookbooks and am in love with her tomato sauce. I’ll post photos!

  28. CB says

    Wow! What a fantastic cookware set. We recently moved, and our new (to us) kitchen has a Wolf range. My current cookware is not up to the intensity of the Wolf, so I would appreciate the cookware to cook just about everything that I now have to watch like a hawk to prevent scorching. That Dutch oven is perfect for osso buco, and I would use that large skillet for preparing chicken or veal saltimbocca– uncrowded in the pan.

  29. Annette says

    I love soup, so the first thing I’d make is Tuscan Vegetable Soup and next I’d make Spicy Poblano Bolognese.

  30. Len says

    Braised lamb shanks for a start; next, it-takes-a-day-t0-cook and an overnight to “cure” spaghetti sauce; then on to the eternal quest for tender, juicy pork chops; and last, dishes I’ve never even heard of . . . There’s no end to the adventure of cooking! Now, back the kitchen and a new recipe for Chicken Cacciatore that I’m about to begin.

  31. Pip says

    Win or lose – the weather forecast is cold this weekend so Vegetarian Chili is on our list for this weekend. ;)

  32. Gwen says

    I’d be estate and would find some great meals to serve to my family and friends. The very first day would be: Breakfast consisting of omelette with cream cheese, spinach and topped with chorizo, Lunch consisting of arugula salad topped with applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese crumbles and a tangy honey and vinaigrette dressing, Dinner woul consist of chicken and shrimp Alfredo with a homemade sauce flavored with fresh tomatoes and spinach. Finally a homemade caramel pie topped with whipped cream and drizzled with a mocha/rum sauce and glazed pecans.

  33. Cheryl burney says

    I would make red wine braised beef short ribs with Yukon gold potatoes mashed with LOTS of butter and heavy cream, and rainbow Swiss chard sautéed with onion and bacon, then hit with a bit of white wine and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese!!

  34. Daniele Salusky says

    What a fabulous giveaway! I would be cooking all the time in these stainless new pots and pans…I would start with stews, then I would do some braising, maybe short ribs, some beef bourguignon, steaks that I would finish in the oven in the same frying pan, lots of soups, I would sear some fish…the choices would be endless…I have not had a brand new set of pots since I got married…37 years ago! Wow! Thank you Wolf Gourmet to offer this giveaway…and thank you, Emily for this and all your delicious recipes!

  35. Carole says

    Yes, my 54 year old pots and pans look it and act their age, i.e. cracked handles etc. I love to cook and would cook everything in those pans. Love the stove to oven feature. I really like the idea of less heavy cookware, would really be helpful.

  36. Elaine Sloop says

    I’d most likely be making chicken Marsala. Oh I can almost taste it and it’s about the only thing I like mushrooms in. I’d pair it with a nice Cabernet. And then asparagus has been calling my name so steamed asparagus with a nice hollandaise sauce. Mmmm

  37. Danielle says

    I’m sure my family would first request homemade sausage gravy but soon to be followed by broccoli cheese soup, mac & cheese, and maybe I’ll sneak in a frittata (can you tell I live in a house of cheese and sausage loving boys?)!

  38. Jen T says

    I would use this pot set to make the meat sauce and the bechamel sauce to create spaghetti squash lasagna boats and half a dozen of the recipes in my new “The Clever Cookbook”!!!!

  39. Barbara Madrid says

    Beautiful cookware! Been wanting type I can put in the oven- would make frittatas, spicy orange chicken, arroz con pollo. Thanks!

  40. Tammy says

    I found a rental with a big 6 burner Dacor stove. I’m in heaven! What would make it perfect is a beautiful set of cookware to have my dream dinner parties :)

  41. Laurie Reyes says

    I would make Carnitas, Rice, and Beans!! I have never owned an entire set of Cookware, this would be awesome!!!

  42. says

    I would make everything! I just love to cook and the cookware I currently have do not allow you to put in oven above 400 so up to 500 would be a dream! I have a Frittata recipe that I would try first that particularly needs the upper range of temperature.

  43. Victoria Ashmore says

    Well, considering I would promptly dispose of all my current cheap pots and pans, I would make absolutely everything in my new set of Wolf Gourmet cookware. Especially love the wide range of sizes and that they are oven proof up to 500 F. Thanks for this chance Emilie!

  44. marie says

    I would make a delicious pot roast to celebrate my lovely new pots. I could decide to braise it on the stove top and/or finish it in the oven. Mmmm I can taste it now.

  45. Cathy says

    I cannot imagine anything that I wouldn’t make with these ! For starters I can imagine that it would sear chicken breast or steak like a dream and then straight into the oven to finish. Making my shopping list in anticipation!

