white sangria with apple and mint

white sangria, apple & mint, mason jar

Last summer, I was at a bbq where they served white sangria with apple and mint. It was delicious. Note to self: must re-create at home.

Glass after glass, I sipped away. I happily picked out all of the apple chunks, secretly wishing I could just eat them with a fork.

I became a bit paranoid though when several party goers began making that, ‘you have something in your teeth’ face at me. I checked my reflection (by way of a soup spoon) and almost passed out. My teeth were speckled in green bits! I was a seaweed monster.

white sangria, pitcherwhite sangria, bird's eye view

Turns out, the mint was the culprit. The finely chopped mint.

In my sangria, there’s not a tiny green speckle to be found. The mint leaves go in whole. I combine white wine, triple sec, and lemonade. Then I toss in some crisp granny smith apples, sliced nice and thin on a mandoline (that’s how you get that cool star in the center). Pour over lots of ice, top off with club soda or ginger ale and serve chilled.

Which do you prefer, white or red sangria?

mint, apple slices

white sangria with apple and mint
Serves: 4-6
  • 1 bottle of dry white wine, such as sauvignon blanc
  • 1 cup all natural lemonade
  • ¼ cup triple sec
  • club soda or ginger ale
  • 4 granny smith apples, thinly sliced
  • 1 bunch of mint
  • ice
  1. In a large pitcher, combine white wine, lemonade and triple sec.
  2. Using a mandoline, thinly slice your apples and add them to the pitcher. The lemonade will help prevent them from turning brown. Also, depending on the size of your apples, you may not need to use all of them. It's up to you. If you are making this in advance, chill in the refrigerator.
  3. Right before serving, toss in some whole mint leaves and give it a stir.
  4. Fill individual glasses with ice. Pour in some sangria and top off with club soda or ginger ale.
  5. Garnish with extra apple slices and mint.

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  1. says

    That sounds delicious! Just to clarify, when you say lemonade, you don’t mean fizzy pop drink like we do here, right? It’s flat sweet lemon cordial flavoured water? Thanks Emilie!

    PS. I love the stars in the middle of your apple slices! :)

    • theclevercarrot says

      Thanks Celia!
      Yes, our lemonade is a sweet, lemon cordial flavored water. No bubbles. In the past, I used to make this recipe with a sugar syrup and fresh lemon juice. Now, I find that using an all natural lemonade is a lot quicker. Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. Ruby says

    Looks so refreshing! Love the star effect so much I ‘m considering buying a mandolin. Will first give this a shot with traditional slicing.

    • theclevercarrot says

      Thanks Ruby! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love my mandoline. It makes you want to thin slice everything! You can definitely achieve the star effect with traditional slicing as well. Just hold the apple on its side and slice away (it doesn’t matter what end you start at). Sliced apples can turn brown very quickly, so throw them in the sangria right away (the lemonade prevents browning) or have a lemon nearby to squeeze over :)

  3. says

    Okay, I had a crush on your blog pretty much as soon as I saw the name. And then this recipe sealed it. So pretty and just perfect for the transition from summer to autumn.

    When it comes to sangria, I do not discriminate. I love them all!

    • Emilie says

      Welcome Greg! Ha ha…yes, don’t chop that mint! I looked so silly that day ;) Doesn’t it grow like crazy?! I’m always looking for ways to use it up (lucky for me, I happen to love it!) Thanks for stopping by!

    • Emilie says

      Hey Margie! You could definitely substitute with red apples, but the flavor will be slightly different. Green apples lend a crisp and tart flavor, whereas red apples are a little sweeter.I hope this helps! Good luck with the recipe :)

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