  46. Jan Schifter says

    I would like to make a big pot of Marinara sauce and have it simmer away for a few hours just to get that deep delicious tomato richness.

  47. Beth says

    I’d start with soup, then more soup, but I would quickly move into everything else — vegetables, pasta, rice, risotto, chicken, fish, and more more more.

  48. christina p says

    I have a bunch of meals I need to prep for our freezer! This set would be perfect! Thank you for the giveaway!

  49. Denise Fischer says

    I make home made soups from scratch each week so I would love to give these great pots and pans a try!

  50. Maggie says

    Soup! Cauliflower soup and my bow tie pasta dish with mushrooms. I love cooking with stainless steel , I only have one small pot that’s stainless but I still love it after 21 years! (and it still looks great)

  51. Candice says

    I don’t have a good dutch oven or a sauté pan with lid, so the first thing I would make is a classic Chicken Cacciatore. So many other dishes I could make with this wonderful cookware set. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Cheryl R says

    I’d invite the neighbor’s and make lasagne soup. I’ve been married for 40 + years and still use my original cookware. I’ve added a couple of pieces over the years but a new set would be great.

    Love your blog.

  53. Amy says

    I would make everything with this set!
    Especially collards in the dutch oven, 10 min rice in the 11.5 skillet

  54. Ashley says

    What wouldn’t I make?! I would probably start with a spring minestrone! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  55. Celesta says

    Hello, I would use the new pot to start a ratatouille on my stove top and finish it in the oven, all in one pot. Thank you, celesta

  56. Mary W says

    Having Wolfe pans would inspire me to tackle making Paella. I have never made it but would have great confidence with new cookware!

  57. Katie S. says

    I would make my husband’s favorite dish- Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. A new cooking set would certainly help make our go-to favorite meal even more delicious!

  58. Mary says

    I would use them daily! I need to replace my current cookware set which has not withstood the test of time. My favorite things to cook include soups and stews. I would treasure the new cookware!

  59. Jane says

    I cook dinner almost every night, and love to make soups, so would likely use cookware to make a big batch of soup!

  60. Michele Cupp says

    My teenager loves chili/spaghetti (we’re in Ohio of course). I have a few other pasta dishes that I would love to cook in it, as well.

  61. Cameron says

    Beautiful cookware! I would make lots of sauces with the different sized saucepans and many other dishes!

  62. Denimo says

    Kudos on getting your recipe posted to the Wolf Gourmet blog! And… what an extraordinary give-a-way! I think I’d make a fave… seared chicken with asparagus and pistachios and I would finally have a pan it would all fit in! :) THX

  63. Susan P. says

    I would make a large batch of homemade spaghetti sauce since I use it to also make lots of other dishes.

  64. rebecca says

    I would make coq au vin! Or Thanksgiving dinner for goodness sake :) What a beautiful set to share with my family on a day of thanks.

  65. says

    These would be used for all my low carb cooking – I can see shrimp scampi, lemon chicken, jambalaya, sauteed vegetables and plenty of dishes that can be topped with cheese and browned in the oven!

  66. Carla Pealer says

    It’s getting close to Copper River Salmon season, so I would poach a yummy salmon. Drooling already!

  67. Katie LaPointe says

    Seeing as if I have only one big pot right now….I would have so many recipes I would want to try!!! Roasted veggies maybe to start. Then there is a chicken margarita bake I would love to try! Good luck to everyone

  68. says

    These pots would be a fabulous way to start my cookware collection as a young budding “chef!” I would make so many things- my favorite veggie chili would definitely be something I’d make a lot!

    Crossing my fingers!

  69. Stacey DT says

    Well, to celebrate, I would first make a pot of simple forbidden rice since I am currently down my most versatile pot size!:( My cookware burned the last forbidden rice I made so badly (I promise I didn’t overcook it!) that I had to throw the pot away! I would be so grateful for this set!!

  70. Scott says

    I would have to start with my basics and build up a set of stocks to keep on hand for those impromptu dinners. A 3 qt saucepan would be a perfect compliment for my kitchen. Thank you for the entry.

  71. Patti Veneziano says

    I would love to make Clever Carrots Spring Tortellini soup and many other recipes with this cookware. My own set is over 25 years old and has been lovingly used way past it’s time!!! New cookbook, new cookware!

  72. Julia says

    All the food, because your description of the pot and pan mish-mash was describing the current state of my kitchen exactly.

  73. Molly K says

    I would make a tasty pot of homemade spaghetti sauce! The recipe came all the way from my fiancé’s grandma in Italy. We could definitely use a few extra pots and pans to complete their classic Italian meal.

  74. Cheryl Larimer says

    I would make beef stroganoff. I love this easy dish and can modify it to be gluten free for guests. I always make a huge batch so we can have leftovers.

  75. Nancy says

    I cook for my 90+ year old parents so I would make all kinds of soups and Italian bean dishes that they love, like beans and escarole.
    Thanks for the chance.

  76. Emma says

    These would be amazing to win! I come from a line of amazing ‘not-interested in cooking’ lovely ladies but, after spending 2 years nannying in the UK – and having to cook for mini good critics every day – it really made me want to learn more and try new things. These pans would be a huge bonus, my first ‘proper set’ to discover new recipes and flovours!

  77. Jenny C says

    I would finally be able to make one of those recipes you start on the stove top and finish in the oven.

  78. Amisha says

    Your soup looks amazing Emilie! Hearty and comforting at the same time. I think my kids would enjoy it too cause the pasta is so cute! :)

    I would love to make indian food in the new cookware! Love new kitchen stuff!:D

  79. Amanda Fallin says

    Would love to make a nice pan of fried corn fritters! With collard greens , pinto beans and a side of sliced vinegar onions and cucumbers!

  80. Kate says

    I would make minestrone soup, first saute-ing the veggies, then cooking everything together. Fabuloso! Thanks!!

  81. ashley says

    I *love* stainless steel cookware. I would make eggs in the skillet and gnocchi in a sauce pan! I had to scale down before I moved and am waiting until I have some disposable income before replacing my cooking set. Cooking in cast iron is great but labor-intensive (especially with eggs!).

  82. Nicole says

    Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe! You’re spot on about the mismatched hand-me-down pot collection we have going on :) I’d most definitely christen a new cookware set with my absolute f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e crispy pork ramen. It’s my go-to indulgence when we need a hearty, flavorful meal!

  83. says

    Hello and wonderful news.

    As a relatively new blogger, I could imagine so many wonderful dishes that could be prepared in those beauties.
    I enjoy making stews and casseroles of the vegetarian variety. I love colorful dishes and easy clean up for cookware. I would love to feature these cookware pieces in my blog.
    Here’s to hoping..

  84. Jane Macomber says

    I would love to use these high quality pans making chili, sauces, and so many other recipes and being able to go into the oven would be wonderful. Love your cookbook and I gave one as a gift.

  85. Carol says

    Everything from toasting nuts, sautéing veggies, roasting meats, simmering soups and cooking holiday dinners. It would be put to good use!

  86. Cindy A. says

    I would make everything from braised short ribs to fried eggs and bacon. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway!

  87. Terrie says

    Chicken and dumplings, lemon chicken, chili, skillet lasagna, minestrone soup… I could go on all day. Thank you for the opportunity!

  88. Starla B says

    That looks absolutely delicious- although I have never tried that before! If I were to win I would definitely make my Nana who is about to turn 81 a delicious dinner. She has been very sick these past few months and is now regaining strength and wellness which is such a blessing. I would make homemade chicken and rice with a side of fresh croissants and charred asparagus with some Parmesan of course!

  89. Sandy says

    The first thing I’d make for my family is Italian Wedding Soup. I’d use that high quality sauce pan because it is a much healthy way to cook.

  90. says

    I’m almost 65 years old and have always gathered odds and ends to cook it — never felt I could splurge on cookware. What a great giveaway. I love to cook. I’m not much of a baker but I’m pretty mean behind the flame. Thanks for the opportunity to win these great items.

  91. SimonaC says

    With this set I’d finally be able to make my mom’s tomato sauce recipe. She used to live in the country in Italy and would use a huge pot, cook the sauce for hours and then can and freeze it all to be used in the next months… I miss that flavor so much!

  92. Briana says

    Oh man, I would make a hearty batch of Guiness beef stew! Winter just made a comeback so it would certainly hit the spot on this chilly week.

  93. Catherine says

    I would love this cookware set! I would truthfully give it to my mom. She hasn’t wanted a new 10 piece set for awhile, but hasn’t been able to get one. My parents just moved, so this would be the perfect housewarming gift! We would make stir fry and our favorite family pasta with fresh summer tomatoes first!

  94. Vicki Vicars says

    Oh all the wonderful things we could cook and share with family and friends in this cookware! I think I’d start with chicken noodle soup or maybe my husband’s chili.

  95. Libby Kleyn says

    Caramels! Soup! Applesauce! Everything! And probably…Mac n Cheese for the kiddos every now and then.

  96. Laura L. says

    Oh good gosh, what wouldn’t I make? Lol. Almost all of my pots and pans are hand me downs. I’m loving your cookbook-trying a new recipe every week and have liked them all.

  97. says

    I love pasta fagioli, Emilie! But if I were the lucky winner of this set, I would make a gloriously giant pot of meatballs and tomato sauce and another pot of creamy polenta because the two together are the ultimate comfort food. The leftover polenta, I’d fry in one of the skillets for dinner the next day!

  98. Jessica says

    I have been wanting to try to make chicken tikka masala. So that would be the first thing I would cook. :)

  99. greentopiaries says

    I would love to make Garlic Lemon Chicken, Asparagus with Parm and lemon pilaf with a new set. Thanks for the chance! :)

  100. Deb E says

    I love cooking vegetable black bean soup on the stove all day. It smells wonderful as I add all kinds of yummy spices. I have one pot I use for most everything so would love a whole set.

  101. Dawn says

    Just sitting here thinking about the cookware, I could not even begin to imagine all the possibilities! It sounds like a fabulous set and what I like the most is that it is oven proof up to 500 degrees.
    If I really had to choose what to make first, it would be my healthy chicken cacciatore.

    Thanks for t he change to win. I love cookware

    • Dawn says

      Just adding to my previous post, I meant to say chance (not change) and the additional recipe that I would make would be Skillet Stuffed Chicken with Spinach and Ricotta. So may recipes, so hard to choose…

  102. Diana Cote says

    What wouldn’t I make? I mean just about everything. I think I would start with your Pasta e Fagioli, it looks so comforting. I would also make soups, stews, spaghetti, Sautéed meats & vegetables, stir-fry, curry, rice, even paella. I love to cook but I only own a small saucepan pan, one large and one frying pan that’s medium. It’s a bit annoying when I’m cooking, I would love this set so I can finally cook without having to wash pans every time I am in the middle of cooking.

  103. Jennifer says

    I would love to make your Cuban black beans and rice with this set! It’s one of my family’s favorites!

  104. Pamela Pack says

    Ohhhhh my, I would make an Asiam dinner for my daughter. Dumplings in the 3qt Dutch oven, a veggie and shrimp stir fry in the 11.5 inch sauté pan. A dipping sauce in the saucepan. Rice in the larger saucepan. I would have two burners left on my fantastic Wolf gas range! More dumpling probably!

  105. Meridith says

    I would cook grains, lots and lots of grains! Oatmeal, barley risotto, brown rice stir fries, quinoa salads . Yum!

  106. diane phillips says

    I would be jumping with joy if I won that set of pans…..and you wouldn’t be able to get me out of the kitchen for days! I might even “camp-out” there! I would start cooking with a celebration meal for friends and family. It would consist of carmelized onion/pork tenderloin crostini; a crab stuffed artichoke that is dipped in garlic butter/parmesan cheese, then roasted in oven before stuffing; my favorite apple butternut squash soup with fried sage leaves; seafood fettucine; a simple green salad; and to end the meal, pears sauteed in red wine with my little french butter cookies. Those pans would love joining our happy home and there would not be a day that they were not used, loved and appreciated. Thanks for just the opporttunity to think about “winning”! It’s made my day!!!

  107. Candy Scanlon says

    Last year my husband and I went through a huge financial hardship that many Americans are facing these days. Our friends and family rallied around us and I felt at Christmas I had nothing to give. My daughter reminded me Ibake and cook. So I baked and made homemade soups for all . My daughter reminded me to give from the heart.

    So I would make my roasted butternut squash and carrot soup which filled the house with yummy smells and filled the freezer of my husband’s great Aunt. Good luck to all. Thank you for the opportunity.

  108. says

    The first dish I would make would be a warm coconut curry carrot soup drizzled with fresh squeezed lime juice and a sprinkling of chopped cilantro. I’d share of course! ;)

  109. PATRICIA M KIRBY says

    I thank you for a chance to win such a wonderful gift ~ I am 53 years old and *yes I have never had a brand spanking new pot set ~ I in fact * my grandmother passed away many years ago & I use my her old stock pot (*the lid has been long gone ) <3 lol !! so with a new much larger stock pot I would be able to make everyone even more soup *friends & family…when these *colds are going around or there is a need for comfort foods * cooking & baking are my stress relievers….a true bonus & gift would be for me to have a beautiful pot set to pass down to my granddaughter ( with lids ) still avl. ;) LMAO !!! I would also pass along my gramas old pot as well ~ it has always made great things…even with out a lid <3 JUST SAYIN ! good luck everyone ~

  110. Jackie says

    I ran across your blog tonight looking for whole-food recipe ideas. Honestly, Emelie? I’d like to try your Ultimate Zucchini Slice…even though zucchini isn’t a very exciting ingredient (as you noted, and as I can attest to, based on the two recent times in a row that I’ve purchased, and it is STILL sitting in my refrigerator!), and I realize that it may not qualify me for the “what would you cook with this new set” giveaway. But I’m so glad to be here now, and I’m excited to read more of your entries and gaze at all of those gorgeous photos!

  111. Vickie says

    Awesome! My beasties mom has this cookware and is is the bomb! Great quality. And, it would be awesome to win since I am a foodie and cook everyday. Love it too.
    I would make many things.
    Lately, I have been thinking I need to make Georgia Brunswick Stew or Jambalaya. Even, a big pot if oyster stew.
    Come late spring into summer when veggies are bountiful it will be ratatouille. Southern seafood boils. Tomatoes pies, fried green tomatoes with remoulade
    Then holidays and feasting!.
    Thanks so much!

  112. Diane Tripousis says

    I would use the Dutch oven to make my first loaf of sourdough bread.

    Diane in Northern Calif.

  113. Karen Marzigliano says

    Hmmm…my mom’s Sicilian Sunday “gravy!” It will be brimming with meatballs, sausage and braciole…maybe even a chunk of pork! Every night I’ll use them to create Itslian oldies but goodies from my past, along with the best of new and healthy! Can’t wait to see my 3 year old granddaughter helping me to stir chocolate pudding in my new cookware! Thank you, Emilie, for the opportunity!

  114. Roi says

    Gosh, where does one start…? :)

    Sourdough loafs with the Dutch oven…

    Custards, particularly for homemade ice cream which the kids absolutely love.

    I imagine pate a Choux would come out pretty solid too :)

  115. says

    First, I just found your site, love it! :D

    Second, I would love to win this wonderful cookware! Nothing better than stainless steel, who needs yucky teflon in their food, I know I don’t!

    What would I cook in this cookware? More like what wouldn’t I cook!

    I could sear a pork roast in the skillet, then slow cook it in the oven with the 6 quart pot. Make a Verde chili sauce in the sauce pan, and viola! Pork tamales!

    I would use this pans for all my cooking needs!

    Thank you, and I really look forward to following your blog! Good stuff!


  116. Patty says

    I would make all kinds of vegetarian happiness then I’d hide them so nobody else would use them 8-)

  117. Jeffrey says

    I would make an Italian feast consisting of spaghetti and meatballs, Italian Sausage, roasted vegetables and my son’s favorite…Chicken Parmesan. For dessert I would saute some bananas for the lovely Foster’s over ice cream!

  118. Katie says

    Oh wow! What a generous giveaway. I would work my way through my great grandmother, grandmother’s and mother’s recipes. It means even more to do so now with a new generation under our roof. Thanks for a chance!

  119. Cheri says

    Ooooo, If I won the set I’d be so excited when it arrived that I would probably pull out the skillet and right away make a delicious, buttery golden, crispy and gooey grilled cheese sandwich! After that I would wash them up and nicely hang them to display so I could have them in full view to admire and inspire. Then I would plan a lovely dinner with whatever fresh and in-season veggies, pastured chicken or meat I had on hand. Maybe a nice vegetable soup with a perfect sourdough boule made from your recipe! It’s the BEST sourdough bread I have ever made and is a delicious accompaniment to a hearty soup. Oh, it would be so much fun and would give me great pleasure to cook with such a beautiful, quality set of cookware. I wouldn’t “save” them for special occasions — I would use, love and care for them daily! :-)

  120. Steve says

    Just realize that last nights dinner, southwestern quinoa salad page 162 meant that my wife and I have made every recipe in your clever cookbook. :(

    Guess we need to start again! :)

    This has been a great time! The blog, photos, insights, tastes flavors and just over all good times!


  121. says

    What wouldn’t I make in this set?! I’ve got a lot of brown rice I could cook and freeze. Red lentil soup. Fresh veggies sautéed with herbs from the garden. So many choices and all so delicious.

  122. Belle says

    This cookware set would be life changing! As a student who moved from across the country from my family for school, I’ve recently taken up cooking for those homemade meals I miss. I fortunately found your blog for great meal ideas and practical tips. I would use my cookware to make Pot Roast in bulk for a healthy and time efficient meal during my exams and would repurpose to make other meals. I’m excited about the flexibility of several pans for my sides and I love that I could even use the same pan for both the stove and oven! Looking forward to a lifetime of learning and exploring cooking with this gift.

  123. Amy L says

    I’d make a big Italian dinner for my family with homemade sauce, meatballs, bracciole, salad, and garlic bread.

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